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At their office, the Fusion women gather to make last minute preparations for the launch.  Greenlee unilaterally slashes “feed your beauty” from the script.  Annie, Babe, and Di simultaneously object to her revision.  Greenlee smugly informs them that Fusion is not a democracy.  Di quips back, “No, it’s a bitchtatorship.” Kendall tries to keep peace amongst the dissidents.  With that, Zach calls to inform her he is running behind schedule to pick up Spike.  Greenlee overhears Kendall’s conversation.  Greenlee then has a funny look on her face as though Zach’s call is a sign of more bad things to come.  Babe assures a now rattled Kendall that the work materials are in check.  Annie then assures her the kids will be okay too.  With all the assurances, one problem remains- the missing Ava.  Realizing they cannot go to New York without her, Greenlee and Kendall begin having a fit, as Ava is MIA.

When Lily touches Ava, she realizes how much her sister is extending her limits.  With tears in her eyes, Ava tells Lily, “You’re the only one I ever cared about.”  Lily then reminds her of her feelings for Jonathan.  Since her primary concern is for Lily’s feelings, Ava insists she is willing to forgo any relationship with him.  The doorbell rings in the midst of their conversation.  Lily opens her front door to Jonathan and assumes he is there to see Ava. 

On the former Chandler patio, J.R. is forced to talk to Josh about Chandler Enterprises.  J.R. becomes indignant with him, when Josh accuses him of withholding information and follows up with a dig about his poor stewardship.  Meanwhile inside, Colby enters and appears to be making sure the coast is clear.  Adam catches her and asks where she has been.  Before she answers, Adam is shocked to see a suitcase-bearing Krystal standing in the doorway.  Adam wonders if Krystal is moving back in.  In a contemptuous tone, she asks, “What do you think?”

Still in the doorway, Jonathan advises he came to “help” Ava.  Ava remains inside within earshot.  In her own inimitable and genuine way, Lily questions how he can help Ava with his so-called “Lily connection” during their intimacy.  Jonathan does not feel comfortable with having this conversation with Lily. 

The Fusion women cannot reach accord about how to proceed around the Ava situation.  Anticipating Ava’s arrival, Kendall lays down the law and directs that the traveling plans remain intact.  To make matters worse, Rachel arrives with Spike and advises that her mother has just had a stroke.  Rachel is reluctant to leave Kendall without a nanny.  Kendall hugs her and insists she leave for the hospital.  Greenlee looks over at Spike and has the same concerned expression she had earlier. 

Krystal firmly advises she has come to move Colby out.  Now perplexed, Adam turns to Colby for an explanation.  Since Adam is fully aware of what he did to Sean, Colby does not feel her move requires further explanation.  As she heads off to pack, Adam presumes Krystal turned Colby against him.  After learning what caused this situation, Adam chalks his actions up to merely protecting his daughter.  Krystal then starts chastising him.  As if she is referring to herself, Krystal cries out, “Somebody loves you, and you pay them back by breaking their heart.”  Adam appears remorseful.  Meanwhile outside, Josh throws more digs at both J.R. and Adam for “blowing up” Chandler Enterprises.  In response, J.R. hits a nerve, when he asks him, “Who’s your daddy?”

Once inside, Jonathan does not immediately compliment Ava’s hair.  Ava perceives this translates into “he hates it.”  Lily tries to explain the reasoning behind the transformation.  Still angry over his “Lily connection,” Ava lashes out at him.  Without commenting on her outburst, Jonathan reminds her of her obligation to Fusion and offers to drive her there.  Ava reacts viscerally and declines his offer. 

Annie and Di make one more attempt to reach Ava.  Greenlee regards their efforts as “useless.”  Kendall advises them to leave for New York and start “setting up.”  Worried about Ava, Di is reluctant to leave.  After assurances from Babe and sarcastic remarks from Greenlee, Di concedes.  Greenlee flippantly proposes that Annie should remain to watch Spike.  Kendall reaffirms the plans and advises Spike will accompany them to New York.  Clearly uncomfortable with that prospect, Greenlee responds, “Like hell he is!”  Kendall takes great umbrage with the comment and defies Greenlee.  After a brief apology and excuse, Greenlee becomes unglued.  Sensing there is more behind Greenlee’s comment, Babe tries to ascertain Greenlee’s feelings concerning Spike.  After dramatically denying motherly instincts, Greenlee then quietly concedes to go along with the flow.  As they all crouch down by Spike, the rest of the Fusion women look at her in bewilderment. 

Ava does not accept his compliment when Jonathan makes a nice remark about her hair.  Lily then starts going on about her confusion over Ava’s feelings concerning the “Lily connection.”  Ava forces Jonathan to discuss the situation in front of Lily.  Jonathan emphatically insists he cares for Ava as an individual and accuses her of fearing a relationship.  As Lily hears his words, she begins frantically counting.  Jonathan turns to look at Lily with an anguished expression on his face.

Josh and J.R. continue with their bitter power struggle over Chandler Enterprises.  When Josh reminds him who is boss now, J.R. throws him off the property and relinquishes ties to Chandler.  Josh leaves J.R. with one last parting dig about the absence of “Chandlers” at Chandler Enterprises.

