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All My Children Update Monday 7/30/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

In a corridor at the hospital, Erica is once again confronting Jack about Greenlee and the part that his daughter played in the recent harrowing ordeals that Kendall and her children are going through.  When Jack reminds her that Greenlee did not walk away unscathed by these events, Erica asks why Greenlee was not following closely behind Kendall on the way to the hospital.  Erica points out that Greenlee had kidnapping on her mind and was not doing what was expected of her by a trusting Kendall.  Although Jack admits that Kendall, Spike, and baby Ian are all in serious physical condition, he reminds her that they are part of his family also.  Erica asks Jack to join her in another part of the hospital.

At the entrance to Spike’s room, Kendall is screaming at Greenlee to get out and away from her child.  After Zach reiterates what Kendall says,  Ryan tells Greenlee that there is no way that she can explain what she did, so she needs to leave them all alone.  When Josh meets Greenlee in the hallway, he tells her that “guilt is a bitch,” and Greenlee just wants to be left alone. 

Back in Spike’s room, Kendall gets out of her wheelchair to get a better look at her son.  When Kendall whimpers at the sight of her baby, Ryan tries to soothe her.  She wants to know why he is so quiet and why he won’t wake up.  Ryan tells her that he is on some pain medication, and Zach says that Spike is getting stronger.  Ryan informs her that Spike opened his eyes during the night, and they gave him more pain medication.  Kendall feels that she should have been there and that he shouldn’t have been alone.  Annie tells her that Ryan was there, but Kendall insists that Spike needed his mother.  Ryan assures her that the hospital staff is taking very good care of him, but Kendall feels that it is her job and that he is in a strange place and she needs to be with him.  Annie assures her that Spike knows that she loves him, and Kendall asks Ryan if he is going to be all right.  When Ryan responds, “He will be,” Kendall senses that he is not telling her something and demands to know what he is keeping from her.

After Greenlee tells Josh that Kendall is in Spike’s room, he tells her that she needs to go back to her room.  When she says that she is leaving the hospital, Josh asks which bright physician would release her with a pneumothorax, broken ribs, and a hurt ankle.  Since she made the decision herself, Josh advises her not to leave the hospital against medical advice.  She tells him that she is going to call a cab to take her home, and he offers to drive her.  Although she doesn’t want a favor from him, he tells her that if her lung should collapse on the ride home, the cab driver is unlikely to know what to do, so she reluctantly agrees to let him take her home.

At Fusion, Babe, Di, Amanda, and Ava are discussing how to salvage the Fusion Green launch that failed to happen in New York on the previous day.  Babe tells them that Fusion Green can’t fail, because Kendall needs this to get the company back in the black and she has enough to worry about without adding the stress of her company going under.  The women remember how excited they were about the launch and how much interest it had generated.  Amanda reminds them of the large number of press responses they had to the New York launch.  Di says that they won’t have an opportunity to get all of the beauty representatives together again until the conference in the fall which is three months away.  They agree that they can’t afford to lose those three months to say nothing of the fact that the products that they have in production are all based on summer and early fall colors.  They realize that they need to get to each of the representatives, and that it isn’t possible to do separate meetings all over the country.  When Ava suggests that they use “spam,”  Amanda and Di recite a litany of reasons that spam is not the answer including how annoying it is.  Babe thinks that this is the right direction, and they continue to brainstorm ideas. 

Erica and Jack are outside the NICU looking at Ian.  Erica points out that he is fighting for his life and tells Jack that Kendall can’t even hold her little baby but can only watch him struggle to stay alive on machines.  She then offers to take Jack to see Spike in the Pediatric ICU to see what Greenlee’s actions caused to happen to Kendall’s other baby boy.  Jack acknowledges that this is a horrible situation for the babies to be in, but insists that family is very important at a time like this.  When he asserts that they cannot allow what has happened to tear them apart, she agrees. 

Knowing that he must tell Kendall all of the information that he has about Spike, Ryan divulges that the blood tests indicate that he has an infection.  When she asks if it was a result of the surgery or something else, he admits that they really don’t know but that it's uncommon.  Kendall demands to know why no one is doing anything to help her baby, and Ryan tells her that Spike is getting antibiotics and that there are no further signs of internal bleeding, so he is on his way to recovery.  Kendall insists that Spike should be awake and throwing his food, and he should be talking and screaming and that as long as he is not doing any of these things, he is not all right. 

