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Growing weary of sneaking around with her husband, Erica is anxious to wrap up the divorce segments on New Beginnings.  At a secluded area in the park, she rushes Pam to finish proofing the scripts before she heads to the office.  As Erica leaves a voice mail message for Jack, she turns and finds Krystal taking Jenny for a stroll along with Winnie and Little A.  Erica cannot resist from making one of her wisecrack remarks to her.  Krystal manages to laugh her off.

From Kendall’s house, Di makes another frantic call to Ava without success.  Di joins the rest of the Fusion women in the living room.  Greenlee cannot refrain from being negative, as she comments on the disappearance of the “face of Fusion green.”  Kendall tries to remain optimistic, while Di makes excuses for the missing Ava.  Annie sticks up for Ava, as Greenlee begins referring to her as hopeless and useless.  Even Babe does not buy into the excuses, as Amanda and Di now suggest she overslept. 

Appearing hung over, Ava struggles to wake up from sleeping on top of a billiard table at the Comeback.

Krystal advises Winnie that Erica wants to speak with her privately.  In retaliation for Erica’s earlier comments, Krystal jabs her about her “new” divorce.  Erica mistakes her sarcasm for resentment.  Krystal laughs off Erica’s accusation that she is jealous of her and Tad.  The conversation shifts to Adam’s confiding in Erica.  Krystal becomes angry, when Erica chastises her for hurting “poor” Adam.  Krystal then takes a potshot at Erica for marrying Adam several times.

Sean walks into his living room and sees Lily on the computer.  As he engages her in a benign conversation about work, Lily starts babbling about statistical data on sexual activities of teens and adults.  Sean immediately recognizes that Lily is upset about Ava and Jonathan.  While Lily tries to view the situation logically, she admits that she is having difficulties accepting it. 

Colby arrives at work to open the restaurant and is surprised to discover Ava in such poor condition.  This discovery prompts Colby to flash to back to Ava and Sean’s embrace.  Colby tries to shake off the image from last night.  She rouses Ava from her drunken stupor by pouring an open beer on her face.  Still misinterpreting Ava and Sean’s hug, Colby cannot figure out what he sees in her.  Initially, a slurring Ava feeds into Colby’s mistaken impressions.  Colby calls her the “sad face of Fusion green.”  This comment provokes Ava into a diatribe about everyone wanting her to be Lily.  As she prattles on, she reveals that Sean hugged her out of sympathy.  When Colby fails to respond, Ava tries to knock some sense in her about Sean’s strong feelings for her.  Colby cannot read Ava’s behavior and demands to know “what’s really going on” with her. 

As they head out the door, Amanda and Di conclude that Jonathan has something to do with “the missing model.”  Kendall becomes exasperated, as Babe tries to resolve some contractual glitches over the phone.  Kendall snatches the phone away from her.  While Kendall, Annie, and Babe are distracted with the snafu, Rachel seeks Greenlee’s help with Spike.  An uncomfortable and unwilling Greenlee begs off.  Greenlee watches in the background, as Annie holds him for Rachel.  Annie looks up and sees Greenlee’s upset expression. 

Erica and Krystal continue their awkward conversation.  Since Adam “stole her baby,” Krystal takes umbrage at Erica referring to him as “poor” Adam.  Krystal becomes silent as Erica blasts her for having two sets of standards, “one for herself, and one for Adam.” In her roundabout way, Erica is attempting to get Krystal to recognize that she and Adam are meant for each other.  Krystal is completely stunned, when Erica leaves her with these parting words, “If you love Adam-stop being such a fool.”

As Kendall finalizes the call, Annie distracts Spike with the “tickle game.”  Watching the interaction, Greenlee finally manages to crack a smile.  Annie tries to draw an unwilling Greenlee into joining her and Spike.  Babe rushes out for last minute errands, leaving a squirming Greenlee alone in the room with Spike and Annie. 

Despite Ava’s efforts, Colby still believes that Sean is having sex with her.  Ava is frustrated by Colby’s blankness.  In an attempt to drive her message home, Ava confesses to planting the drugs on Sean at Adam’s behest.  Sean happens to show up, during Ava’s startling revelation.  Colby struggles to digest this information about her father.  Sean says, “I knew you did it” in a contemptuous tone to Ava.  Sean begins backing off, when Ava explains that she acted in retribution for him “using her.”  Concerned about her reaction, Sean directs his attention at Colby.  Colby is more interested in forcing Ava to clear Sean’s name.  Before Ava scurries away, Sean informs her about Lily’s difficulties in accepting her sexual involvement with Jonathan.  Ava appears devastated.  After she leaves, Colby expresses doubts about Ava’s credibility concerning her father. 

Krystal drifts off, while cradling Jenny.  Her trance is broken by Babe’s arrival at the park.  In response to Babe’s question, Krystal advises, “I am planning my next ‘ginormous’ mistake.”

