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As Ava saunters around the Wildwind living room in “Lily” form, she tells a speechless Jonathan about the details of her modeling experience at Fusion.  When Jonathan is non-responsive, Ava awkwardly leaves for her room.  Trying to collect himself, Jonathan remains almost paralyzed by this vision of Lily.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a New York City evening, Ryan and Zach are seated in the bar area of their hotel.  Since the “Eco-Fleet” meeting is imminent, Ryan tries to get feedback concerning his prospectus from an unfocused Zach.  Ryan senses the “dark cloud/elephant in the room.”  When he mentions it to Zach, he immediately realizes that Ryan is referring to Greenlee.  Now attentive, Zach wonders whether Ryan still considers Greenlee a threat.  . 

Hoping to generate enthusiasm amongst the Fusion women, Kendall hands Di, Babe, Annie, Greenlee, and Amanda their Fusion “goody” bags at her house.  As they each look inside the bag, no one appears overly “psyched” except Kendall, of course. 

As Ava stares at her “Lily look-alike” reflection in the mirror, she sees Jonathan now standing behind her.  She turns, while he runs his fingers through her “Lily styled” hair.  After gazing at each other, they share a passionate kiss.

Incognito, Erica rushes into her rendezvous spot with Jack.  She is pleasantly surprised to find Jack setting up romantic ambiance in their hotel room.  While giving her the impression “there is more to come,” he greets her with a warm kiss.

Although he anticipates a blasting from Krystal, J.R. decides to pay her a visit at the Comeback.  Hoping the father and son legacy will not be passed on, Krystal slowly leads up to her punch line by using J.R.’s relationship with his own son as the example.  She asks a silent J.R. how he will react, when little A inevitably turns on him.

Zach fully engages himself in the “Greenlee” conversation.  Confident their respective wives can handle Greenlee, Ryan does not want to expend further energy on her.  Zach claims that he is in accord.  As Ryan tries to re-focus him on the “Eco-Fleet “numbers,” Zach appears distracted again.

One by one, the Fusion women emerge into the living room attired in green pants and “Green is always in” tee shirts.  Babe, Amanda, and Di laughingly smile at one and other, while Greenlee appears nauseated by the wardrobe concoction.  As Kendall gives her “unique but united” speech to all of them, Annie remains silent with her hands on her hips.  She finally pokes fun at Kendall’s ideas.  The Fusion women are not overly enthralled with Kendall’s “pep rally” slumber party.  They become more receptive, when she reminds them of the significance of tomorrow’s launch in New York.  Her efforts are interrupted by an “I miss you” call from Zach.  Seated next to him, Ryan simultaneously calls Annie.  Both men ask their wives the same questions.  Both wives try awkwardly to respond to the “Greenlee questions” without her overhearing.  Thinking the pizza has arrived, Greenlee rushes for the front door.  Instead, she is surprised to find Josh bearing Ava’s “promo.”  Di insists they wait for Ava before reviewing it.

Meanwhile, Ava remains preoccupied with Jonathan in her bedroom.  He slowly kisses and undresses her.

J.R. maintains his unconditional love for his son will break the “Chandler mold.”  Believing he is in denial, Krystal points out the mutual father-son back stabbing, despite Adam’s love for him and his other children.  On the restaurant patio, Colby insists on helping a reluctant Sean with his beach trash detail, while he insists upon taking her on a nice date. 

Erica and Jack share an elegantly presented room service dinner.  Despite the lavish meal, Erica is still anxious for Jack’s surprise.  Jack toys with her by keeping her in suspense.

Annie watches quietly in the background, as Josh hand feeds Greenlee a bite of pizza.  Greenlee smiles, when he teases her with it first.  Kendall sits down next to Annie with the pizza box.  Di suggests they save some for Ava.  Greenlee makes a smug remark about her absence.  As Di tries to reach Ava by phone, Greenlee wants to “screen the promo” without her.  When Josh backs her up, the rest go along.  Kendall cues up the video.  Everyone loves Ava’s poses on the tape.  In celebration, they have a group hug.

Meanwhile, Ava softly cries, as she lies nude with a resting Jonathan in her bed. 

Josh compliments the ladies on their “best video yet.”  Kendall credits Annie and Greenlee for heading up “the day to night” promotion.  Before leaving, Josh clasps hold of Greenlee’s hand.  Kendall shoos him out.  Greenlee smiles, as she opens her hand and finds her earring.  After hugging her brother good bye, Kendall cracks the whip on all to get back to work.  Instead, Greenlee poses uncomfortable questions to Babe about her “dumping” Josh.  Annie turns her attention to this conversation.  As Babe vaguely answers, “It’s complicated,” Kendall intervenes with, “she dumped Prince Josh for Toad J.R.”  Babe marvels at how quickly Amanda rushes to attack Josh in J.R.’s defense.  Kendall then jumps in on behalf of Josh.  Realizing this conversation could spiral downward, Annie preempts it.  In the background, Di leaves another message for Ava.  Di tries to make excuses for her, as Amanda criticizes her absence.  Amanda is then surprised to learn Ava has gotten involved with Jonathan.  With a doubtful expression, Amanda questions whether Jonathan may actually be over Lily.  Based on Amanda’s reaction, Di appears concerned for Ava.

