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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/1/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

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In solemnity, Greenlee appears to be contemplating her actions on the beach.  Her deep thoughts are interrupted by wise cracks from Aidan involving her likely demise should she go for a swim.  Now numbed, Greenlee just heaps them on to the growing pile of insults. 

Zach cannot take his eyes off of baby Ian in ICU.  His eyes are diverted for one brief second, when Annie strokes his arm in support.  Zach declines Annie’s offer to relieve him for a while.  Zach will not rest until he is certain that Ian is stable.  Meanwhile, an exhausted Kendall has to force herself to stay awake, as she keeps her vigil over Spike’s hospital bed.  Her motherly instincts are dead on, since Spike sits up with eyes wide open.  The sight of her alert son takes her breath away.  She immediately wakes up Ryan, now dozing in the chair.  Both teary-eyed parents are overjoyed, as Spike smiles back at them.

At the same time, Annie smiles at Zach, when he visualizes Ian’s outfit for his first dance.  Even though Annie tries hard to keep his spirits up, Zach remains cautiously optimistic about Ian’s chances for survival.  Zach puts him arm around Annie, as she leans down and notices Ian’s tiny heart beating.  Ryan and Kendall are overcome by emotion, as they process the fact that Spike is finally okay.  As Kendall strokes his head, both parents tell Spike how anxious his whole family is to see him, especially Emma and his new brother.  With that, Jonathan walks in and gives Ryan a huge hug. 

As Ava drifts off in Jack’s living room, Jack commands her attention.  Derek hopes Ava will take their efforts to prepare her for the “sting” seriously.  Ava begins ridiculing Derek’s instructions.  When Jack chastises her behavior, Ava renders him speechless by throwing Greenlee’s heinous actions in his face. 

Greenlee tires of Aidan’s comments and asks him to go.  Before begging off, Aidan expects some gratitude from her for tracing her emergency call to Ryan.  Aidan prompts Greenlee to relive the details of the accident through flashbacks, as he describes the scene.  The visions become too intolerable, and she cries out for him to stop.  As she collects herself, she lashes out at him for trying to bait her into an admission and quickly turns to leave.  Aidan attempts to brace her, as she collapses from the pain of her broken ribs.  She then begins screaming, “I was bringing him back damn it!”

To cheer him up, Annie bounces her new idea for her fairy tale entitled, “Invincible Ian’s Indomitable Itch” off of Zach.  Both warmed and enchanted by Annie, Zach grabs hold of her for dear life.  Kendall happens to see them embracing through the window.  Believing something happened to Ian, she rushes in.  Once she realizes the situation, she excitedly tells them about Spike.  Annie runs off to join Ryan, and Kendall tries to describe the miraculous event to Zach.  They both grab onto each other to rejoice in the good news.  Zach then holds her from behind and perches his head on her shoulder, as they gaze at Ian.  Meanwhile, as Ryan reads aloud Emma’s good night prayer to Spike, the nurse enters to check his vitals.  Now seated outside of Spike’s room, Ryan finally breaks into uncontrollable sobs of raw emotion from sheer exhaustion.  Annie approaches and sits on his lap.  As she embraces him, he nestles his face in her chest for security.

Derek grows impatient with the flippant Ava.  To curtail his lecture, Ava calls Lenny, the drug dealer, and sets up a purchase.  Jack and Derek appear anxious, as they listen in on her side of the conversation. 

Jonathan sees Ryan and Annie in the waiting area, and they explain Spike just fell back to sleep.  Ryan excuses himself to receive a call.  Once alone with Annie, Jonathan takes the opportunity to share his feelings about her.  Annie begins sobbing in almost disbelief, as Jonathan tells her, she and the children are “the best things that ever happened to Ryan.”

While clasping his hands in Kendall’s, Zach is amazed by the fortuitous events concerning the babies.  As he heads to see Spike, he kisses Kendall.  She then looks forward to her ‘alone time’ with Ian.  As she strokes his tiny wrist, she tells him how loved he is.

As Greenlee winces from the pain, Aidan tries to calm her.  She then begins screaming, “Spike exists because of me.”  Aidan looks at her with sympathetic eyes, while she relays the thoughts going through her head immediately prior to the accident.  As Greenlee tearfully insists she was returning home with Spike, Aidan appears sorrowful. 

Kendall continues talking to Ian.  She refers to him as their “shining ray of hope” in the aftermath of Alexander’s rampage.  As she begins describing Spike and Zach to him, the scene shifts to Zach watching over Spike.  Ryan walks in and is touched by Zach’s presence.  He poignantly offers to fight for Ian the way Zach did for Spike.  He credits Zach for Spike’s existence.  In warm appreciation for Ryan’s heart felt words, Zach hugs him.

Annie apologizes for her outburst.  Jonathan attributes it to stress and worry.  Annie starts pouring out her emotions about Ryan.  Jonathan is glad that Annie did not give up on Ryan over someone like Greenlee.

Ava arrives at the Yacht Club and is denied access as a non-member.  As she tries to worm her way in, Jonathan calls her.  For the benefit of the club manager, Ava is dismissive and tells him, “You don’t fit into the Ava entourage anymore.”  The scene shifts back to Jonathan telling Annie how contagious her fight is “for some one who is worth it.”  Annie watches him leave with a concerned look on her face. 

Greenlee is surprised that Aidan has not run off to repeat her admissions.  As she attempts to alienate him, Aidan places a call.  Jack answers at his home.  Aidan advises that Greenlee “needs him.”  Greenlee is taken aback by Aidan’s actions.  Aidan is gone by the time Jack arrives at the beach.  Greenlee starts telling him about her admission and then stops herself.  A supportive Jack helps her up and kisses her on the forehead. 

Ava arrogantly plops herself down.  As the manger threatens to remove her, Jonathan interjects and insists Ava is his guest.  When the manager begins changing his indignant tone, Ava rejects Jonathan’s assistance and darts off.  Jonathan follows her.

Kendall continues her unilateral conversation with Ian.  After describing Josh and Bianca to him, she goes onto Erica.  With admiration in her voice, she tells him, “Erica will fight to the death for you.”  Now reminded of his daunting fight ahead of him, Kendall then lapses into tears.  She starts apologizing for “letting him down.”

Jonathan follows Ava to the beach.  Clearly ashamed of her overdose, Ava tries to push him away.  Jonathan attempts to impress upon her that he wants “her” not Lily.  As she processes his words, Ava becomes quiet.  They stare into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately.

Jack and Greenlee go to the Yacht Club.  Through their conversation, Greenlee is elated to learn that Spike has regained consciousness.  Greenlee then defies Jack’s suggestion to “lay low.”  Although unwavering in his love and support, Jack relays his reasoning behind the suggestion.  Greenlee is aghast, when she realizes that he is advising her to leave Pine Valley.

With their arms intertwined, Ryan and Annie lean over Spike’s bed.  Kendall and Zach return to check on the baby.  Kendall is ecstatic, when she learns of the pediatrician’s positive update.  Annie hugs Kendall, as she announces that Ian is gaining weight and his lung function is improving.  Ryan shakes Zach’s hand at the same time.  With all of the good news, both couples hug their respective spouses.

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