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All My Children Update Friday 8/3/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is pushed into a van on the beach by a man who she finds out is a policeman.  Derek tells her that they need to modify their plan since Lenny changed the location of the drug buy.  Ava is concerned by this and asks what he means by ‘modify.’  Derek explains that he is unable to bug a public beach so Ava will need to wear a wire to take Lenny down.  He explains that it is important that Lenny not be allowed to get his hands on her and discover the wire. 

Greenlee sits on another portion of the beach and composes a letter to Kendall.  In it, she attempts to express how sorry she is for the events of the recent days that ended in her premature delivery of Ian and the injuries that Spike suffered in the accident.

Ryan is sitting with Spike on his lap telling him about a basketball hoop that he has hung up in Spike’s room for him to play with when he gets home.  He tells him that the balls are soft and colorful and he can lie back in his crib and shoot free throw shots all day.  Dr. Joe walks in and informs Ryan that Spike won’t be going home today but has to remain in the hospital for a while longer.

Kendall is getting upset as she tries to make Zach understand that she needs to be two people so that she can be with each of her sons at the same time.  Zach thinks that Josh is right and she needs some fresh air and time away from the hospital.  Kendall insists that she can’t leave and Zach tells her that her sons need her.  She exclaims that is what she has been trying to tell him.  He says that they need to get out of the hospital for a little while, because Josh is with Ian, and Ryan is with Spike, so they will be fine. 

Greenlee continues with her letter telling Kendall that her life has been about Kendall and Ryan for a long time now, and she doesn’t even remember who she is.  She understands that no one wants her around and that she has finally figured out why.  She admits to causing a lot of heartache since she returned to town and feels that she needs to make amends before she can leave.  She tells Kendall that she might not be as important as she thinks she is.  Angrily, she rips the paper up and crumples it into a ball saying since is no sense in writing the letter because she wouldn’t read it anyway. 

As Zach wheels Kendall into the park, she tells him that this isn’t right and instructs him to take her back to the hospital.  Zach points out that she can see the hospital from where she is sitting but this isn’t enough assurance for her.  She asks how she can enjoy the sunshine and the chirping birds while her sons are stuck in the hospital and can only hear the chirping of the heart monitors.  Zach understands that she is upset for her boys, but she needs some rest and fresh air or she will be of no use to either of them.  Kendall continues to argue that she needs to be with them.  Zach expresses his understanding of her concern about the babies but even though nothing went according to plan, things worked out well.  He tells her that she got to the hospital in time to deliver Ian with medical staff available to help him and that Spike was brought to the hospital in time to get the help that he needed also.  When Zach reminds her that hers was the first face that Spike saw when he woke up, she says that she wants to be the first face that he sees every time he wakes up.  Kendall tells him that she swore that she wouldn’t be a mother unless she could do it the right way and that there is nothing right about what has happened to her sons.  She worries that she is not a good enough mother to them. 

Ryan is surprised and confused by Dr. Joe’s pronouncement and asks what is going on.  Joe tells him that his hematocrit levels are good, his fever is down, and the infection is clearing and says that if he continues this way, they will not need to remove his spleen.  Ryan is overjoyed at this news, but Joe tells him that he meant what he said about Spike not leaving the hospital now.  He explains that since Spike can’t tell them how he feels or explain where he hurts, they need to keep him quiet and monitor him more closely with tests which is best done in the hospital.  When Ryan asks what the means for Spike, Joe explains that Spike will need regular CAT scans and that he needs to stay as still as possible.  Joe thinks that Spike might be there for another week and he tells Ryan that he is more concerned about him than Spike.  He urges Ryan to go home and get some real sleep instead of the naps that he has been taking sitting in a chair in Spike’s room.  As he is encouraging Ryan to leave the room, Annie walks in and Joe enlists her help.  Annie tells Joe that she had the same thing in mind and has something that she thinks might just distract Ryan for a little while.  Joe leaves and Annie leads Ryan to the window in the room.  Ryan looks out into the corridor and sees Emma holding a sign that reads, “I love you.”  Ryan mouths the words back to her.

