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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

From Kendall’s hospital room, Joe and Dr. Delano determine appropriate medication protocol for her perilous condition.  Zach tries to soothe a hysterical Kendall, as she screams out, “I need Spike.”

Amidst the wreckage at the bottom of the cliff, Greenlee props a listless Spike in his car seat.  To keep him conscious, Greenlee keeps talking to him.  The severity of the situation is revealed through Greenlee’s comment to herself, “This child needs help.”  Greenlee looks up at her cell phone perched several feet up.  Despite her hampered physical condition, Greenlee tries to prepare herself mentally to reach it.  In the process, Greenlee flashes to when she recently resigned herself to the fact Spike rightfully belongs with Kendall and Ryan and advised them of it.  Now, undaunted, Greenlee pledges to Spike that she will get him to Kendall or “die trying.”  

At Pine Valley PD, Derek willingly accepts Ryan’s repeated apology.  Di, Annie, Jamie, Jonathan, and Babe are also present.  Clasping Ryan’s hand, Annie comes up with a way to help.

In between plaintive sobs, Kendall begs Zach to find Spike.  Zach assures her of the abundant manpower already out looking for him.  As she blames herself for leaving Spike with Greenlee, she grows more convinced that she will lose this baby also.  With that, Erica’s voice fills the room with her conviction, “You will not lose your baby.”

Before heading on her trek for the phone, Greenlee manages to get Spike to sip the last bit of water and wraps him in her white blouse.

Erica gives Kendall fighting words, “You are a Kane woman.  We fight for our children.”  Erica then shores up her daughter to protect this baby as she did Spike.  Kendall draws the necessary courage from Erica and grabs her hand.  Zach gives Erica a grateful nod, and she smiles up at him. 

As Annie announces her idea for the Spike information web site, Krystal joins the ranks.  Annie’s idea falls into place with Krystal and Babe downloading Spike and Greenlee’s photos; Di adding in the vehicle description; and Jamie acting as the computer “wiz” and webmaster.  Ryan is excited about the site.  As Derek offers to chip in laptops, an officer advises him of a disturbance involving a young woman at the boathouse.  Assuming he is referring to Ava, Jonathan immediately proceeds to leave.  Di leaps to the same conclusion and joins Jonathan as they go off in search of Ava. 

Meanwhile, in her drug-induced state, Ava dances around the boathouse chanting, “I’m not her.”  Adam shows up and begins contemptuously shaking her for wrongfully implicating him in planting drugs on Sean.  Unable to reason with her, Adam grows more frustrated.  His words finally resonate, when he cries out that he is alone because of her.  Ava embraces Adam and advises she is also alone.  Slightly empathetic in their mutual solitude, Adam awkwardly pats her on her back. 

Alarmed by her researched statistics on premature births and abducted children, Lily joins Josh and Jack in the waiting area.  Jack assures her of positive outcomes on both situations.  Meanwhile, Kendall becomes calmer, as Zach advises that her contractions are further apart.  When she begins looking to Zach for answers about Spike again, he tries to maintain her calm. 

Greenlee strains to make her way up the cliff side.  Flashbacks of Kendall’s support during the miscarriage and holding their “heart linked” bracelet and baby sonogram provide her the needed fortitude.  Greenlee reaches for her phone.  She loses her grasp and tumbles down the cliff. 

Adam lapses back into an angry tirade and Ava then falls into the water.  Adam’s mouth goes agape, as she screams that she cannot swim. 

Erica emerges with news on Kendall.  Josh, Lily, and Jack are relieved to learn the contractions have stopped.  Erica and Jack supportively embrace.  Meanwhile, Kendall berates herself for ignoring Zach’s warnings about Greenlee.  Zach kisses her to make her stop.  Kendall finally smiles, when he pulls out their baby’s sonogram. 

Having tumbled back to the bottom, a severely injured Greenlee barely picks up her head.  As she looks over at Spike next to her, she sees the gleaming metal of her phone on the ground.  With Greenlee’s hope renewed, she tries to will herself towards it. 

In curmudgeon mode, Adam slowly removes his shoes and goes in after Ava.  Jonathan and Di arrive, as Adam hoists her on the dock.  Jonathan checks her vitals and calls for an ambulance.  Despite Jonathan’s accusatory tone, Adam calmly relays how he just happened upon her.  Although Di encourages him to let the paramedics check his heart, Adam leaves.  Ava screams “get off of me” after being non-responsive.  Di and Jonathan attempt to re-orient her. 

