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Kendall and Amanda are at ConFusion discussing why Amanda quit her job.  Kendall wants to know the real reason Amanda is quitting ConFusion.  Kendall lets her know that she knew about the fake kidnapping plot and she asks if Amanda has come into some money.  Kendall also asks if Amanda was apart of the plot.

Kendall tells Amanda that she does not care if she was apart of the kidnapping plot.  She is concerned about Amanda and doesn’t want her to get hurt.  Kendall says, “The two things she, Amanda, and Babe have in common is that they have all slept with J.R., and J.R. has nearly killed each of them. 

Jenny is being christened at the beach.  The Careys, Martins, J.R., and Colby are all in attendance.  They give J.R. a hard time for faking his own kidnapping.  He talks to Ruth, but she acts tentative with J.R.  Krystal tells J.R. that he is not going to ruin Jenny's day, but someday she'd be glad to offer her opinion on what he did.  Babe lets J.R. know that he's setting a bad example for "Little A."

Babe asks J.R. about Amanda.  J.R. looks puzzled.  Babe says Amanda is her friend, and she wants her to be okay.  She says she didn't see J.R. and Amanda’s relationship coming.  J.R. turns the tables by asking Babe what's going on between her and Jamie.  He seems okay with them getting together again.  J.R. gets a mysterious phone call and he says, “I’ll be right there." 

Amanda tells J.R. that she wants her money, a half million dollars.  He starts kissing her and asks how she wants her money.  She replies, “In my bank account.”  They make out.   

Krystal explains she sort of christened Babe at the beach, when she and her current boyfriend, of the moment, pulled over at the beach with “Baby Babe” and asked a minister to christen her.  He sprinkled water on her head and they enjoyed a picnic with the churchgoers who were gathered there.  She tells them that she felt that they had become a part of a family on that day.  Joe tells them that today is special because it is the anniversary of Tad's adoption. 

Aidan and Del are playing basketball shirtless.  Del informs Aidan that Jonathan had sex with Ava.  Jonathan walks in on their conversation.  Aidan is not pleased about Jonathan having sex with Ava because he thinks that Jonathan really wants Lily.  Di arrives at the basketball court.  She tells Aidan, Jonathan, and Del that Julia has left her in charge of Wildwind, and she intends to keep them all in line. She tells Jonathan that he can't keep coming to Ava's rescue because it is time for Ava to carry her own weight.  Del asks Jonathan how Ava was in bed.  He wants to know if it was better than his non-honeymoon with Lily.  Jonathan tells Di to stop with the Ava jokes.

Barbara takes a video camera to Erica’s room to plant in order to spy on Erica.  She puts the camera in a potted plant.  She wants to catch Erica and Jack having sex.  Erica shows up wearing a disguise, which include a black hat and sunglasses.  Erica hears Jack knocking at the door and asks, "Is All clear?"  He says, "All is clear.”  She opens that door and pulls him into an embrace. 

Colby sees Sean at the yacht club as he's taking a break from his litter clean-up job.  He tells Colby that it's a bad idea for them to be seen together.  Sean tells Colby he can't go to Jenny's christening, because he smells like trash.  Colby reluctantly agrees and leaves. 

Erica admits she was wrong trying to divorce Jack.  Erica is being filmed unbeknown to her.  She's reading from a script that Jack has written for her.  She drops character and says she can't pull off this drivel.  Suddenly, they're fighting.  Erica says she's going to put the script where the sun doesn’t shine, and they will negotiate how they are going to reunite on the show.  Erica says Pam is working on a script that should be mutually acceptable.  They stop fighting.  Now Erica is flirty with Jack.  Jack and Erica are smooching as the camera rolls on.  She leaves.  Jack follows a moment later.  Barbara moves in and removes the camera from the plant. 

Tad asks Jamie to be Jenny's godfather, while Krystal says choosing the godmother was a "no-brainer.”  Colby looks over lovingly at Babe, expecting her to be the choice.  She's stunned when Krystal asks Colby to be the godmother.  Colby is shocked and says she doesn't know the first thing about being a godmother.  Krystal says it's easy and goes on to describe the role of a godmother. 

Sean spots Barbara walking towards him.  Barbara is on the phone with someone, saying she will deliver them some "priceless" video of Erica and Jack.  Sean overhears the conversation.  He approaches her then throws away her phone and erases the video.  She tells him that he will be in trouble if he doesn't give it back.  He laughs when he sees Jack and Erica are getting back together.  He tells Barbara that she is useless, and he urges her to leave town because no one wants her around.

 Amanda denies that she's getting in too deep with J.R.  She says she's learned everything she's going to learn working at a bar.  Kendall offers her a job at Fusion.  Kendall begs Amanda to work at Fusion, because they are overwhelmed right now, and need the help.  Amanda accepts. 

Looking at his daughter being held by Krystal, Tad reminisces about his sister Jenny.  There's a vintage clip of Tad and Jenny being shown.  Tad says baby Jenny doesn't have to try to live up to his sister, but Aunt Jenny will be her guardian angel, as will Grandma Kate and Dixie.  There's a minister to baptize Jenny.

Adam is at that beach as well.  He's been looking out at the beach where the christening is taking place.  Krystal approaches him and asks what he wants.  Adam confesses that he knew the christening was today, and he was hoping to find a moment to talk to Krystal alone.

Jonathan thanks Di for stepping in and calming down Aidan.  They talk about Lily and he says he won't hurt Lily, but he needs Di to keep a muzzle on Aidan.

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