AMC Update Monday 7/23/07

All My Children Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

As Kendall is whisked by ambulance to Pine Valley Hospital, scenes leading up to her hospitalization are replayed.  The first scene shows Kendall doubling over in pain, while en route to New York with Babe.  The next is Greenlee smiling, as she drives off with Spike.  The scene of Ryan and Zach flagging down a helicopter atop of a New York rooftop is juxtaposed with a supportive Babe holding Kendall’s hand in the car.  Just before Kendall is brought in by wheel chair, Joe Martin anxiously paces in anticipation of her arrival.  The helicopter transporting Zach and Ryan is in flight. 

While medical attendants check her for bleeding, Kendall yells out, “It’s too soon.”  Babe comforts her, and Joe Martin tries to take her in for examination.  Kendall calls out for Zach and does not want to let go of Babe’s hand.  With an assuring tone, Joe finally manages to calm her and wheels her into triage.  As Babe anxiously waits, Zach rushes in and asks about Kendall’s whereabouts.  Meanwhile, Joe soothes a hysterical Kendall, and the nurse examines her.  As Joe informs Kendall that she is in premature labor, Zach runs into the room.  Kendall tearfully informs Zach they are loosing their baby.  Zach strokes her face and assures her both she and the baby will be fine.  Joe returns with hopeful news.  Based on her condition, he advises Zach and Kendall that they have a chance to stop labor.  Joe orders intravenous medication to cease the contractions.  Kendall is anxious to get started with the protocol.  Zach pulls Joe aside and requests he call in the top specialist that attended Spike.  Since that particular doctor is not available, Joe agrees to call in another doctor based in Houston.  Zach then asks what happens in the event that the drug does not work.  Zach sighs, as Joe advises, “The baby is then coming no matter what.”  With the look of dread, Zach asks if the baby can survive at 24 weeks.  Ever optimistic, Joe advises that Zach should know better than anyone should.  Meanwhile, now accompanied by Ryan, Babe becomes frustrated by her inability to reach Erica or Jack.  As Babe worries that Kendall could loose the baby, Ryan reminds her of Spike’s precarious delivery.  Ryan’s comment prompts Babe to wonder about Spike’s whereabouts.  Ryan then appears very concerned. 

At the “Comeback,” J.R. informs a shocked Krystal that he relinquished all ties with Chandler Enterprises and gave his stock to his father.  As J.R. exclaims that he can now “breathe,” Krystal jokingly asks him, “What exactly have you been breathing?”  J.R. laughs and assures her he is sober.  Krystal is unable to remove the skeptical look from her face.  As J.R. tries to convince her of his sincerity, Krystal sadly recognizes that Adam is completely alone.  J.R. persuades her not to worry about him.  When Krystal asks J.R. where he is “sleeping,” Amanda happens to cozy up next to him at the bar. 

Ava paces on the dock by the boathouse.  The young man she purchased drugs from meets her at her request.  He slowly approaches her based on his previous run in with Jonathan and Lily.  Ava explains that Lily is her sister.  The dealer still expects the balance owed to him.  While grabbing hold of Ava, he is willing to accept another form of payment in lieu of a monetary one.  Jonathan is lurking in the background. 

Ryan grows more anxious, when Babe cannot reach Greenlee’s mobile phone.  Ryan advises Annie and Di have not heard from Greenlee either.  To get a better handle on the situation, Ryan wants blow-by-blow details from Babe.  When Ryan realizes Greenlee has Spike in Kendall’s car, he tries to convince himself and Babe they will arrive shortly. 

Meanwhile, Greenlee is in meltdown mode and speeds off with a screaming Spike.  As she attempts to calm him, her intentions are revealed.  She tells Spike, “You’re finally with the mother you’re supposed to be with.”  Instead of focusing on the road in front of her, she keeps looking at Spike through the rear view mirror. 

Joe checks the baby’s vitals.  As they listen to the baby’s heartbeat, Joe gives both parents signs of encouragement.  Hearing that, coupled with the medication kicking in, Kendall appears cautiously optimistic.  Zach shores her with encouragement, while Joe prepares to do a sonogram. 