Babe tells the others that if they can’t bring the buyers and the press to the concept launch, they can bring the launch to the buyers and the press via a webcast.  Di asks if that is possible and Babe and Amanda assure her it is.  Babe explains that they contact each person and ask him or her for 15 minutes of their time.  They modify the presentation that they had planned for New York and cut in video and demos and answer questions, as they need making it a multimedia presentation.  Babe says that they will see the day/night transformation before their eyes.  When Ava stops her and asks what she means by that, Babe tells her that she needs to act her little heart out.  While Di and Amanda start to e-mail the principals, Ava is still concerned about her part in the presentation.  Babe tells her that she only needs to convince a bunch of jaded buyers that Fusion Green can turn one woman into two different women.  Ava feels that there is no way that she is capable of doing that. 

Kendall is talking to Spike telling him that she is there.  When Annie and Ryan ask how the baby is, Zach distractedly responds that he is doing as well as can be expected.  They ask if Kendall has seen him yet, and Zach says that she saw him only for a few minutes immediately after he was born.  Kendall is cajoling Spike to open his eyes, to scream, to respond to her in some way.  A nurse enters the room and asks for Mr. and Mrs. Slater to go see Dr. Delano right away.  Although they are both alarmed, the nurse has no further information.  They tell Spike good-bye and that they are going to see his little brother and will be back very soon.  Annie promises to find them if there is any change in Spike’s condition.  As they leave, Annie offers up a heartfelt prayer to let the babies live. 

Since Amanda is at a loss as to what to say to the buyers when she contacts them, Di suggests she listen to her pitch and do as she does.  Grabbing a picture from the campaign, Ava tells Babe that she told her she wanted Ava, not Lily.  Babe informs her that she did the picture that Ava is concerned about.  Ava is still unconvinced.  Babe tells her that she is the face of the campaign and that she needs to do a little acting but that both girls are inside of her.  She has a tough, street-smart side and a softer side as well.  Babe asks her to think of a time when she was truly happy.  Ava relates a story about visiting her grandparents one summer and driving the tractor when she was 11 years old.  She felt like she was a big girl doing what the big boys do.  Babe tells her that that particular look is what they want to see for Fusion Day.  Ava still doubts that she can do it, but Babe convinces her that she just did it and can do it again. 

Greenlee arrives home, and Josh asks if she has a prescription for pain medication.  Since she didn’t pick it up, she says she will take some over-the-counter medication if she needs anything for the pain.  Before he leaves, Greenlee begs Josh to keep her updated on how Spike is doing, and he agrees. 

Dr. Delano and Dr. Joe informs Kendall and Zach that Ian has a hole in his heart.  They assure them that it isn’t uncommon in premature infants but it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.  Normally the opening in the heart closes by itself after birth, but Ian is too small and the hole is too big, causing difficulties with pumping blood.  Dr. Delano explains a delicate procedure that is performed thorascopically.  He goes on to explain that they make two little slits in his chest and insert a tube with a scope.  They clamp the hole through the tube using a video screen.  Dr. Joe tells them that, in order to get to the heart, they must deflate the left lung, but if they don’t do that, they put both the heart and the lung at risk.  When Zach asks him what he would do, Joe responds that he can’t make that decision.  Kendall remarks that his skin is transparent and learns that it's the case with premature babies, but the skin changes as they get older.  Kendall admits that they have no real choice but to agree to the surgery and asks for the papers that need to be signed.  She asks Zach for assurance that their baby will be okay. 

After informing Erica that Ian needs surgery to repair a hole in his heart, Zach asks her to take Kendall to her room to get some rest.  He returns to talk to the doctors, asking if Ian is strong enough to survive the procedure.  They feel it is their only option. 

Kendall tells Erica that Spike has an infection and that he is on antibiotics.  Erica assures her that they are doing what is necessary to make him better.  After Kendall says that they are doing surgery on Spike to repair a hole in his heart, she realizes it is Ian who is having that surgery.  She tells Erica that she wants to hold Spike and hear him talk to her and look into his eyes.  Erica comforts her and reminds her that her babies are both strong and will make it through all of this. 

