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Babe is asking Kendall what is wrong as Greenlee calls Kendall wanting to know what is happening and why is Kendall all over the road.  Kendall is in pain and she blames Babe for ordering a jalapeńo pizza the night before.  Kendall insists that she is fine and asks Babe to see if Spike wants more cereal.

Amanda is in the boathouse when J.R. shows up and starts to kiss her.  Amanda demands a check but J.R. states that is what he loves about her; her eye is always on the prize.  Amanda reminds him that he said he had something important to tell her.  She reminds him that she has places to be.  J.R. asks that she stay and talk.  They kiss each other.   

Adam is on his patio eating his dinner with a sad look on his face.  He is hearing voices of Colby, J.R., and Krystal and he is thinking of happier times.  He pours himself a drink.   

Colby and Tad are talking at the Comeback bar.  Colby tells Tad that Adam hurt someone she loved very much and she wants to know why.  She never thought that Adam would hurt her because he always said how much he loved Colby.  She does not understand how he can love her and do what he did to Sean.

Babe tells Kendall that it is hard to concentrate when she is having a contraction and Kendall denies that the pain that she is feeling is a contraction.  Greenlee sides with Kendall saying Kendall knows her body and knows if she has indigestion.  Kendall knows Fusion's future rides on the scheduled presentation.  Kendall swerves again and Babe wants her to pull over.  Kendall denies that there is a problem.

Babe wants Kendall to go to the hospital but Kendall responds, “No, I might not be able to drive, but I can sell.”  She urges Babe to get there.  They pull over to the side of the road and Kendall asks Babe to drive.  Kendall does not agree that she should go to the hospital and she flat out refuses to go.  She insists that they go to New York instead so they continue to New York. 

Babe tells Kendall that she is strong, but there is no need for her to take on the world.  Kendall knows that Fusion’s future depends on the “Day and Night Campaign” And she is insisting that their plan has to work.  She doesn’t want Fusion to be history.  Kendall asks for Babe’s MP3 player but she realizes that something is wrong and she tells Babe to take her to the hospital. 

Colby tells Tad that she thought Adam and Krystal were in love, but Krystal slept with him.  She mentions that Liza isn’t around so she must not love her.  Tad explained that Liza has one love, and that is Colby.  Colby is confused, because if Liza loves her then why does she leave a message with Tad or grandma instead of talking to Colby.  Colby thinks that Liza is angry at her for living with Adam.  Tad says, “She is just letting you grow up and make your own decisions.” 

Adam is still on the patio.  He lights some candles as he looks around. 

J.R. and Amanda have obviously made love.  Amanda is still asking for her money.  J.R. continues to try to distract her.  They start putting their clothes on and Amanda asks for an update on the ransom.  She asks J.R. if he found the money.  J.R. says, “No.”  Amanda wants to know why J.R. is happy if the money was not found.  J.R. says, “When Zach falls, he is going to know who buried him.”  J.R. tells Amanda that he is tired of lying, and is not going to live his life for someone else.  He tells her about quitting Chandler Enterprise and Amanda thinks he is nuts or mad.  When she asks about the money owed her, he says, “I am broke.”  She pushes him in the water. 

Kendall is now convinced that something is wrong and that something is happening to the baby.  Babe and Greenlee reassure her but Kendall tells them that they have to drive separately.  She does not want Spike to see her in pain.  Kendall wants Babe to drive her, and she wants Greenlee to drive Spike.  At first, Greenlee is upset that Kendall doesn’t want to ride with her.  Greenlee freaks thinking about “what ifs” that could surround Spike.  Kendall is crying as she calls Zack.  She is too upset to talk, so Babe takes the phone and tells Zach about taking her to the hospital.  The cell phone cuts out.

Zach and Ryan are riding in a taxi.  Zach is anxious and starts screaming at the driver to move.  Ryan wants Zach to do the Zen thing he does.  Zach is concerned about how much pressure is on Baby Slater who is not even born yet.  Ryan remembers that when Spike was born he thought he had everything all figured out, but when he saw Spike everything was all upside down in a good way.  Zach tells Ryan that his priorities are to keep his family safe. 

Kendall is on the side of the road crying as Babe consoles her.  Kendall holds her belly while breathing and crying.  Babe tries to hold her up. 

Zach and Babe both toss the cells after losing their connection. 

Zack and Ryan are still in the taxi talking about traffic reports.  Zach, in a panic, asks, “What if it is too late?”  Ryan, not understanding the question replies, “Too late for what?” 

Zack feels he has to get to Kendall and he leaps out of the limo and runs.  Ryan follows. 

Kendall asks Babe what if she is experiencing something besides “Braxton Hicks” pains and Babe tells a story.  Kendall is surprised that, of all people, Babe is holding her hand.  Kendall wishes Zach was there.  Zach would look into her eyes, and tell her that everything is OK.  This baby is her promise that nothing can touch them.  She asks what if they lose hope.  She thinks losing hope would kill Zach. 

Tad enters the patio and teases Adam.  Adam tells Tad that J.R. moved out and that he thinks that Tad had a hand in it.  Adam tells Tad that J.R. is easily manipulated.  Tad mentions that Adam has disowned J.R. many times.  Adam tells Tad that J.R. was smart enough to sign over all his stocks to him.  Adam says no sane man would ever give up his stock.  Tad says, “One thing is for sure, you would never do it.”  

J.R. tells Amanda that he is a brand new man.  Amanda notes that she barely liked the old one.  Amanda thinks she knows what is wrong with J.R and tells him that he shouldn't have walked away from Chandler Enterprises.  J.R. tells her that he is leaving, and will be sinking his savings into a nice hotel room.  He will spend the night at the Pine Cone.  

Greenlee is talking to Spike.  She tells him he must be excited about his new brother or sister.  Spike responds in gibberish.  Greenlee asks Spike if he knows that she was supposed to be his mommy. 

Babe reassures Kendall.  Kendall explains that Zach has this light in his eyes and that he is head over heels about the idea of “Baby Slater.  Greenlee is having a flashback of a conversation of Kendall promising to have a baby for her.  Greenlee sees Kendall telling her that Spike was her baby.  She remembers Kendall before she left town begging her not to leave her son.   

Colby tells Krystal that she hates Ava.  Colby understand that when everyone hates you, a negative attitude is what you have.  Krystal is surprised that Colby is defending Ava.  

Adam advises Tad to go back to his brat and his breed-mare.  Tad reminds Adam that J.R. has Chandler Enterprise in him.  Adam expects J.R. to return to his tricks soon with his (Adam’s) money in his pockets.  Tad knows that Adam loves his kids and advises Adam to leave them alone.  Adam tells Tad that his kids will realize their mistakes and come home.  Adam tells Tad that they are his, and Tad can’t have them.  Tad leaves. 

J.R. wants to know if Amanda wants him, even if he is broke.  Amanda says, “Not hardly.”  She invites J.R. to Wildwind and lets him know that Kendall and Babe warned her about him.  He says, “Babe will always have a place in my heart, but Babe isn’t here right now. 

Zach and Ryan are running toward a helicopter and are negotiating with a man for its use.  They meet the pilot’s demands, and then fly to Pine Valley. 

Babe tells Kendall to take deep breaths.  Kendall is crying as she pleads with her baby to stay put.  Greenlee stops her car and say to Spike that he was supposed to be hers since the moment he was created.  She tells him that he is her baby boy now and she turns around the car and proceeds to kidnap Spike. 

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