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All My Children Update Thursday 8/2/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Although Jonathan tries to convince Ava that she needs to trust him and her feelings for him, she resists his advice.

Kendall and Zach stand watch over Ian as he sleeps peacefully in the NICU.  They are thrilled that he has gained a half ounce and that he is doing better.  Dr. Delano reinforces their faith in Ian’s chance for a full recovery.  As Josh enters with some orange juice for Kendall, she relates the good news about Ian’s progress.  Zach rushes out into the hallway to ask Dr. Delano some more questions about the baby.  Kendall thanks Josh for bringing a suit in for Zach calling it Zach’s "armor."  When she asks if Josh has been to see Spike, he reports that he has and Spike was sleeping sweet dreams.  She then tosses off a question about whether or not Josh has seen Greenlee recently.

Greenlee angrily confronts Jack concerning his suggestion that she leave Pine Valley.  She asks him if he knows what day this is and when he admits that he doesn’t, she informs him that it is four years to the day that they found out that they were father and daughter.  She states that it only took him four years to want to get rid of her. 

Di, Amanda, and Babe are exhausted and gather in the lounge at Fusion.  When they realize that they haven’t eaten anything substantial for a long time, Babe tells them that they are going to let the machine catch the phone calls and are going to order some breakfast and take a much-needed rest.  As they peruse menus, Erica breezes in and orders them to get busy as they are working for her now. 

Zach stops Dr. Delano and asks about long-term complications from the surgery to repair the hole in the baby's heart.  Dr. Delano instructs him that there is a slight possibility of infection, but the improved lung function, and the weight gain all indicate that the surgery was a success.  He then walks off to take a phone call.  Adam comes up to Zach and inquires about the boys.  Zach reports that both are doing well and that they received the flowers that Adam sent.  When Adam specifically asks about Ian, Zach reports the latest findings adding that “his other son” is doing much better as well.  Adam questions his use of the term son to describe Ryan’s son and Zach re-iterates that Spike is his son and Ian’s brother.  Adam stipulates that Spike is Ian’s half-brother and Zach asks him if that is “life according to Chandler.”  He goes on to say that Adam only considers a child “his” if there is Chandler blood running in his or her veins. 

When Josh tells Kendall that he has seen Greenlee recently, she asks about that.  Josh tells her that he drove Greenlee home since she was upset about the accident and wanted to get away from the hospital.  He explains that he drove her home so that he would be there if she re-injured herself in the move.  Kendall asks what, if anything, happened when they got to her house.  Josh tells her that he got her settled in her apartment and left.  Since Kendall asks about the rumors of their involvement, Josh says that is she is asking if he slept with Greenlee, he has not, but he wanted to. 

Although Greenlee was hoping for a “get well” card from Jack, she instead got a “get out of town” wish from him.  Jack expresses his love for her and doesn’t want to hurt her but reminds her that she came back to town wanting a life that wasn’t hers anymore.  She no longer has any claim to Ryan or Spike.  She interjects that that life was taken from her.  He admits that he realizes that, but doesn’t have any idea what was going through her mind when she had Spike in the car. Because of her actions, however, Kendall’s life and that of her family will never be the same. She wonders if his answer to that is for her to disappear and cries that she “saved Spike.”  She realizes that everyone hates her now, but he insists that he loves her and wants her to be happy, but he doesn’t think that can happen for her in Pine Valley.  Greenlee recalls that she ran away last time and lost everything that mattered to her.  As Jack starts to say something about Ryan, she cuts him off claiming that she realizes Ryan is perfectly married and that Spike isn’t hers and she understands that, but she needs to stay in town for Fusion.  Jack says that Kendall is her partner, and Greenlee agrees that the women that work at Fusion love Kendall and then sighs.  She states simply that even though Jack loves her, he wants her to leave town.  He believes it would be easier for her, but she lashes back that it would be easier for Erica.  Greenlee accuses him of choosing Erica if he were forced to make a choice between his daughter and his wife.

Erica tells the women at Fusion that she is aware of the hugely successful webcast and  congratulates them. She knows that Fusion is in good hands and will be until Kendall is able to return.  They ask how Kendall is and Erica reports that every little bit of good news makes her stronger and that Spike is awake and Ian’s surgery was a success.  When Erica commands that Amanda move some chairs in the lounge, Di and Babe offer to help her wondering why they are moving furniture.  As some deliverymen enter carrying boxes and furniture, Erica directs them to place the articles in the open areas of the room and to put the bigger things against the wall.  While they do as she directs, the women inquire as to what these items are.  She divulges that these are baby items that she purchased for Ian, which she thinks are better out of the house until it is time for Ian to go home.  They agree that this is a sound idea.  They go on to say that he is strong and a fighter because he is Kendall’s son.  She tells them that when she gets word that Kendall and Zach are taking Ian home, they will have a huge baby shower.  The women congratulate her on her plans. 