The Fusion partners make last minute phone calls, while Annie tends to Spike.  Kendall relieves Annie’s Spike detail and enlists a horrified Greenlee to step in.  Greenlee slowly takes hold of him.  Erica then unexpectedly happens to arrive at Kendall’s.  She is aghast at the sight of Greenlee holding Spike and proceeds to question Kendall’s judgment sternly.  Kendall slowly looks up at her and then looks over at Greenlee.  Erica pulls her daughter aside for a lecture.  Based on Greenlee’s transgressions, Erica is unreceptive to Kendall’s efforts to reconcile with her former friend.  Erica ignores Kendall’s request to stay out of the situation.  Erica greets a surprised Annie warmly before moving onto Greenlee.  The two women mutually address each with a syrupy, phony hello.  Erica first zaps Greenlee with the fact that Spike is uncomfortable with strangers.  She then tries to pry him from Greenlee.  Sensing foreboding doom, Kendall attempts to persuade Erica to go outside, without success.  Despite the “stranger” comment, Erica manages to wrestle Spike from Greenlee.

Ava hopes to catch Lily at home.  As Lily opens the door, Ava admits to sleeping with Jonathan.  Lily refrains from using the euphemism and refers to it as sex.  Lily appears confused, when Ava advises that Jonathan was really making love to Lily not her.  Jonathan tries to reach Ava from the Fusion office.  Thinking Ava has arrived, he whips around to the sound of the elevator doors opening.  Instead, he sees that it is Di looking for Ava as well.  As they try to figure out her whereabouts, Jonathan tells her what transpired between him and Ava last night.  After listening to him, Di is amazed at how oblivious Jonathan is to his “Lily connection” with Ava.  Di now understands why Ava took off.

Meanwhile, Ava tries to explain her comment.  Lily is unable to process the meaning and suggests calling Sean for interpretation.  Ava struggles to make Lily understand that Jonathan loves her.  Lily does not know how to react, when Ava takes a swig of alcohol and begins self-deprecating.  Ava begins cranking music; thereby, triggering Lily’s anxiety.  Ava is so absorbed with her Lily hang-up that she does not notice Lily’s behavior.  She finally realizes she has set Lily off, when she puts on red lipstick.  She quickly wipes off the red and rushes to Lily’s side.  After Lily calms down, they each make valuable realizations about their individual circumstances concerning sex.  Ava finally concludes she must be herself not Lily.  Lily wants to help Ava with her own individuality. 

Jonathan tries to set Di straight about his strong feelings for Ava as an individual, before storming off.

Sean helps Colby clean up Ava‘s mess.  Although Colby does not want to accept it, Sean believes Adam was involved in planting the drugs.  Sean then plays devil’s advocate with Colby by asking how Ava would benefit by lying about Adam’s involvement.  Colby grapples for answers.  Trying to reach her, Sean reminds her how Adam is even capable of kidnapping Jenny.  Appearing resigned, Colby acknowledges that Sean is correct about Adam.

Babe tells Little A that she will be gone for one night and hugs him goodbye.  Winnie takes him home, and Babe remains with Krystal in the park.  The women have a mother daughter talk about Krystal moving in with Tad.  Babe encourages her mother to weigh her options.

The tension between Greenlee and Erica mounts, as Erica throws Greenlee’s selfish deeds in her face.  Kendall tries to diffuse the situation.  Clearly uncomfortable, Annie makes her way for the door.  To Kendall’s relief, Erica decides to leaves at the same time.  Erica then tries to convince Greenlee to leave as well.  When Greenlee wants to say good-bye to Spike, Erica really twists the knife in her.  Kendall escorts Erica and Annie outside, while Greenlee holds Spike’s toy to her chest.  Kendall returns inside and thanks her for her diplomacy with Erica.  Appearing unsteady, Kendall doubles over and starts rubbing her stomach. 

Through her angry comments about her father, Colby makes a slip about how important Sean is to her.  Sean smiles, at her unintended revelation.  Krystal then walks in on the two and picks up on the fact something is wrong.  Colby immediately informs her it concerns wrongdoing by Adam. 

Hoping her idea will help Ava, Lily is anxious to see her sister’s new hair.  Ava then skulks in with dark brown hair.  Realizing Ava’s disappointment, Lily promises to find another way to help.  Touched by Lily’s kindness, Ava begins crying.  Lily instinctively rises from the sofa and rubs Ava’s shoulder.  Lily appears amazed at her new ability to touch.  Jonathan shows up in time to observe Lily touch Ava as he looks on through the front window. 

Greenlee sits down next to Kendall on the sofa.  To comfort her, Greenlee starts hitting pressure points on Kendall’s hand.  This scenario is reminiscent of her pregnancy with Spike.  Both women get tears in their eyes, as they realize how some things never change.  As they both feel their bond solidifying again, Greenlee rests her head on Kendall’s shoulder. 

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