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Kendall initially refuses the surgery after deciding that it is too soon for Baby Slater to be delivered.  She later agrees to it, because she does not want him to die so she must acquiesce and prepare for his delivery.  She is rushed to surgery after she insists on being awake for the C-section.  She wants to be alert so that she knows that the baby is OK.  Before Kendall is moved to the operating room, Erica bursts into her room to let her know that Spike has been found.  As Kendall is being wheeled into the delivery room, Spike is being wheeled into the hospital.  When Spike passes by her in the hallway, she sees him, and yells out his name while reaching out her arms for him. 

Kendall is in surgery when she tells the doctor that she doesn’t want a general anesthetic, because she wants to hear her baby cry, but the doctor tells her that Baby Slater must have a breathing tube placed in him once he is delivered.  Zach is in the delivery room with Kendall, and tells her to look at him, because she is about to have a baby.  She asks Zach to hold her hand and to squeeze it tight. 

Dr. Martin, before rushing into surgery, tells Erica that they have to deliver Kendall and Zach’s baby immediately.  Erica wants to know what their chances are.  She wants a guarantee that Dr. Martin is unprepared to give. 

Ryan is at the accident site yelling at rescue people to get his son, Spike.  Ryan scream at Spike as he is being air lifted.  He wants his son to know that he is there for him.  He is trying to reassure him that everything is going to be OK and he promises this to Spike.  The paramedics determine that Greenlee has broken ribs and a collapsed lung.  They ask her to remain still as they air lift her.  Ryan is not concentrating on Greenlee.  His total attention is on his son.

Derek gives Jack details about the accident site being approximately a 20 ft. drop.  Jack tells Erica about the accident, but she decides not to tell Kendall until after the surgery. 

Krystal goes to Chandler Mansion to check on Adam after he saved Ava.  He and Krystal argue about him being lonely in the house all by himself.  She tells him that he is at fault for what has befallen him. 

Jackson is inquiring about Greenlee and then she arrives.  She asks her father about Spike.  Jack explains to Aidan, Babe, Jamie, and Di that Greenlee and Spike were in an accident, which is the reason for their delay.  Aidan however, explains that the cliff was 20 miles north of where the girls turned around to bring Kendall back to Pine Valley Hospital.  He goes on to explain that Greenlee was going away from Pine Valley which proves she was taking Spike.  Jack is devastated. 

Ryan is crying on Annie’s shoulder.  He is worried about doctors cutting his baby boy.  He explains the scene, where Spike was found, to Annie.  He tells her that glass was everywhere.  Jonathan arrives at the hospital asking if they found Spike and if Greenlee got away. 

Dr. Martin explains to Ryan that Spike is alive because the safety seat kept him from major harm.  He tells Ryan details of treatment for Spike.  It has been determined that Spike is bleeding internally and they will have to repair or remove Spike’s ruptured spleen.  Dr. Martin is informed that they need a rare blood type for Spike which is “A-negative,” but the hospital is running low.  Jonathan notes that he is “A-negative” and will donate blood.  Ryan promises Spike that he will hold him in his arms soon. 

Kendall mentions to Zach that there was a lot of blood on Spike.  She wants to know what happened to him.  She asked, “What did Greenlee do?”  Zach assures Kendall that the doctors worked miracles with Spike, and they are about to work another one. 

Tad enters the hospital and asks Erica about Spike’s surgery and the C-section on Baby Slater.  Erica says, “If both children survive, Kendall will have two sons.  I must say “if” because no one will promise me anything.  Kendall must have them both.” 

Kendall is happy that Spike is awake.  She and Zach are still in the operating room.  Zach insists that they had a miracle in Spike, and are about to have another one with Baby Slater.  Zach states proudly that they have a family. 

Josh receives an update from Erica on Spike, Kendall, and Baby Slater’s condition.  She states joyfully that they have a miracle, and then corrects that statement by saying they have two miracles. 