Although acknowledging he was using Ava to keep Sean from Colby, Adam advises Krystal he had nothing to do with planting the drugs.  Krystal still criticizes his parenting skills.  Based on Babe’s and her own track record with husbands, Adam feels Krystal does not have the moral imperative to criticize him.  Krystal claims she is glad he is not raising Jenny and hopes Colby will steer clear from him.  Colby walks in on this conversation.  As she heads for the door, Adam tries to reach out to her.  Krystal gives them privacy.  In reaction, Colby gives a heart-felt response.  Despite her mother’s negative influence concerning Adam, Colby advises how much she longed to be reunited with him.  In reflection, she tells Adam she is sickened by her Chandleresque actions upon her return to Pine Valley.  She then pointedly asks if he is ever sickened and ashamed of the things he does to people.  While expressing some regret, Adam focuses on how much he “cherishes” her and all of his children.  Colby reminds him of his tempestuous relationship with J.R.  As Adam tries to tug on her heartstrings, Colby expresses her fear he will hurt her again.  Adam now appears devastated. 

J.R. asks Tad to meet him at the Comeback and when he arrives, J.R. begins venting about all of his losses. 

Feeling badly about Lily, Jonathan apologizes and urges Ava to leave with him.  Out of loyalty to her sister, Ava wants to stay with Lily.  Lily does not want to be an obstacle in their relationship and heads upstairs.  Ava perceives Jonathan’s true instinct is to follow Lily. 

With encouraging words, Kendall pushes Annie and Di off for New York.  Greenlee cannot refrain from adding in some sarcasm.  Di offers Babe the chance to leave with them.  Being a former Chandler, Babe feels she can maneuver around land mines.  Once alone, Kendall calls Greenlee out for her “bitchiness.”  Kendall gives her an ultimatum and tells her to either “cop” to the reason for it, or they don’t “have a chance in hell.”

Jonathan remains down stairs with Ava.  Still convinced he loves Lily, she yells at him to go after her.  Jonathan makes an emotional plea for her to see otherwise.  As he reaches out to touch her, Ava pushes his hand away and storms out.  Jonathan appears distraught. 

Based on her strong feelings for Sean, Colby will not condone Adam’s actions.  As Adam tries to justify himself, Colby reminds him of her loyalty towards him, despite his kidnapping Jenny.  Adam continues trying to pull Colby in.  Krystal returns and puts a stop to his attempted manipulation.  As Colby walks out, he tries to make her feel guilty for siding with “them.”  In typical Adam form, he then turns on Krystal by referring to her as a plague.  Before leaving, Krystal deals Adam a severe blow, when she informs him that they are all moving in with Tad. 

After listening to J.R., Tad notes a significant change in him.  He then credits him for not going off on a tirade or exacting revenge against Josh and other transgressors.  When Tad learns of J.R.’s resignation, he applauds him for freeing himself from Adam and Chandler Enterprises.  J.R. starts doubting his judgment.  For little A’s sake, Tad encourages J.R. to break the Chandler cycle.  For added measure, Tad reminds J.R. he is also “his son” and one-half Dixie.  J.R. feels he cannot completely move forward until he repays Adam.

As he cuts through the park, Jonathan calls Sean and asks him to tend to Lily.  Amanda is behind him and overhears the conversation.  The two stop to talk.  As Jonathan relays how he cares for Ava, Amanda chastises him for getting involved with her.  When Jonathan describes how he got sucked in, Amanda reacts empathetically.

Greenlee grapples for an adequate response.  Thinking she can read Greenlee, Kendall believes she fears failing at her “grand entrance back into the business world.”  Greenlee does not appear sincere when she goes along with Kendall’s conjecture.  When Kendall invites her to ride with her and Spike, Greenlee sputters and declines.  Ava happens to show up, as Greenlee delights in the notion of torturing her in the alternative to riding with Kendall.  As Ava shows off the new do, the partners react in astonishment.  Babe approaches and suggests a wig.  Ava flatly refuses and challenges her employers.  Kendall does not take kindly to her insubordinate behavior and summarily fires her.  Greenlee backs her up.  After a shocked Ava skulks off, Babe cannot believe their haste.  Now frazzled, Greenlee announces, “No model and a baby- we gotta call this thing off.”

Despite Colby’s soul bearing to Adam, he misplaces his focus on Tad and ultimately himself.  Adam gets tears in his eyes, as Krystal emotionally points out his inability to truly “give a damn” about others.  As she leaves, Adam stops himself from following after her. 

Tad becomes thrilled, as he sees that J.R. is evolving.  He encourages “his son” with love.  With Tad’s help, J.R. recognizes it is “not too late for him.”  He hopes the same is true for Adam.  J.R. gets a glint in his eye, when Tad asks about his future plans. 

Greenlee paces, as she anticipates inevitable doom.  After leaving a message for Zach about Spike, Kendall tries to remain enthusiastic about their launch.  Babe, Kendall, and Greenlee gather the necessities and head for their departure.  Greenlee lags behind and says aloud to herself, “This is wrong, I feel it.”

Amanda wants Jonathan to explore his feelings for Lily.  Unbeknownst to the two, Ava is within earshot.  Ava takes off before she listens to his entire response.  She only hears the part that he will always love Lily.  He finishes with “just not as a husband” and then goes on about his feelings for Ava.  Amanda understands his plight of falling for the wrong person.

Colby and Krystal wind up at the Comeback.  Tad and Krystal lovingly watch Colby cradle Jenny.

J.R. returns to the mansion and encounters the wounded Adam.  With perfect timing, J.R. sincerely tells him, “I’ve come to make things right with you, once and for all.”

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