When Jonathan asks Ava to go back to Wildwind with him and make love to her, she declines.  She feels that he doesn’t love her, because she heard him tell Amanda that he still loves Lily.  He tells her that if she had continued to eavesdrop a while longer, she would have heard him tell Amanda that he doesn’t love Lily the same way that he did but that he loves Ava.  She believes that the only reason he wants her is because she looks like Lily.  Growling in frustration, Jonathan insists that he wants her because she is passionate, unpredictable, and sweet.  He informs her that when he isn’t with her, he can think only of her and when they are together, he wants all of her and wants to know everything about her.  Calling that BS, Ava accuses him of only wanting to get back into her pants.

Kendall presses Josh for details about his time with Greenlee and he tells her of the basketball that they played and the time that they spent on the beach.  When she asks him if he might see Greenlee again, he tells her that any loyalty he had towards her ended when he saw Kendall and Spike in the hospital.  Knowing that Greenlee was the cause of Spike’s injuries and Kendall going into labor and delivering Ian two months early destroyed any feelings that he may have had toward her.  Josh tells Kendall that the important thing now is for her and her sons to get healthy and to get home. As far as he is concerned, Greenlee no longer exists.  When he says that his loyalty is to Kendall and her family, she corrects him with, “Our family.” 

Greenlee tells Jack that Erica won’t be happy until she (Greenlee) is blown off the planet.  After listening to her rant about mistreatment at the hands of Erica, Jack expresses his belief that she cannot be happy in Pine Valley which is why he encouraged her to leave town.  Greenlee mentions the “new divorce” and Jack talks of the million-dollar pledge that was to be paid to the Miranda Center if Erica went through with the divorce.  He lets her know that he is aware that she is the donor.  She tells him that she considered it a win-win situation.  She would donate money to a good cause and have Erica out of her life and Jack’s.  She accuses him of siding with Erica because he has known her longer and has a lot of history with him.  Although Jack offers to help her find a way out of the situation, Greenlee wants a father who loves her.  He says that he loves her unconditionally, but she counters by saying that he was willing to think the worst of her just as everyone else did.  When he denies it, she asks him why he wouldn’t let her talk about Spike when she was in the hospital and needed someone to talk to and explain what happened.   He took a giant step away from her and didn’t give her a chance to tell him what really happened.  She demands of him, “Whose life were you trying to protect?  Mine or yours?”

Erica tells the women at Fusion that she is pleased with what they have done for Kendall and the company and to show her appreciation, she wants to buy them lunch.  She tells Di and Amanda to go to the Serving Spoon to get the meal.  When Babe offers to call in the order for delivery, Erica insists that Di and Amanda go get it instead.  Realizing that Erica wants to speak with her alone, Babe asks them to go for lunch.  When they have left Fusion, Babe tells Erica that they are alone as she wanted them to be and that she is aware that she is the one who gave Greenlee the keys to the car and as a result, Spike is in the hospital instead at the beach or playing at home.  Erica is not blaming her for what Greenlee did and knows that Kendall is stubborn, and it was Kendall’s idea for Greenlee to drive Spike to the hospital.  Babe is confused and asks what else she might have done to upset Erica.  Erica wants to thank Babe for insisting that Kendall get to the hospital and not continue on to New York.  She believes that if it hadn’t been for Babe, Ian might have been born on the side of the road and not gotten the necessary medical care that helped him to survive to this point.  Erica forgives her for the transgressions that she has made against the family and thanks her for pressing on with the webcast that will save Fusion for Kendall.  When Babe tries to credit the entire group with the decisions for the webcast, Erica points out that the team needed a leader and Babe stepped up and made it all happen.  Babe is dumbfounded as Erica continues on to say that Fusion needs strong leadership now and that if she stands by Kendall and protects Fusion from Greenlee, Erica will be forever in her debt.  Babe expresses that she never thought there would be a day that Erica didn’t flat out hate her.  Erica informs her that she is saving her hate for Greenlee.

Greenlee demands to know when Jack was on her side.  She cites her desire to marry Ryan and to have Spike as examples of when he didn’t support her.  He reminds her that she knew the reasons for his opposition to those instances.  She again says that she wanted to tell him what happened with Spike, but he refused to listen to her.  When he tells her that he wanted to protect her, she responds that she needed a father, not a lawyer.  He says that she has a father and she snaps that is only the case until Erica snaps her fingers.  He tells her that is not fair and asks her to remember when he followed her to Atlantic City when they found out that they were father and daughter and refused to leave her until they knew more about each other.  Now he doesn’t want her to stay in Pine Valley, because she has suffered enough misery, and he wants what is best for her.  He urges her to think of her future and to figure out what she wants.  If she stays in Pine Valley only because of a business, it is a sad commentary on her life. 

