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Adam abruptly terminates a phone call, when he spots Colby with Little A.  In a syrupy tone, he tries to persuade her, along with his grandson, to join him at his poolside table.  Colby minimally interacts with him and declines.  Tad happens to arrive at the Yacht Club and cannot resist the opportunity to chide Adam about his unsuccessful attempt to win over Colby.  Adam is unable to mask his sour reaction. 

As Di, Babe, and Amanda clamor over Ava’s performance and revel in the buyers’ response to the Fusion web-cast, a crutches-clad Greenlee darkens the office.  The four grow silent, at the sight of the limping Greenlee.

Zach anxiously waits for the outcome of his baby’s surgery in the hospital waiting area.  His spirits are slightly lifted, when Annie arrives with Emma.  Emma asks him to go swimming with her, and Zach wishes he could have that luxury.  Meanwhile, Ryan keeps vigil over Spike in ICU.  He manages to turn his head to greet Kendall, as she wheels herself in.  With sorrowful eyes, Ryan crouches down beside her.  To give her some relief, he advises that Spike is stable.  Kendall succumbs to her overwhelming circumstances and begins breaking down.  Ryan tries to comfort her and clasps her hands in his. 

In typical form, Greenlee reacts to her cool reception with sarcasm.  She then reverts to her business as usual mode and insists they advise her of Fusion’s status.  The four roll their eyes and cross their arms in response.  Babe then whisks Ava to the elevator and admonishes her to refrain from further poor conduct. 

Jack and Sean return home from an unsuccessful effort by Jack to clear Sean’s criminal record.  Sean doubts that his name will ever be cleared, since Ava’s assistance would be required.  Jack remains optimistic and confident.

Tad plops himself down at Adam’s table and chastises him for the horrible consequences stemming from his quest to go after Sean.  Since Ava has been “giving up Adam,” Tad laughs at Adam’s feeble effort to cast his himself as the Good Samaritan in reference to Ava. 

Believing Lily summoned her, Ava shows up at Jack’s house and encounters him instead.  Ava views Jack’s sudden interest in her wellbeing and offer to “help her” with skepticism. 

Annie reaches out to Zach.  He is touched by the fact Emma considers baby Slater as her brother.  Through her experience of separation from Emma, Annie tries to offer him faith.  Feeling helpless, Zach begins tearing.  At the same time, Kendall begins talking to Spike in hopes he will awaken.  As she begins berating herself for going on the launch in the first place, Ryan stops her and assumes blame for the Greenlee situation.  They both then conclude they misplaced their trust in the “Greenlee we used to know.”

With Babe and Amanda in the background, Di disdainfully advises Greenlee about the positive response to the web-cast and Ava.  Amanda compliantly responds to Greenlee’s request for a report, while Di remains irreverent.  Greenlee appears ready to crawl under a rock, when Di gets the guts to remind her how she dispensed with Babe, the woman who just saved Fusion.  Di finishes with, “Greenlee, it doesn’t look like we need you….”  Greenlee adamantly refuses to leave.  In further contempt, the three give her their backs as response to her further questions about Fusion.  To garner some sympathy, Greenlee rises with difficulty and relays the horrific events surrounding the accident.  Both Babe and Di call her out on her apparent kidnapping of Spike. 

Jack attempts to persuade Ava to set up the drug dealer in an effort clear Sean.  Ava does not fall for his pretense of his considering her as extended family and smugly declines to assist.  She then implicates Adam again.  Realizing she is fearful, Jack promises to protect her and allays her concerns about Lily finding out.  Lily returns home and overhears part of their conversation from the hallway. 

Adam scoffs at Tad’s efforts to knock some sense into him about his wrongdoings and to include him as family.  Meanwhile, Sean sneaks up behind Colby.  She is ecstatic to learn of Jack’s plans to clear his name.  Her smile disappears, when she notices Adam from the corner of her eye.  Sean’s happy mood changes too, when he turns to see what has caught her attention. 

Greenlee tries to plead her case.  Based on her own actions involving Miranda, Babe does not tolerate Greenlee feigning victim.  With a very sardonic tone, Di then gives Greenlee the requested status report starting with Kendall’s premature labor and ending with them saving Fusion with Spike’s kidnapping in the middle. 

