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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Zach watches Kendall, as she peacefully sleeps in her hospital bed.  Joe walks in with the specialist Zach requested, Dr.  Delano.  After a brief introduction, Joe brings Dr. Delano up to speed on Kendall’s condition and the baby’s current positive status. 

With the benefit of daylight, the smoldering remains of Kendall’s car are more visible at the bottom of the cliff.  Greenlee awakens from her unconscious state and begins absorbing her precarious position.  Suspended upside-down and pinned underneath the vehicle, Greenlee appears terrified. 

Kendall begins to stir.  As she comes to, it takes a few seconds to register that she is in the hospital.  All of the sudden, Kendall blurts out to Zach, “Oh my God, the baby.”  Meanwhile, Greenlee struggles to free herself.  The scene then shifts back to Joe assuring Kendall her baby is free from distress.  In order to maintain the current status, Joe cautions her to remain calm and to rest.  For added measure, Zach chimes in as well.  At the same moment, Greenlee screams out for Spike.  Without hearing any signs of him, Greenlee begins assuming the worst and wailing.  Meanwhile, as Kendall rubs her stomach, Zach acquaints her with Dr. Delano, “the best specialist in the country.”  Once realizing Zach flew in Dr.  Delano, Kendall fearfully questions whether they could still lose the baby.  The scene shifts to Greenlee trying to pry herself loose.  In the hopes of finding him, she again calls out for Spike to hold on.  Still caught, Greenlee struggles to reach his car seat.  She begins visually assessing the area to estimate how far his seat was thrown from the car.  Greenlee is horrified, as the distance becomes clearer.  Greenlee manages to collect herself.  Summoning all of her strength, she again calls out for Spike and attempts to wrench herself free.

Hoping to restore Kendall’s faith, Zach clasps her hands and advises Dr. Delano was summoned as a precautionary measure.  Kendall finally smiles and begins talking to the baby.

At the airport, Erica and Jack are caught up in romantic bliss.  Once the reality of today’s court date sets in, Erica laments giving up her “illicit affair” with her husband.  To keep the romance going, Jack sweeps Erica off her feet.  The couple is shocked, when they notice Pam and Josh approaching them.  As Josh apprises them of Kendall’s condition, Erica does not process the information immediately.  After hearing Greenlee absconded with Spike, Jack and Erica are stunned into silence. 

Now determined, Greenlee reaches for a sharp object and attempts to cut away her seatbelt. 

With a kind bedside manner, Dr. Delano suggests beginning Kendall’s exam.  Kendall and Zach smile at each for reassurance.  Meanwhile in front of the hospital, news reporter, Sara Welch, delivers a report on Kendall’s undisclosed medical condition.  Babe watches the report from the hospital TV monitor, as Ms.  Welch speculates about Kendall’s circumstances.  Babe gasps, when the reporter then covers Spike’s Amber alert and flashes his and Greenlee’s photographs.  Di and Annie show up and give Babe a supportive hug.  As Babe provides details of the events, Annie reacts in disbelief.  Babe tries to remain optimistic about Spike.  In response to Di, Babe advises that Kendall is stable.  Ryan, Tad, and Aidan arrive at the hospital.  Annie rushes up to her beleaguered husband and grabs hold of him.  Looking deeply into his eyes, Annie gives him her unwavering support.  Di and Babe look to Tad for words of hope.  As Aidan approaches Ryan with his and Tad’s assurances, Zach and Joe emerge from Kendall’s room.  Joe gives an anxious Ryan an update on Kendall’s stabilized status.  Everyone is encouraged by the news.  Zach advises all present to keep the Spike situation from Kendall for the time being.  Jonathan arrives to give Ryan hope about Spike.  Aidan advises that Derek wants to question Di and Annie about the last time they were with Greenlee.  Annie remains with Ryan, while Di leaves with Aidan for the police station.  Now shaken Babe mentions to Ryan that Greenlee wanted to take Kendall to the hospital instead of driving with Spike.  Zach stops his conversation with Joe to overhear Ryan’s reaction.  Ryan begins lashing out at Babe for ignoring the clear warning sign from Greenlee.  Babe explains how Kendall was clinging to her and not Greenlee.  Ryan catches himself and apologizes to Babe.  Totally devastated, Ryan walks away, and Jonathan follows him.  Before joining them, Annie gives Babe an apologetic look.  Jamie happens by in the aftermath of Ryan’s tirade and offers his help to Babe.  He follows along after her at her tearful request. 

Now seated again in the waiting area, Ryan expresses his regret to Annie for ripping into Babe.  He then begins blaming himself for forcing Greenlee upon all of them.  Annie tries to put a positive spin on his actions.  Zach forcefully interjects himself into the conversation.  With Jonathan, Ryan, and Annie staring at him in silence, Zach makes his following intentions towards Greenlee clear: “I am going to make sure Greenlee leaves Pine Valley permanently.”  Erica and Jack bluster in with Josh behind them.  Erica approaches Joe, frantic for word on Kendall’s condition.  Once apprised, Erica and Jack are temporarily relieved.  Erica shifts focus onto Spike and turns to the other four for information.  When she only receives blank stares, Erica becomes unglued.  Tad then returns without further information.  As Tad tries to keep their spirits up, Erica begins cursing Greenlee.  Jack attempts to curtail Erica’s tirade.  Since Jack is her only usual contact point in times of desperation, Ryan asks whether Greenlee has tried to call him.  Ryan’s inquiry is followed by Zach’s question as to her whereabouts.  Jack advises he has not heard from her.  With all eyes upon him, Jack then admonishes them for jumping to conclusions about Greenlee.  Erica cannot believe her ears.