Baby Slater is blue, but born alive.  Kendall begs to see him.  The doctors insist that he need to be put in an incubator right away.  Kendall tells Zach to check on both babies for her.  Josh comes over to the nursery to ask about Baby Slater.  Zach tells him that Baby Slater is very tiny, weighing only 700 grams (1-1/2 lbs.), but he has a steady heartbeat, and that he fits into the palm of his hand.  Zach tells Josh that he (Josh) has seen this type of thing before, but he (Zach) is a businessman and he doesn’t get it.  Zach says he doesn’t understand it, and he doesn’t get it, because he does not see miracles in business.  Josh tells Zach that he survived his father, and Kendall survived serious injuries.  He tells Zach that his and Kendall’s genes make miracles.

Spike is in surgery.  Annie is attempting to calm Ryan down.  She reminds him that if he made it through Spike’s premature birth, then he'll make it through his surgery.  Ryan asks are these only the options: Making it through this or not. 

The doctors order antibiotics for Baby Slater.

Ryan is comforted by Annie and Jonathan.  Ryan is berating himself for wanting to hand Spike over to Greenlee.  Ryan says that as a parent, his first responsibility should have been to his child and he regrets that he forgot that when dealing with Greenlee. 

Jack tells Greenlee that Spike is in surgery.  She then asks about Kendall and the Baby Slater.  Jack tells her that Baby Slater is very small. 

Erica barges into the recovery room to see Kendall.  Erica tells Kendall that Spike is still in surgery.  Kendall is shouting, “Fix Spike.”  Erica soothes her.  Kendall yells that they have to save her baby boy.  Erica tells her she is holding her hand, and Bianca is holding the other one even though she is in France. 

Dr. Martin comes out to tell them that have finished the surgery on Spike.  Ryan wants to hold Spike so that he knows that Ryan is there.  Annie tells him that Spike knows he is there.  Josh comes up and asks about Spike and Ryan tells him they repaired his spleen.  Josh says that it is good anytime they can save an organ.  Ryan asks about Kendall's baby.  Josh says he's small, his skin is translucent, his lungs do not work, and his intestines do not work.  Josh calls Baby Slater a fighter and insists that no one is going to let him go without a fight. 

Zach is looking through the window into the NICU at Baby Slater.  Erica tells Zach that they are taking Kendall back to her room.  Zach asks Erica to stay with Baby Slater for a while.  Zach leaves to visit Kendall.  Erica tells baby Slater that he is so loved. 

Greenlee talks to Jack about the Baby Slater.  She wants to know if he is going to make it.  Jack honestly says that he does not know, because it is too soon to tell.  Greenlee is hysterical because she was bringing Spike back.  She confesses that, out loud, to Jack.

Kendall and Zack are talking to Dr. Martin about Spike.  He tells her about the ruptured spleen.  A chaplain enters the room, ready to perform a christening for Baby Slater.  Kendall is surprised because she didn't request one and asks if Zach requested the minister.  Erica walks in and informs them that she requested the minister, because she thought it best under the circumstances.  Kendall loses control as she directs her anger toward Erica.  She yells, “A christening means that he would never make it home to be with his family.  It also means that he would never be christened with his family and friends in attendance.”  She screams at Erica to get out.  Erica clearly did not mean any harm, and said as much.  Kendall, out of control, starts screaming for her babies.  Dr. Martin instructs the nurses to give her a sedative.  Zack loudly tells Erica that her daughter needs her right now, and wonders why she called a chaplain.  Zach questions what good a chaplain would do right now. 

Adam orders flowers to be sent to the Slater’s.  He instructs that the card read, “My thoughts are with you and your family.” 

Krystal and Babe meet at the hospital.  Babe gives Krystal an update of the baby’s condition.  Krystal tells Babe details about her visit with Adam. 

Jamie asks about Baby Slater’s condition.  Tad tells Jamie about Baby Slater, and tells him that he needs a hug.  Tad calls Jamie a nitwit by indicating that he is the one in medical school, thus he should be telling Tad about the baby’s condition.  They laugh it off. 

Zach and Josh are back with Baby Slater.  Zack needs to be with Kendall but Baby Slater needs him too.  He tells Josh that he should be with Kendall.  Josh volunteers to check on Kendall for Zach.  He starts to leave, but Zach calls him back, then the two hug.  Zach then dresses in a sterile gown and mask and enters the NICU to sit beside his newborn son’s incubator. 

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