Zach is warmed by Emma’s artistic rendition of her family by the beach.  Now encouraged, Zach begins envisioning his baby’s future as Annie suggested.  After she hugs him goodbye, Zach stares at the drawing and speaks aloud to his son.  His words are interrupted, as the surgeon approaches him.  Zach tries to read the doctor’s expression.  At the same time, Kendall and Ryan try to determine whether Greenlee acted impulsively or with premeditation born out of her obsession.  During their conversation, Kendall is surprised to learn of Greenlee’ so-called budding romance with Josh.  As Kendall self-deprecates again, Ryan wraps his arm around her in support.  Zach then enters with news on the baby.  Kendall’s face lights up with joy, when Zach advises he survived the surgery and the hole is repaired.  Ryan is relieved for Zach and Kendall, as they embrace in celebration of overcoming the first hurdle.  Zach hands Ryan Emma’s drawing of Spike and her new brother.  Clearly touched, Ryan hangs it up for Spike to see.  The doctor comes in to perform his rounds.  The three receive more good news. The antibiotics are working and his fever is down.  Since Spike is out of the woods, Kendall urges Ryan to spend time with Emma.

Upon arrival at the Yacht Club, Emma does not want to take her lesson without Ryan.  As they walk past Tad and Adam, Adam is lashing out at him for poisoning his children against him.  Tad manages to shut Adam up, as he points out how he alienated everyone close to him.  Colby becomes distracted by Sean; Little A runs towards Adam.  Before she can stop him, Adam scoops him up in his arms.

Amanda attempts to diffuse the situation, as Babe and Di verbally assault Greenlee with more barbs that are contemptuous.  With that, a news reporter calls Fusion for a comment on the Amber alert issued on Greenlee.  Babe delights in handing her the phone.  When Greenlee positively spins the incident, Babe and Di are revolted.  Babe then looks her dead in the eye and warns her to, “Launch your sympathy campaign somewhere else.”

While she does not give any details, Ava sincerely shares her concerns with Jack about hurting Lily again and advises she will consider helping Sean.  Jack heads out of the room.  To avoid being seen by him, Lily enters the living room through another entrance.  Lily catches Ava off guard, when she asks what she and Jack are keeping from her.  Ava offers a lame explanation.  She tells Lily she had to cast her Lily imitation aside in order to get re-hired by Fusion.  Lily appears to believe her but questions whether she will use drugs again.  Ava allays Lily’s concerns.  Anxious to help Sean through her “detective work,” a discerning Lily then wonders if Ava mistakenly put “her” drugs in Sean’s jacket.  Without elaborating, Ava assures her Sean will be cleared of the accusation.

Jack arrives at the Yacht Club and verbally attacks Adam on sight.  Tad pulls him aside and calms him down.  The discussion turns to the accident.  Jack is grateful to Tad, since he is the only one to inquire about Greenlee’s condition.  When Jack remarks that Greenlee will have to face the consequences of her actions, Tad empathizes based on his experiences with J.R.  Tad offers words of encouragement, as Jack fears that his family is shattered.  After Tad walks off, Jack leaves Adam with a few parting words, “Shame on you.”  Adam then stares at Sean and Colby as they play with Little A. 

Greenlee questions Amanda’s slight tolerance of her.  Familiar with being ostracized by virtue of her mother, Amanda explains her empathy. 

To ensure privacy, Ava catches Jack outside of the house.  Ava agrees to partake in the set- up, provided that Jack discourages Lily from further investigation.  Jack reiterates his promise to protect her and assures her he will keep her confidences.  They shake hands in honor of their agreement. 

A gentleman joins Adam at his table and hands him some paperwork.  Adam looks over at Colby again, as he executes each page.  Adam mutters under his breath, “I simply want what belongs to me.”  Ryan arrives and surprises Emma, as she runs into his arms. 

Greenlee reviews a press release prepared by Babe and Di.  To cast herself in the best light, Greenlee wants them to include her “heroic” acts.  After digging her again, Babe flatly reminds her that the release is focused on Kendall, not her.

Kendall and Zach watch over their new baby.  Through Zach’s conviction, Kendall becomes hopeful about his survival.  As he stares at his son, Zach comes up with a fitting name, “Ian.”  Kendall smiles, as Zach explains the significance behind the translation of the name, “God is gracious.”  Kendall then refers to her son as Ian.  Through tears of joy, the couple smiles lovingly at one and other.  Although she wants to check on Spike, Kendall does not want to leave Zach “alone.”  Zach does not consider it as being left alone, since Ian will accompany him.  Zach peers down at their son with adoring eyes.  After Kendall leaves, Zach assures Ian that he will be “okay.”

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