Meanwhile, Ryan places a frantic call to Derek from the hospital waiting room.  Derek tries to allay Ryan’s fears, as he jots down Kendall’s vehicle description.  Ryan insists something is wrong, since no one can reach Greenlee.  Derek assures Ryan that all necessary authorities will be alerted.  Babe persuades Ryan to remain at the hospital instead of joining the search.  Jamie approaches Babe to inquire about Kendall.  As Jamie reassures her about Kendall’s condition, Babe focuses her concern on Spike and Greenlee. 

When Krystal realizes J.R. is shacking up with Amanda, she wants to give him some advice privately.  Despite warnings from his ever protective, former mother-in-law, J.R. believes he can navigate around “Amanda’s issues.”  In response, Krystal remains doubtful and advises, “The two of you are playing leap frog around a unicorn.”  Del and Aidan show up.  When Del spots Amanda playing pool by herself, he jumps at the chance to show her how to correctly “hold the cue stick.”  Del backs up, when Amanda threatens to put him in a dead body bag.  Since Del has a habit of bringing Amanda room service, she advises that he bring it for two: her, and J.R.  As Del looks over at him, J.R. sticks it to Del by holding up two fingers. 

Jonathan intervenes on Ava’s behalf.  The drug dealer, “Mitwell” laments his second encounter with Jonathan, and Ava yells at him for being there.  Jonathan pulls her aside and demands an explanation.  Now angered, Ava shows him by grabbing Mitwell and kissing him.  Jonathan yanks her towards him and denounces her “act.”  Ava insists she is not performing and urges Jonathan to leave.  Acting “macho,” Mitwell then approaches Jonathan and attempts to mark his territory.  Jonathan shows his contempt for the dealer’s “profession” and pins him down.  As he is about to lock him in a chokehold, Jonathan menacingly cautions Mitwell to steer clear of Ava. 

To discourage J.R. from staying at Wildwind, Del mentions household chores as part of the package.  To Del’s chagrin, J.R. hardly reacts.  With Amanda’s bed as his stake, Del then challenges J.R. to a pool match between him and Aidan versus Amanda and J.R.  In the event “Team J.R.” prevails, the other two have to perform Amanda’s share of chores for three months. 

Ryan appears horrified, when Derek advises him via phone that there is no sign of Greenlee.  Ryan then inquires about issuing an “Amber alert.”  Meanwhile, Babe blames herself for entrusting Greenlee with Spike, and Jamie offers his support.  As Babe relays Greenlee’s strange behavior prior to the trip, Jamie appears concerned.  Despite Babe’s fears that Greenlee may have taken Spike, Jamie reminds her that Kendall ultimately decided to leave him with Greenlee.  Babe still holds herself responsible, since Kendall was not thinking clearly at the time.  Jamie assures Babe the police will track down Greenlee and leaves to check on Kendall’s status.  Josh arrives at the hospital and thanks Babe for calling him.  Josh wonders what else is upsetting Babe.  He appears very troubled, when Babe advises him about Greenlee. 

Joe and another doctor perform the sonogram.  Kendall becomes more relieved, as the contractions let up and the baby appears normal.  Both parents smile, as the doctor inadvertently reveals the baby’s gender.  Kendall announces his name, “Zachary Ethan.”  While he caresses her head, Zach decides their baby boy should have his own name, free from the past.  Kendall manages to smile, when Zach tells her “all our baby needs is our love.”  Her smile becomes fleeting, when she suffers through another contraction.  Kendall stabilizes, as the doctors get her to breathe. 

Greenlee keeps telling Spike about his amazing new life, as she tries to calm the screaming baby.  Greenlee begins falling apart even more, while she flashes to visions of Kendall interacting with Spike.  Now on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown, Greenlee hysterically begs Spike to stop crying.  Tears begin streaming down her face, as she recognizes the enormity of her wrongdoing.  Now racked with guilt, Greenlee decides to turn around and head for Kendall.  Greenlee loses control of the car, when she reaches for her phone to call the hospital.  Greenlee lets out a terrified scream, as the car goes off the road and over a cliff.