Ava tells Derek that wearing a wire is suicide, and she wants no part of it.  He assures her that she will be safe and that there are policemen watching her and no harm will come to her.  Jack comes rushing in and Ava is disturbed that he is there.  Jack tells her that if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be involved in this.  She sarcastically thanks him and continues to ask about the need for her to wear the wire.  Jack and Derek agree that it is necessary because of the change of location of the buy.  The other members of the team are trying to get Derek to place the wire on Ava so that she can get into position for the meet.  Jack tells them to leave Ava alone because she is nervous.  Derek tells Jack that he is an observer and has no authority over his team, so Jack apologizes for telling them what to do.  He advises Ava that she can change her mind if she is uncomfortable wearing the wire.  Ava tells Jack that she hasn’t said that she didn’t want to do it.  Jack tells her that it is not worth risking her life for this, but Derek interjects that he has been trying to put Lenny away for a number of years now due to the many teenage deaths that have resulted from sales that he has made.  Ava acquiesces to do what Derek asks but as they are placing the wire on her, Jack’s phone rings.  Derek tells him to turn it off if he intends to remain in the van on surveillance.  Jack and Ava wonder why Lenny requested a change of location for the deal.  She asks if they think she might be walking into a set-up. 

Annie and Emma lead Ryan, with his eyes closed, into a hospital room that is set up with a picnic.  When he opens his eyes, he tells them that he can’t believe that they are still in the hospital.  Emma assures him that they are and shows him the most recent picture that she made for Spike.  Ryan admires how beautiful it is and proposes that they hang it up with the other pictures that she has made for him.  Emma asks if she can hang it up, but Ryan feels it is still too soon for her to see her brother.  She impatiently asks if Spike is ever going to get home.

Although Kendall is grateful that Spike is getting better, she wonders how she would cope if something happened to Spike while she was with Ian or vice versa.  She then asks how they would cope if Ian died and they had to bury him.  As she becomes more and more hysterical, she thinks of Ethan and apologizes for making such an unthinking remark.  Zach states that he already buried one son and is not going to bury another one. 

Jack is starting to question the prudence of having Ava involved in this transaction.  Derek tells him that he thought that Jack’s idea was a good one or he would never have agreed to it.  Ava assures Jack that she is fine and can handle the situation.  Jack questions her about her nervous reaction to his phone ringing, and she tells him that she feels that Lenny wants to do a quick deal with her since he moved the location to a public beach in broad daylight.  As Ava prepares to leave the van, Jack insists that she needs get Lenny to mention the name of the drug for which he is receiving money.  Derek tells her to let Lenny leave the beach before her and wait until he or Jack come for her.  She asks for their promise that there won’t be any pictures that will connect her with this deal as her Fusion boss has told her that she can have no further bad publicity.  Derek agrees and reminds her that the bills are marked in case she had any thoughts of keeping the cash and making a run for it.  She nods and leaves the van.  Jack doesn’t feel good about this.  Ava joins Lenny on the beach and asks him why he changed the location.  He says he wanted to surprise her.

Annie, Emma, and Ryan are coloring signs as they talk.  When Emma asks why Spike got sick, Ryan explains that it was the result of an accident.  She says that Kathy’s mom got sick and went to the hospital and then went to heaven.  She asks if Spike wants to go to heaven.  After Ryan and Annie exchange glances, he assures Emma that Spike wants to be home with his family and especially with her.  She tells them that she knows why Spike is getting better and that it has nothing to do with the doctors.  It is because God listens to her prayers.  Smiling, Ryan tells her that is correct. 

Greenlee sneaks around the corner in the hospital hallway and walks into Spike’s room where he is lying in his crib all alone.

Emma, Ryan, and Annie complete their craft project.  They each hold up their sign for the others to see.  They have made one that reads, “Welcome Home Spike.”