The doctors tell Zach that the procedure is necessary at this time, because they don’t want the blood to pump from his aorta into his lungs causing him to have an enlarged heart.  When Zach asks about the possibility of infection, they admit that is always a risk.  He asks if he can stay with Spike as long as possible, and they agree.  Joe tells him that the thoughts and prayers of everyone at the hospital are with him at this time.  The doctors go off to start the pre-op preparations on Ian. 

Greenlee is sitting on her couch when someone knocks at the door.  She shouts that it is open and tells the caller to come in.  Jack enters the apartment and tells her that he went by her room at the hospital and was told that she had left.  When he asks why she didn’t let him drive her home, she says that she needed to get out of there fast.  He asks if she is going to be okay, and she poses the question back to him saying, “You tell me.”

Zach is in the hospital corridor listening to a voicemail that Myrtle left for him.  She apologizes for not being with him, because she has a touch of the flu, but her thoughts are with him, Kendall, and the boys, but especially with him.  She remembers how he was when Spike was born, as he was the strong one who took on all of the adversity alone.  She reminds him that Kendall is with him now and that it is okay to share his burden.  She assures him that it is perfectly normal to be worried, because he is a father now.  After he disconnects the phone, Zach puts his head in his hands and cries. 

After Babe introduces the presentation, the video begins explaining the benefits of Fusion Green.  Ava appears looking as innocent as Lily claiming that Fusion Day is healthy, pure, and organic like a walk in the freshly mown grass or the wind in your hair.  As music plays throughout,  Ava appears dressed in eveningwear with her hair in a more severe hairdo and describes Fusion Night as sexy, wild, and adventurous.  Looking into the camera, she asks, “Which woman do you want to be?”

Joe is in Kendall’s hospital room explaining that Ian is about to go into surgery.  When she pleads with him to make sure that the baby is okay, Joe assures her that Ian is in the best hands possible.  Erica asks if she can speak with Joe, and they go out into the corridor.  She asks how Kendall is doing, and remarks that she has been through a lot physically and emotionally and needs a lot of rest.  When she asks about the babies, Joe tells her that Spike is doing well and that he will be even better when the infection is cleared up.  Erica damns Greenlee for coming back to town and causing all of this havoc.  Joe asks her how Jack feels about Greenlee.  Erica says that he has blinders on and is defending her.  Joe feels that is a normal reaction of a parent when a child is in a difficult situation.  He tells her that when a child is young, a parent kisses away hurts and fears.  As they grow older, a parent stands back and lets the child fend for himself, but even as an older person, when the son or daughter comes to the parent for help or reassurance, the parent wants to gather them up in his arms and make everything better.  Even as adults, sons and daughters are still the parent’s child.  This is followed by a montage of scenes of Zach outside the operating room, Ryan and Annie at Spike’s crib side, and Kendall worrying in her bed as "Crossroads" by Don McLean plays.

At Fusion, the phones are ringing off the hook as questions, comments and orders are pouring in.  As Babe, Di, and Amanda take orders and compliments, Ava watches stunned.  Babe hangs up the phone and exclaims that she was a huge hit and they loved her.  She thanks a very happy Ava.

Annie tells Ryan that it is time for her to pick up Emma and get home.  He asks her to give Emma a kiss for him.  She tells Spike to stay strong and tells Ryan that she loves him.  She promises to call when she gets home as she walks out the door.  Ryan looks at Spike and starts talking to him.  He tells him all of the things that they are going to do like make model rockets and fly them together.  He will teach him how to water ski, pitch a baseball, and that he might even be his Little League baseball team coach.  He tells him that he will need to learn how to play with a Frisbee, because he will need to know how to do that on the beach.  He adds that if Spike has a dog that can catch a Frisbee, he will be a definite “babe magnet.” 

Erica is showing Kendall her “brag book” full of pictures of Spike and Miranda.  She tells her that Miranda and Bianca have been calling each day for updates on her and the boys.  Seeing a picture of the Kane women, Erica tells Kendall that Mona loved her very much and that her little boys are safe because Mona is looking down on them and watching over them.  Kendall gets agitated and tries to get out of bed to go to her babies.  Although Erica reminds her that he is still in surgery, Kendall insists that she needs to go to Spike.  Erica gets on the bed with her and holds her in her arms, telling Kendall that she needs to stay in bed and rest because she needs her strength.  As Kendall starts to sob, Erica holds her and assures her that everything is going to turn out fine.  Erica tells her to let her tears out and let her be strong for her daughter.  Kendall calls out for Ryan and continues to cry.

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