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At Fusion, Ava comes out looking like Lily and is ready for the shoot.  Ava is complaining about the Fusion shoot, calling it hard work.  Greenlee says that Ava will not work out but Kendall and Di have faith in Ava and say she will figure it out.  Amanda comes in and tells Greenlee and the others that Kendall asked her to come.  Greenlee says great, another great idea.  Greenlee continues to be snippy and Annie says, “If you don’t want to be productive, then go home and we will handle it.” 

Ava is disagreeable as the Fusion Crew tells Ava to play innocent.  Zach shows up to kiss his wife goodbye.  Amanda uploads the pictures of Ava for the Fusion Green Day - Night Campaign.  Zach praises Kendall on Fusion’s presentation of the campaign and watches Annie and Greenlee get along as things falls apart.  He asks Kendall how long the cooperation between Annie and Greenlee will last.  Kendall replies, I hope until after the launch.  Ryan shows up to say goodbye to Annie. 

Jonathan is thinking of his night with Ava.  Since he didn’t hear Ryan ring the bell at Wildwind, Ryan asks about Jonathan’s state of mind.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he was out late last night.  Ryan goes on to tell Jonathan about his good news with his business.  Jonathan is happy for Ryan.  Ryan asks Jonathan if he wants to go to New York City and Jonathan replies, “No,” but he promises to check on Annie and Emma.  Ryan asks about Ava and says he saw her crash and burn at Fusion.  Jonathan says she works there now, and says he respects her, and likes her a lot.  Ryan acknowledges that it’s Jonathan’s life.  He cautions him to be careful.  Jonathan asks Ryan to support his happiness.

Adam approaches Erica, and before he can speak, she tells him that she can't buy back his company.  He lets her know that that is not the reason he is there.  He proposes that they get married again.  Erica is a bit floored as he says he is the only man worthy of her.  Adam kids Erica about knowing all of his flaws.  She replies, "You have flaws?"  He lays it on thick, and she wants to know if it’s about money.  He says they could take on that son-in-law of hers, and it would never be boring.  She replies, “Okay, let’s get married.”  He then backs down and says he has to leave, she says no way, we have to plan my eleventh wedding and it has to be spectacular.  He freaks out and she starts laughing saying this is about Krystal.  Erica tells Adam to admit this is about Krystal.  He finally admits that he loves Krystal, but he doesn’t want to because it hurts like hell. 

As Annie and Greenlee work together, Annie wants to know if Greenlee and Josh made out. 

Tad and Krystal are the Comeback bar talking.  Tad tells Krystal they should make it official and she looks at him funny.  He looks at her with understanding and says, “No not marriage, I want us to move in together.”  Tad wants to be there when Jenny wakes up, and help tuck her in at night.  We do not have to be a couple, but I want to be involved in my daughter’s life, and I have a way we can both be there for her all the time.  Tad and Krystal are talking again about the house he is showing her. He tells her that there is room for everyone including Babe, J.R., and Jamie.  She says, “You really want us to live with you.”  He replies, “The closet in your room is bigger than your room at the condo.”  She said, “You sure are painting a pretty picture, but what happens when Jenny asks why her mom, and dad aren't in the same bed like all her friends parents”.  He says,” By the time she is old enough to ask that question, her friends parents won't be sleeping together anymore.”  Tad lets her know that he's not doing the serious relationship thing. 

Colby is at the Comeback and sees Sean sleeping.  She asks what he's doing.  He replies that he is waiting for her.  She advises him to go home and sleep.  He replies that he wants to be with her.  He tells her that he liked the play list she made up for him.  He listened to the play list and thought of her on every song.  He talks about the songs and what they meant to him.  She tells him that he does pay attention.  He replies,”When it comes to you I do.”

Ryan and Zach talk with their wives as work goes on all around them.  Greenlee is starring at the couples with green-eyed envy.  Amanda and Babe watch Greenlee watch the happy couples.  They both note her unhappiness, as does Zach.

Sean and Colby talk about being Jenny's godmother.  They talk about families and she asks if he likes Erica and he agrees that he does. 

Erica tells Adam that sometimes love is funny.  He asks if she still loves Jack and if Jack knows.  She replies, “Yes.”  She tells him that her whole show is based on their divorce and Adam says he won't spill the beans.  He just wants to know how to get Krystal out of his life.

Adam and Erica spar over who is more helpless for being in love.  Erica tells Adam that maybe he should forgive Krystal.  Adam says, “No way no how.”  She says that she knows how he feels, but she surrendered and came out a winner.  Adam says forgiveness is off the table.  Erica tells him that they both fight to win, but reminds him that he just had a heart attack adding that it maybe trying to tell you some thing.  She urges him to surrender, and give up winning.  She says she gave in and won.  

Zach and Ryan watch the hustle and bustle of the staff and are amazed that it seems to come together.  Kendall congratulates Ava at the end of the photo shoot noting that all ended up well.  Zach and Ryan kiss their wives goodbye and Zach kisses the baby (Kendall’s stomach) and they both get into the elevator.  Kendall looks at sad Annie and tells her that their husbands will be away only for one night.  The door opens and they return to kiss their wives.

Kendall tells Ava they need some more photos and Ava whines about the work.  Kendall says it will be an all-nighter.  Zach reminds her that she is pregnant and she promises that she will take a nap.  Ava yells that she wants a nap too since she has been shooting since dawn.  Kendall tells her to go home, and take one and then to meet the rest of the staff at her house to finish up the project.  Greenlee let Ava know that she is ungrateful.  She reminds Ava that she begged for the job.  Kendall asks that Ava keep the day look, which is the exact image of Lily, as they may need to do some more work for the campaign later that evening.  Ava balks about looking like Lily for too long.   

Jonathon is at Wildwind when Ava comes home looking like Lily.  He mistakes her for Lily and she corrects him. 

Sean has carved Colby and his initials into the posts outside The Comeback Bar.  

Krystal tells Tad she will think about his proposal.

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