Greenlee again loses consciousness and is now flat on the ground.  She is brought to by the sound of Spike crying.  With Spike as her impetus, Greenlee tries to drag herself towards him.

In her skeptical tone, Erica asks Jack for “his theory.”  In response, Jack questions why everyone suspects Greenlee of kidnapping.  With Zach putting in his two cents, Ryan apprises him of Greenlee’s behavior at the time of Kendall’s premature labor.  Zach backs her up, as Erica remains suspicious of Greenlee.  Believing Greenlee has “moved on,” Josh supports Jack’s position. 

Greenlee struggles to crawl from underneath the car.  Once freed, Greenlee lies still for a couple of seconds.  As she tries to stand, Greenlee shrieks in agonizing pain.  Through her words to Spike, she reveals she is unable to walk.  Now even more determined, she drags herself in the direction of Spike’s cries.  She then begins flashing back to when she made the decision to claim Spike as hers and gunned Kendall’s car in the other direction.  As she keeps crawling, she flashes to her unilateral conversations with Spike while in the process of absconding with him.  She starts apologizing to Spike, when she flashes to the accident and the events leading up to it. 

Anxious for word on Spike, Ryan leaves and asks Annie to stay at the hospital.  Dr. Delano emerges after completing Kendall’s examination.  Annie rushes over to hear the news.  Although Jack and Josh are present, Erica grabs hold of Zach’s arm, when she learns Kendall is still stable.  Jack and Josh appear slighted.  The doctor is mainly concerned with the high percentage of cervical effacement but remains hopeful they can prevent early delivery.  The five stoically listen to the information.  Before she rushes into Kendall’s room, Zach advises Erica that Kendall is unaware Spike is missing.  Zach and Erica enter Kendall’s room.  Although glad to see her mother, Kendall is anxious to have Ryan bring Spike to her.  Zach does not know how to respond. 

The trek towards Spike becomes increasingly daunting for Greenlee.  Meanwhile, Jack places a desperate call to her cell.  Almost passed out, Greenlee hears the phone ringing from way above her.  The scene shifts to Jack turning to find Annie behind him.  To his surprise, Annie is in accord with his support for his daughter.  Meanwhile in Kendall’s room, Erica makes up a story about Spike being sick.  Her faith in their reunion is evident, when Erica assures Kendall, “You’ll be with Spike very soon.”

With Jamie accompanying her, Babe prays in the hospital chapel.  They both express their mutual regret for kidnapping little A from J.R.  As they both wonder if Greenlee shares their sentiments, Greenlee cries out to God for help.  As if by miracle, Greenlee manages to reach Spike’s car seat.  She turns it over and finds him strapped in.  Greenlee comforts him in her arms.  Although weak, Spike is alert. 

In response to Derek, Di advises she thought Greenlee was turning the corner.  Accompanied by Jonathan and Tad, Ryan charges inside the police station and interrupts the witness statement.  Ryan grows more frustrated by the lack of new information.  As Derek leaves to tend to another case, Ryan grabs hold of his collar.  Aidan, Tad, and Jonathan have to yank Ryan off of Derek.  Accompanied by Jonathan, Tad pulls Ryan aside into an empty office.  From the voice of experience, Tad advises a now-quieted Ryan his anger is non-productive. 

Although clearly weak, Spike clasps onto Greenlee for dear life.  As Greenlee cradles him, she hears the sound of helicopters flying above.  Her hopes are dashed, when they fly off in another direction. 

As Erica walks into the waiting area, Annie, Josh, and Jack are anxious for an update.  When the subject shifts to Spike, Erica pointedly questions Jack why he is in denial about Greenlee.  Meanwhile inside her room, Kendall cannot shake her feeling that something happened to Spike.  Zach diverts his gaze from hers, as he attempts to stick to Erica’s story.  Correctly reading her husband, Kendall demands to know what he is keeping from her.  Zach painstakingly tells her Greenlee never showed up with Spike.  Kendall tries to wrap her mind around the fact Greenlee took her son.

Still at the police station, Ryan asks Tad for advice on how to deal with the pain.  Tad tells him to “keep the faith” and grabs him to head out on their own Spike search. 

Kendall becomes hysterical and begins hyperventilating.  From the stress, Kendall succumbs to another contraction.  Annie, Erica, Jack, and Josh fearfully watch Zach run from her room seeking the doctors.  Joe and Dr. Delano rush inside and prevent Zach and the rest from entering.  Zach looks at a terrified Erica and darts off by some windows.  Annie follows to comfort him.  Zach shares his fears that the baby cannot survive if Kendall goes back into labor now.

Greenlee tries to give some water to a listless Spike.  Greenlee freaks out, as Spike starts passing out.  Meanwhile, Kendall keeps frantically rocking back and forth from worry.  Zach returns to learn from Dr. Delano that stopping the contractions is now unlikely.  With that, Kendall screams out for Spike.  To comfort her, Zach nuzzles her head.  At the same moment, Greenlee tearfully begs Spike to wake up.

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