Jonathan awakens to an empty bed.  He appears perplexed, when he calls out for Ava without receiving a response. 

As they stare out the window into the moonlight, Jack uses this moment to spring his surprise on Erica.  Through the District Attorney’s Office, Jack managed to track the phone number of the Miranda Center donor.  Not wanting Erica to be forced to choose between him and the donor, he reaches for his phone to place a call to the soon to be revealed anonymous donor.

Kendall goes over last minute preparations for the launch with Amanda and Greenlee.  Kendall notices that Greenlee is distracted.  She then looks up and observes her staring at Babe holding Spike.  Greenlee looks on wistfully, as Kendall grabs hold of Spike and Babe, Annie Di, and Amanda start gushing over him.

J.R. differentiates his relationship with little A from that with his father.  Krystal hopes the differences are enough to break the Chandler pattern.  With her teary expressions and comments concerning Adam, Krystal unintentionally reveals to J.R. that she is still in love with him.  Before leaving, J.R. teases Colby about her tip.  When Krystal mentions Sean to her, Colby lights up like a bulb.  Krystal is elated for Colby, as she makes plans for a moonlight picnic for Sean on the beach.  Jonathan shows up looking for Ava.  Colby overhears Krystal advise him that Ava is busy “being the face of Fusion green.”  Jonathan mentions that Fusion is closed and the office is empty.  As Colby lets this news about Ava sink in, Jonathan and Krystal try to figure out Ava’s whereabouts. 

Meanwhile Ava cries alone at the beach.  She becomes more upset, as she has a series of flashbacks to intimate moments with Jonathan.  Believing she is Lily, Sean approaches to check on her.  Ava tearfully responds, “I am Lily’s cheesy knock-off.”

Zach compliments Ryan on his presentation at the business meeting.  They return to the bar and order two scotches in celebration.

The Fusion women appreciate the sleepover more, as they add whipped cream to their hot fudge sundaes.  One-upmanship begins between Greenlee and Annie, when Di innocently mentions child hood “sleepovers.”  Greenlee starts bragging about hers, while Amanda and Kendall share their memories.  Kendall’s memories reveal her embarrassment over her adopted parents’ home.  Di tells the rest about her antics at slumber parties.  Greenlee then chides Babe about her sleepovers involving a large number of boys.  To her surprise, Babe spent most of her childhood alone with her mother. 

Derek makes a surprise visit to Krystal at closing time.  After enjoying the other evening with her, Derek begins twirling Krystal around.  An unreceptive Krystal sits down and begins equivocating.  Derek appears puzzled by her reaction to him.  Krystal advises him of Tad’s offer to live together as a family.  Krystal feels her uncertainty about the future is unfair to Derek.  Appearing slightly angry and disappointed, Derek perceives that Krystal is just “blowing him off.”

Sean gives Ava a sympathetic ear.  She begins sobbing, as she tells him about her relationship with Jonathan.  Based on this evening’s events, Ava has now concluded Jonathan only views her as Lily.  She becomes more and more distraught, as she relays details to Sean.  When he tries to offer a plausible explanation, Ava insists her conclusions about Jonathan are obvious.  Sean reaches out to hold her, when she starts screaming, “What’s wrong with me?”  A shocked Colby happens to arrive on the beach at the same time.  Colby angrily storms off, before Sean can clarify her misinterpretation.  Ava stays behind, while Sean rushes after Colby.

Krystal tries to let Derek down gently by chalking things up to bad timing.  Derek gives Krystal his understanding and leaves the door open for her.  Krystal becomes emotional, when he kisses her on the hand. 

For the sake of ratings, Erica is initially reluctant to flesh out the identity of the donor.  She gives in after Jack persuades her to allow him to dial the number.  He has the look of regret, when he hears Greenlee’s voice mail message on the other end.  He does not know how to respond to a very curious Erica. 

Trying to make sense of things, Jonathan picks up Ava’s clothing from the floor of their house.

Now devastated, Colby drives off without listening to him, Sean returns to his spot next to Ava.  Ava apologizes for “ruining his life again.”  Sean does not hold her responsible. 

Colby heads back to The Comeback and angrily scratches out the wood carved heart on the porch with Sean’s name inside.  Meanwhile, Sean believes Colby will never forgive him.  Ava promises to set things straight for him with Colby. 

Jack quickly lies that the number is no longer in service.  Erica is disappointed.  Since her curiosity is piqued, Erica now wants to do a segment on the anonymous donor.  To avoid her discovering the donor’s true identity, Jack offers to make the million-dollar donation to the Miranda Center.  Now that Erica’s taken off guard, Jack grabs her and kisses her.

Over their scotches, Zach and Ryan toast to family. 

Before they get ready for bed, Kendall sets the stage for another bonding moment.  Babe receives her signal and cranks Diana Ross and the Supremes signing, “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough.”  Greenlee is surprised, when everyone takes her choreographed place.  Kendall lips-syncs Diana in the lead as Babe, Di, Annie, and Amanda lip-sync the chorus with microphone props in hand.  All the lyrics are directed at Greenlee.  As the Fusion women merrily dance and sing, Greenlee gives in and joins them.  They all form a line and dance in sync. 

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