The presence of Erica’s family gives her comfort.  Jack walks off to take a call from Livvie about rescheduling the divorce proceeding and Erica goes to call Bianca.  Now alone with Lily, Josh has to reassure her about Kendall’s condition.  Jack then takes the opportunity to reach Greenlee again.  At this moment, Greenlee desperately drags herself to the ringing phone.  The scene shifts to Derek updating Ryan and Tad on the search.  Ryan’s phone then rings and he anxiously answers.  Hardly able to speak, Greenlee manages to identify herself before passing out. 

As Zach discourages Kendall from calling Greenlee, Kendall nervously believes that her water broke. 

Ryan desperately shouts Greenlee’s name through the phone.  The scene shifts to his voice coming out of the receiver, lying next to the unconscious Greenlee.  Meanwhile Annie stands next to the three and learns of Greenlee’s call.  Aidan approaches them and advises he is tracking it.

While speaking with Josh about Lily in the waiting area, Erica is distressed by the sight of doctors racing into Kendall’s room.  Zach emerges and advises her of the situation.  Erica tries to collect herself.  Accompanied by Di and Jonathan, a screaming and restrained Ava is rushed past them on stretcher.  Hearing the screams, Lily races over and is followed by Jack.  Jonathan tries to calm her.  Amidst all the crises, Erica and Jack quietly manage to remove Lily from the area.  Meanwhile inside, Dr. Delano advises Kendall and Zach he must immediately deliver the baby under the circumstances.  Kendall adamantly refuses. 

Down the hallway, Jack and Erica reassure Lily about both sisters.  Erica leaves the area to check on Kendall.  Lily decides to stay at the hospital, despite Jack’s encouragement that she go home.  Jonathan approaches from the background and assumes the blame for Ava taking drugs.

Back by Kendall’s room, Josh comforts Erica.  She begins praying.  At the same time, Kendall pleads with the doctor to give the baby more time.  Zach requests more medication.  Dr. Delano offers no alternative other than the high-risk delivery.  As Kendall vehemently refuses, she has another contraction. 

Ryan and Annie appear devastated, as he desperately yells through the phone.  With Ryan’s voice shouting “Greenlee” in the background, she remains motionless.  Her solitude at critical stages of her life plays out in her mind.  Visions of her grandmother’s comfort during childhood and her debut as a debutante appear.  Through them, the source of Greenlee’s determination is revealed.  Meanwhile, Ryan starts pulling his hair out.  Despite the phone call, Krystal encourages Babe and Jamie to keep working at the desk nearby to Ryan.  Ryan then races out with Aidan, once he learns Aidan pinpointed her general position.  The scene shifts back to the still unconscious Greenlee.

Jonathan and Lily enter Ava’s triage room, as Joe finishes checking her vitals.  Joe updates them on her condition.  Since her stomach was pumped, Ava is stable.  Lily looks upset, when she learns Ava must be mentally evaluated.  She appears more distraught, as Jonathan strokes Ava’s hair.

Tad updates Krystal, Jamie, and Babe about the woman at the boathouse.  Babe and Krystal are shocked, when Tad relays that none other than Adam saved Ava’s life.  From his home, Adam listens to the news report on the incident and slams the phone down on a lawyer’s solicitation.  Sipping alcohol, Adam shouts aloud, “I don’t need anyone.”  Back at the station, Krystal damns Adam for not getting medical attention.  Babe receives a call from Di about Kendall’s active labor.  After ascertaining that Krystal is okay, Babe and Jamie leave for the hospital.  Clearly on a mission, Krystal then springs up from her chair.

Ryan pushes through foliage.  He is absolutely anguished and horrified, as he comes upon the wreckage from the top of the cliff.  Ryan sees Spike’s car seat.  With the rush of adrenaline, Ryan practically flies down the cliff.  Aidan calls Derek and advises how bad the scene is. 

In Kendall’s room, Dr. Delano and Joe review the fetal heartbeat.  Dr.  Delano opines the baby has viability if immediately removed.  Joe approaches her bed and advises the couple the baby will die if he remains in her womb.  Kendall looks tearfully at Zach for answers.

Paramedics arrive at the crash scene and push Ryan away before he reaches Spike.  Aidan has to hold him back.  Ryan can hear that Spike is alive.  Through hyperventilated sobs, Ryan begs Spike to hold on and tells him he loves him.  He then looks up at the air lifted stretcher being lowered.  Aidan watches additional paramedics attempt to stabilize Greenlee. 

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