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All My Children Update Friday 7/27/07


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Ryan is looking into Spike’s hospital bed.  Annie joins him, wearing an air of sadness.  She asks about Spike who has not awakened.  Ryan did not sleep a wink last night.  Annie brought clean clothes for Ryan, a card from Emma to Spike, and Spike’s favorite blanket.  Ryan hugs it and smells the blanket.  Annie hugs Ryan.

Zach is in ICU, looking into Baby Slater's bed.  Nurses arrive to take Ian for a cardiac echogram.  They tell Zach that Kendall is awake.  As Zach enters Kendall’s room he says, “Hey.”  Kendall asks about Spike and Zach responds, “Asleep.”  She asks how his little brother is doing and Zach tells her that he is fighting like a champ.  He asks about the champ's mom.  Kendall tells him that she is scared. 

Greenlee is in her hospital bed when Jack enters with flowers.  Greenlee wants to come clean and attempts to tell Jack details.  He stops her and will only talk about the accident portion of her trip with Spike.  Derek walks in, and tells Greenlee he needs to ask her a few questions. 

Ryan speaks of Spike's whimpering during the night.  He mentions that it came from a place no child should have to know.  Ryan is sad he couldn't help him nor could he make it go away.  Ryan breaks down while Annie reaches out to him.  She tells him that he isn’t at fault for reaching out to Greenlee and trying to include her.  Annie is proud of him for trying.

Krystal, Babe, and Little A are outside of their condo.  Babe is discussing with Krystal how she can help Kendall through these bad times.  Initially she was at a loss but then remembers Fusion.  She decides that she can help by working with the launch for Fusion. 

Kendall thinks that Zach is keeping something from her and he responds, “No.”  She wants to see the babies and he said he has special orders from the doctors to feed her something to eat because her blood sugar is low.  He opens the door and there is a special meal from the famous Henri’s in New York.  Henri himself rolls in the food.  This is Kendall’s favorite restaurant.  She starts with a beignet.  Henri left the cart with the food and wishes blessings on the sick babies. 

Erica enters with a big apology for summoning the minister.  She asks for forgiveness and Kendall welcomes her back with a hug.  Erica thought the minister would help.  Kendall accepts her apology only if she assists with the christening when Baby Slater comes home.  Erica says of course, and tells Kendall that Bianca called and sends her love to all of them.  She goes on to acknowledge how many times she told them to stay away from each other and told Kendall to stay away from a man like Zach Slater.  She acknowledges that she was wrong.  She pat Zach’s arm to show acceptance. 

Erica reports that she saw Joe and was told that the babies are getting stronger.  She pulls up a chair at Kendall’s bedside.  Kendall tells her that she is scared.  Erica listens, and encourages Kendall by saying, “Being scared doesn't really go away until you have them home, and in your arms, but they are right where they need to be now getting the best care possible.”  Kendall is worrying about the odds and wants to know how many miracles they get.  Erica says, “Dr. Joe is doing everything he can to send those babies home healthy and strong.” 

Ryan states that Spike shouldn't be in the hospital.  Annie cries with him.  Ryan feels he couldn't protect Spike so he is not a hero. 

Erica checks out the food.  She compliments Joe’s hospital for improving the food.  Kendall tells her that Zach had it flown in from Henri's.  Zach said that he is trying to get her to eat.  Erica tells Kendal to listen to him and she thanks Zach for taking such good care of her daughter.  Erica walks out, pauses and puts her hand over her face, sobs a little and then walks away. 

Kendall insists on seeing her babies.  Before Kendall sees the babies, she must pump breast milk for Baby Slater.  Kendall didn’t get an opportunity to breast feed Spike.  She wanted desperately to breast feed Baby Slater as she looked into his eyes.  She and Zach then leave to visit Spike and Baby Slater.  She asks to see Spike first.

Babe’s idea about Fusion will involve Ava.  Babe tries to enlist Ava’s help as the model for Fusion.  Ava is resistant.  Babe insists that she help with the launch and pulls her by her arm to assist.  Babe intends to carry on with the Fusion launch.

Annie encourages Ryan to stop beating himself up.  She insists that Spike needs both of them.

Derek gets the story from Greenlee.  Greenlee lies when asked how she ended up 20 miles in the opposite direction.  She whispers, “I got lost.”  She left Derek with the impression that she saved Spike’s life.  Derek believes that if not for Greenlee, she and Spike would not have received help.  Jack tries to sell a positive Greenlee as well.  Erica comes in the room asking that Derek arrest Greenlee for kidnapping.  She tells Derek to haul Greenlee off to jail where she belongs.

Derek cautions Erica that he cannot take Greenlee to jail without sufficient evidence.  Erica blames Greenlee for Spike's injuries, and Baby Slater being born early.  She blames Greenlee for endangering both babies.  Jack cautions Erica to lay off.  He tells her that is enough, and drags her out of Greenlee's room.  Erica argues with Jack over Greenlee.  Erica blames Greenlee and tells Jack that he needs to come to grips with what his daughter has done and deal with it.  Derek comes out and offers Erica the facts of the case which prove Greenlee’s innocence.  Erica points out that Greenlee wouldn't have had to save Spike if she hadn't kidnapped him to begin with.

Ryan says he is so lucky to have Annie, and she tells him that he is exhausted.  Annie thinks they need some positive energy.  She kisses Ryan and he says he loves her.

Greenlee, on crutches, sneaks into Spike’s room.  She apologizes to Spike and cries when looking at Spike in his bed.  Ryan comes in with Annie and looks viciously at Greenlee.  He asks, “What the hell are you doing here?”  Ryan orders Greenlee away from Spike.  He starts to push her away as she moans from the pain.

Kendall is wheeled into Spike’s room.  When she sees Greenlee, she gives her a chilling look.

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