Greenlee talks to Spike and tells him how much she loves his mother and his father.  She tells him that she never meant to hurt him but that her brand of love makes her do ridiculous things like steal babies and crash perfectly good weddings.  She recalls a time when she couldn’t wake up in the morning without thinking of his mother, and she hopes that one day, Kendall will forgive her and let her tell her how sorry she is for all that she did.  She hopes that Ryan will as well.  She laments that she has never had as good a friend as Kendall and never will.  She apologizes to him again for all that she did. 

Zach tells Kendall that she has to believe the best because believing the worst doesn’t make dealing with it any easier.  He tells her that the hospital personnel told them that Ian needed to make it through the first hour and he did.  Then, they said that the first day was crucial and he made it through that.  Now, he is doing well, gaining weight, and Spike is awake and playing with toys.  He remarks that their boys have made great strides and have already beaten the odds.  He feels that Ian is going to be out of the warmer soon and Spike is going to be home in the blink of an eye.  Kendall says she can’t take Spike home because she can’t leave Ian. 

Lenny asks Ava why she isn’t as friendly as she was the last time they made a deal and asks her what she wants.  She asks what he has.  As he continues to tap dance around the issue of the drugs, she gets agitated that he isn’t just making the transaction.  She tells him that she wants something to relax and asks what is the best for that.  He says that Elaine is but that it is expensive.  When Ava shows him the wad of money she is holding, he asks where she got it.  She urges him to just do the deal and be done with it.  As Jack and Derek listen in from the van, they worry that she is getting nervous and want Lenny to make the transaction.  Lenny again asks Ava why she is nervous, so she points out that she is standing on a public beach, with a wad of money, trying to make a drug deal.  He tells her to relax and asks why she isn’t as friendly and amorous as she was at the boathouse.  She reminds him that she was trying to get Jonathan off her back when he showed up which is why she kissed Lenny.  Lenny feigns being hurt because she used him to get rid of Jonathan.  She gets anxious and tells him that she wants the drugs and asks what he has and how much it will cost.  He says that the sun is getting hot and suggests that she take off her shirt and show him “what she has” before he shows her what he has for her.  When she doesn’t move, he tells her that he is waiting.  Inside the van, Jack and Derek are getting nervous but don’t yet have enough information on tape to make a case against Lenny. 

As Zach wheels Kendall down the hallway in the hospital, she tells him that she isn’t ready to have Ian home yet because he should still be growing inside her and getting used to her voice and learning how to love her.  Zach tells her that Ian recognizes her voice, her smell, and her touch and that, most importantly, she has given both boys her spirit.  He informs her that spirit is what has gotten them through their crises.  He tells her that he loves her, she loves him, and that love is going to get them all through this.  They agree to go see their sons. 

Greenlee remarks that Spike is the only one who really knows what happened while they were in the car together.  She recognizes that he probably won’t remember her or what happened before or after the car accident, but deep down somewhere inside him, he will remember that he is going to know the truth because he saw it while they were together.  She tells him that everyone wants her to leave town, because she is the sole cause for their unhappiness.  She tells him that Kendall and Ryan missed her while she was gone and will miss her if she leaves again.  Even if she is not allowed in his life ever again, she promises Spike that he will hear her name again.

Ryan promises Emma that he will show Spike all of her artwork and will make sure that he knows that she did it for him.  He tells her that he had the best day he has had in a very long time.  Annie says, “Me, too,” and Emma says, “Me, three.”  As they all laugh and make jokes with each other, Kendall and Zach pass them, then Ryan walks toward Spike’s room. 

When Lenny starts to grope Ava, she accuses him of treating her like a hooker.  He just wants to know what she has on under her shirt and says that if she is wearing a wire, she has made a big mistake.  Derek jumps up in the van and tells his team to get ready to move. 

Zach opens the door to Spike’s room, and Kendall spies Greenlee beside the crib.  As Greenlee tries to explain, Kendall jumps from the wheelchair and rushes to Greenlee, insisting that she leave her son alone.  In the rush of movement, they knock over a metal tray of instruments.  Zach looks at Spike and notices that he didn’t startle at the loud clanging sound.  Getting Kendall’s attention, Zach states that there is something wrong with Spike.

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