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All My Children Update Thursday 7/19/07


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Jack and Erica’s divorce will be final tomorrow.  They will announce to the world that they plan to reconcile.

Adam tells J.R. that he wished he had a time machine to allow him to return to the day before J.R. stole his company.  Adam told J.R. he can’t go back in time.  J.R. let Adam know that Zach is still out for blood.  J.R. tells Adam that he got sucked in and he screwed up.  J.R. thinks that the smartest things he did was joining AA, and not dragging Babe through court over the custody of "Little A.”  Adam is happy for J.R.’s realization but wants to know what that flash of reality has to do with him.  J.R. tells him that he quit the board of directors today. 

Kendall and Babe discuss Ava.  Babe tries to calm Kendall down, as well as Spike who is sitting in the back seat.  Babe calls Greenlee who is following behind in her car.  Babe wants to sing a song to calm down Spike and she wants Greenlee to join in so that Spike can hear her singing over the cell phone.  Spike finally falls asleep. 

Kendall asks Greenlee if she wants to hang up and Greenlee replies, “No.”  After all that singing, Babe falls asleep as well.  Kendall asks Greenlee why she was freaked out about Spike coming with them to New York.  Greenlee blames her behavior on stress.  Kendall asks her again if she wants to hang up.  Greenlee replies, “No.”  They continue talking, and they both agree that they are witches with a “B.”  Greenlee apologizes for starting fights with everyone.  Greenlee wants to be OK with Kendall.  Kendall says they are OK.  Greenlee invites Kendall to insult her if it would make her feel better.  Kendall declines.  

Erica and Jack are in the boathouse talking about going through with the divorce.  The cameraman from “New Beginnings” is filming them.  Erica speaks into the camera and asks the public to cast their vote, and come to the courthouse tomorrow. 

Krystal tells Tad about what happened at Adam's and that she, Jenny and Colby are moving out.  She wants to know if it is OK for Colby to stay with them.  Krystal, Jenny, and Colby accept Tad’s offer.  Tad told Krystal that if she shacks up with him, Adam would never forgive her.  Krystal let Tad know that she is more concerned about protecting the ones she loves. 

Jonathan and Amanda are discussing how confusing Jonathan and Ava’s relationship is for Lily.  Jonathan thinks that his caring for Ava will hurt Lily and Ava.  Jonathan thinks he should walk away.  He feels that it is too late and he doesn’t know if he can.  Jonathan thinks about what Lily told him regarding Ava and him making love.  Amanda tells Jonathan that she should leave since Ava might show up.  Jonathan explains that she need not leave.  Amanda calls him a liar.  Jonathan starts having flashbacks of Ava telling him never to touch her again. 

Jack and Erica are talking about going through with the divorce.  Erica is avoiding the topic on whether they are lovers.  They go back and forth taping on video for tomorrow.  They are supposed to be at the courthouse tomorrow for the divorce.  Erica, Pam and the cameraman leave the boathouse and Jack walks away also.

J.R. told Adam that he left Chandler.  Adam calls him a rotten, little liar. 

Ava is looking through the Comeback bar’s window.  She is having flashbacks of Amanda and Jonathan talking.  Krystal let Tad know that they are not shacking up; they are friends.  Tad teases Krystal about wanting him.  

Erica comes back to the boathouse and meets Jack.  He tells her he has an agreement for them to sign.  In it, he promises that he won’t presume I know what she is thinking, will parent with her as a partner, and will not send her belongings to the hotel.  She promises stay in hotels without him and never to play pool with Tad again.  She agrees to all and insists that he “say no” to having Barbara around as well.  He wants to kiss her but she says one more thing.  No matter what their adult children do, they not let their needs crush their love for each other.  

Adam is upset with J.R. because he was supposed to be Adam’s eyes and ears saying, “There is only so much disappointment a father can take.”  J.R. says that Adam shouldn’t have trusted him with stock, which is why J.R. is giving Adam all of his Chandler Enterprise stock. 

Colby is in the Comeback bar looking at Jenny.  Krystal asks Tad if he knows with whom he is dealing.  Tad laughingly lays out ground rules to Colby.  They are: No substituting his toothpaste for hemorrhoid cream.  Colby laughs.  Tad leaves and Krystal tells Colby that they received some good news today after all.  Ava comes in asking for her job back. 

Lily wants to talk about Jack and Erica with Sean.  Sean says they love each other.  Jack walks in and Lily asks him if he loves Erica.  Erica comes in and tells Sean and Lily that she and Jack are getting back together.  Lily is confused about them sneaking around together.  Jack explains that they want to keep everything quiet.  Jack invites Sean and Lily to the courthouse on tomorrow. 

J.R. explains to Adam how he had everything handed to him.  He asks why he should run Chandler and suggests that Adam run Chandler Enterprises.  Adam tells him that getting himself kidnapped was a harebrained idea.  J.R. hands over the stock certificates and Adam accuses him of making Zach Slater his problem.  J.R. intends to fight Zach under the radar.  Adam tells J.R. that he would never give up Chandler Enterprise.  J.R. explains that he had to and says that he believes that he is giving it up to save them both.  J.R. said that when he left town he was a kid.  He came back a man and showed Adam.  He brought a wife back whom he knew would make Adam’s skin crawl.  Adam tells J.R. he wants to lounge in the pool while Adam picks up the pieces.  J.R. promises to get a job, but Adam doesn’t buy it. 

Kendall and Greenlee are still on the phone.  Babe is getting Spike some cereal.  Babe points out that Spike is making the same squinchy nose thing that Kendall does.  Greenlee can hear and is getting sad.  Babe tells Kendall that the new baby will be so cute. 

Erica tells Jack that she has to return to the hotel to keep the illusion alive.  Jack says this will be a night to remember.  He proposes to get Sean to watch Lily. 

J.R. comes downstairs with a suitcase.  Adam cannot forgive him after he covered for Krystal's lies.  Adam tells him that he could drag him out.  J.R. says Adam should be happy that he is leaving.  Adam tells J.R. that he does not have the business smarts he gave him credit for.  The mood is sad as J.R. leaves.  Adam is looking at the door with a sad look upon his face. 

Ava is upset that Krystal and Colby are mad at her for setting up Sean.  Ava is a smart aleck with Krystal telling Krystal that setting up Sean is not a big deal and she should just giver her job back.  Krystal decides not to rehire her.  Krystal tells Ava that reaming out the boss isn’t good idea when you are asking for your job back.  She gives Ava two hundred dollars and says, “This is what I owe you, don’t come back.”  Tad introduces himself to Ava.  Ava turns to Krystal and asks if she tattooed an apology to Colby on her forehead, could she get her job back.    

Greenlee is listening to the radio.  Kendall calls Zach and leaves a message.  Before she can finish telling him she loves him, she feels a pain, and then she drives the car off the road.

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