Josh talks to Ian and tells him that he has scored big when he picked this family to be born into.  He admits that he wasn’t part of the Kane family from the beginning but that he now wishes that he had been.  He assures Ian that he is going to get bigger and stronger each day not because of the medical care that he is getting but rather because he has an awesome family whose love is the most powerful drug in the world. 

Adam tells Zach that he didn’t come to the hospital to talk about his children.  Zach surprises him by saying that he came to talk about the shares of stock that J.R. turned over to Adam.  Adam says that it was difficult for J.R. to part with his stock but that he did it to make things right between them and that it means a great deal to him.  Zach asks if that is the way to his heart—through stock and money.  Adam gets disgusted and says that he wouldn’t expect Zach to understand.  Zach tells Adam that he looks at his sons and sees what they are going through, knowing that he would give up every penny he has and all of his business holdings to ensure their health.  Adam senses that Zach is wavering in his resolve to destroy him and tries to press the advantage.  Zach cuts him off at the knees having seen through his attempt at kindness.  He warns Adam that he is going to take Chandler Enterprise and cut it up into small pieces and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left.  Adam tells him that he is making a big mistake.  Zach dismisses him and goes to see his sons. 

Josh is singing a rock-and-roll song to Ian and encouraging him to enjoy the music with him.  He notices that Kendall looks distressed and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him that she is trying to stay positive and plan Ian's birthday parties, his christening, his high school graduation, but she is too worried to do it because he looks so fragile.  Josh tells her that he “aced” surgery and that everything is going to be okay.  He has studied Ian’s chart inside and out and is confident that Dr. Delano is the best man for the job and that Ian is going to be home soon begging his Uncle Josh to sing hard rock songs to him.  Kendall puts her arms around Josh’s shoulders and tells him that she loves him.

Jack tells Greenlee that things have all gone wrong for her since she came back to town and that if he could snap his fingers and make it all go away, he would.  She tells him that he can’t and as a result, she will end up as she always does—alone.

Jonathan tells Ava that his feelings for her are not only sex and that she has to trust him as well as the feelings that she has for him.  When she accuses him of thinking that he is an expert on trust, he admits that is not the case.  He says that he wants to know what it feels like to look at someone and know complete faith in her and have her feel the same way.  He says that he is tired of lies and BS.  He begs her to take a chance on him—on them.  As her phone rings, Ava takes the call from Lenny, the drug dealer, who wants to change the arrangements that they made for the drug deal.  She tries to talk him out of it but he insists that they meet in 30 minutes or the deal is off.  Jonathan can sense that she is agitated and asks her what is wrong.  She lies that the call was from Fusion and that she needs to leave.  He tries to stop her, but she rushes off.

Amanda, Di, and Babe exclaim over the toys and gifts that Erica bought for Ian until Di takes a call on her cell phone.  Erica asks Amanda to get her a bottle of water so that she and Babe can speak in private again.  Erica tells Babe that she knows that Greenlee is planning to steal Fusion from Kendall as she tried to steal Spike.  Although Babe reminds her that Greenlee is part owner in the company, Erica persists in suggesting that they maneuver Greenlee out of Fusion by being smarter than she is which shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Zach returns to Ian’s room and tells Kendall and Josh that Dr. Delano says that the surgery helped Ian’s lungs and that the weight gain is helping in his recovery as well.  Josh advises to get out of the hospital and get some fresh air and something to eat.  He offers to stay with Ian and Zach and Kendall thank him for the offer but refuse.  He continues to urge them to get out, but Kendall insists that her sons need her and announces that she is going to go see Spike.  Josh calls after her, but Zach tells him that he will take care of her.

On the phone, Adam tells the party on the other end that Slater is vulnerable now and that it is the best time for them to strike, because he will never see them coming.  His wish is to regain Chandler and get Cambias, too, because he wants it all. 

Zach asks Kendall what is wrong and she tells him to go back to Ian because Ian needs him.  She then says that Spike needs her and when Zach points out that Ryan and Annie are with Spike, she says that Spike needs his mother.  She gets frustrated and tells him that both of her sons need their mother.  She feels she can’t help them because she can’t be two people.  She says that she can’t help them and doesn’t know what to do.  Zach takes her in his arms. 

Jack tells Greenlee that he will support whatever decision she makes.  She tells him that she has done “alone” all of her life and doesn’t need his help.  Since he doesn’t have to turn her in about Spike, she knows what she has to do to be a better, happier person.  She stands and says, “Happy Anniversary, Dad,” then turns on her heel and leaves as Jack calls to her.  He then answers his phone, saying that he will be right there. 

By calling Fusion Jonathan learns from Amanda that they did not call Ava and she doesn’t have anything scheduled with Fusion for the rest of the day.  As Ava is accosted by a man, she tries to pull away, but he grabs her arm and pushes her into a van while she protests.

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