Since her contractions are further apart, Joe assures a frantic Kendall that the medication is taking effect.  Zach holds Kendall and quiets her with soothing words about the baby.  He manages to get her to smile, when he says, “I’ve ‘talked you up so much,’ the baby can’t wait until you hold him.”  In the waiting room, Babe becomes more and more convinced Greenlee stole Spike.  Based upon his recent dealings with Greenlee, Josh believes there is a reasonable explanation for the circumstances.  When she sees Jamie, Babe springs up to get information.  With Josh standing beside her, Jamie gives her Kendall’s status.  Babe begins sobbing, when she learns of the other contraction.  Babe then asks if there is any news on Greenlee.  Jamie does not have further information.  The three look over at Ryan, as he continues making phone calls.  Before returning to his rounds, Jamie strokes Babe’s arm and promises to keep her updated.  Babe urges Josh to locate Erica.  Before heading off, Josh gives Babe a supportive kiss on the cheek.  Now frustrated, Ryan leaves another message for Derek.  Ryan informs Babe about the alert.  As Ryan becomes angered over the time delay in issuing the Amber alert, Babe wonders if they are acting prematurely.  The more Babe grasps for other explanations, Ryan becomes more convinced Greenlee absconded with Spike. 

The pool challenge begins.  Aidan tries to dump the heavy chores on Del in the event they lose.  Ever confident, Del claims he is contending for Amanda’s hot tub.  Unwilling to relinquish it, Amanda confirms that J.R. is up for the match.

After the coast is clear from Jonathan, Mitwell emerges from hiding.  Anxious to collect the “balance,” he gets within touching distance of Ava.  To Mitwell’s surprise, Ava gives him enough money to pay off the debt and to buy more drugs.

Zach and Kendall thank Joe, after he gives them another encouraging update on the baby’s status.  Before leaving her room, Joe advises her to rest. 

Ryan becomes infuriated, when Derek mires the alert down with bureaucratic red tape.  Babe listens, as Ryan then pleads his case about Greenlee’s obsession with him.  He finally breathes a sigh of relief, after managing to convince Derek to issue the alert.  Zach walks up on the frantic two.  Zach wonders what is transpiring.  Neither Babe nor Ryan wants to give him more bad news.  Zach asks Babe to sit with Kendall.  Zach pointedly asks Ryan, “Where is Spike?”  Ryan gives him the bottom line answer, “No one knows.”

Amanda gives J.R. encouraging caresses for his last shot.  When J.R. knocks the eight ball in, Del goes for a double drink.  Amanda and J.R. kiss in celebration.  Krystal smiles at their victory.  Krystal wonders what else is in store, as Jonathan skulks into the bar.  Amanda rushes over to talk to him.  Jonathan abruptly shuns her help.

Now alone at the boathouse, Ava looks down at her purchase and sobs uncontrollably.  She swallows all the pills and lies down on the dock. 

Ryan brings Zach up to speed about the amber alert.  Before calling in his men, Zach lays down the law about keeping this from Kendall.  Completely shot, Ryan nods in accord.  They both start making phone calls.  Ryan prays aloud for Greenlee to pick up her phone.  Lying several feet from the smoking car’s ultimate resting place, her cell phone repeatedly rings.  Meanwhile, Zach puts his on men alert to check for Greenlee in nearby hotel rooms.  Ryan calls Aidan for his assistance. 

Aidan leaves the bar area for a quieter spot.  J.R. admonishes Jonathan for his tone with Amanda.  Amanda tries to diffuse the escalating situation.  Now confrontational, Jonathan rises to take on J.R.  Krystal rushes over to preempt a fight.  The four stop dead in their tracks, when Aidan returns with the news of Kendall’s labor and Greenlee’s apparent abduction of Spike. 

The sky fills with smoke from the car wreckage. 

Meanwhile, Babe tries to keep Kendall in good cheer and holds her hand.  Kendall tells Babe the baby’s gender.  She then begins wondering about Spike.  Babe puts on a fake smile and tells Kendall he is fine. 

Spike’s toys are strewn on the side of the cliff.  Thrown several feet down from the car, Greenlee lies unconscious.

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