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Anxious to share her newly inspired marketing concept with all the Fusion women, Kendall bursts into the office.  Her initial disappointment shifts to concern, when Babe and Di advise that both Greenlee and Annie are absent. 

At their home, Ryan and Annie wake up in each other’s arms.  Now that Annie is secure in their relationship, Ryan welcomes the return of some normalcy. 

Greenlee appears reflective, as Josh sleeps quietly next to her.  Greenlee softly awakens him by sprinkling grains of sand on his bare chest.  Greenlee warmly thanks him for using self-restraint last evening.  Knowing he did the right thing, Josh flashes a smile at her.

From his home, Zach tries to reach Josh regarding the transition at Chandler Enterprises.  As he hangs up the phone, Stuart coincidentally pays him a visit.  Zach has an intrigued expression, when Stuart proposes that he “makes a deal” with him as he did with Adam. 

Di informs Kendall that Annie is home with Ryan.  Babe wonders why Kendall remains concerned about Greenlee’s whereabouts.  As Kendall gives them a blow-by-blow description of the Annie-Greenlee war, Di and Babe gape at her in amazement.  After hearing Greenlee’s major concession to Annie, Di and Babe surmise that she is in hiding.  Kendall then shifts from concern to frustration with Greenlee’s inconsistent work patterns.  Upon Babe and Di’s suggestion, Kendall moves forward without the other two.  Babe and Di love Kendall’s merger of “day to night” and Fusion green.  Di is elated to learn that Kendall wants to use Ava as the model.  Since the New York launch is imminent, Babe winces at the time constraints.  To add to the stress, Kendall informs them she is planning to send Annie and Greenlee to New York together. 

Meanwhile, Annie gets ready for work.  Through the course of conversation, Ryan mentions his forthcoming New York business trip and hopes to persuade a reluctant Annie to join him.  Fearing repercussions from Greenlee at work, Annie declines.

When his cell rings again, reality sets in for Josh.  Before they leave the beach, Greenlee again lets Josh know how much last night meant to her.  While staring at her, Josh jokingly remarks she is his new “obsession.”  Greenlee playfully shoves him over and says, “I better be!”

Ava turns over, expecting Jonathan to be next to her.  When her bed is empty, she assumes the worst.  She is pleasantly surprised, when he returns with breakfast in bed.  Jonathan realizes she is unaccustomed to feeling affection.  Jonathan convinces her he “likes her for who she is.”  Reminiscent of a scene from “9 ½ Weeks,” he begins feeding her.

Zach can tell by Stuart’s body language that he is uncomfortable with him.  Although he is naive, Stuart makes his distrust in Zach clear.  Zach explains the circumstances surrounding his acquisition of Adam’s assets.  With an imploring look, Stuart begs Zach to sell him Adam’s mansion for the sake of the children.  Zach appears somewhat softened.  After collecting himself, Zach sticks to his plans to put the house on the market.  Zach is tongue-tied, when Stuart says, “I know-sell it to me.”  He is let off the hook momentarily, when a delivery arrives with an unassembled baby crib.  Zach appears daunted by this task.  Stuart gives him a hard offer to refuse: “Listen to me, while I help you assemble the crib.”

Under the pressure of crunch time, Babe, Di, and Kendall try to brainstorm.  In the course of expressing concern for Kendall’s well being, Babe slips in Zach’s acquisition of Chandler.  Kendall wryly smiles, since she knew the subject would eventually come up.  Di tries to stop the two from getting into it.  Babe insists she is only concerned with the impact this will have on her son.  Based on her history with J.R., Kendall strains to believe Babe.  Babe insists her only thoughts concerning J.R. in this matter are his vengeful tendencies. 

After making love again, Jonathan and Ava plan their evening after work.  When Jonathan wants to pick her up from work, Ava worries about bumping into Lily.  Ava struggles with her desire to be with Jonathan and her fears of hurting Lily.  Jonathan appears upset that Ava wants discretion.  Based on her urging, Jonathan finally agrees to keep their situation private until “the time is right.”  In the midst of the conversation, Ava takes a call from Di urging her to come to Fusion.  Ava automatically assumes she is “in trouble.”

Before going to Fusion, Annie grabs a bite with Ryan at the Yacht Club.  Ryan tries to help her get around Greenlee’s threats to fire her.  Despite the fact that she emerged victorious from the elevator show down, Annie believes Greenlee poses difficulties for her until she moves on in general.  As the words come out of her mouth, she turns to see Greenlee and Josh laughing together.  As the two couples stare at each other, the awkwardness builds.  The men manage to say good morning.  Josh and Greenlee head inside.  Greenlee reacts nonchalantly about the likelihood Ryan and Annie will think she and Josh slept together.  Ryan and Annie do draw that conclusion and can hardly contain their delight in that fact.  They kiss in celebration. 

Stuart starts assembling the crib.  In his own genuine way, Stuart compliments Zach on how he provides for his family.  Stuart then leads into Adam’s mansion.  As he poignantly mentions how important a child’s home is to him or her, Zach grows silent.  Being an expectant father, Stuart’s words strike a cord.  When Stuart offers to put up his gallery as collateral for the purchase of the mansion, Zach is unable to deny him flatly.  Stuart is relieved, when Zach advises that he will consider his offer. 

Annie makes her belated grand entrance into work.  Knowing Greenlee’s resilience, Kendall hopes Annie completely shut her down.  Without giving details, Annie smilingly tells Kendall that Greenlee should arrive shortly.  Annie is then anxious to hear Kendall’s marketing strategy from Babe and Di.  She loves the entire concept including the use of Ava.  The four start working on catch phrases, as Greenlee comes on scene.  She makes a comment about having “a private life” beyond work; thereby, signaling to Annie to remain quiet.  Annie looks up at her with a knowing smirk.  Kendall brings Greenlee up to speed.  She initially balks at using Ava.  Greenlee is surprised further, when Kendall suggests that they all attend the New York launch. 

Lily catches Jonathan in Ava’s bedroom and asks for an explanation.  With his mouth full of food, he has a second to come up with an answer.

Ryan shows up at Zach’s and without mentioning Josh, Ryan appears optimistic that the Greenlee situation will work itself out.  He piques Zach’s interest in venturing with him in his new environmentally friendly company, “Eco-Fleet.”

Kendall wonders, “What’s gotten into Greenlee,” when she reacts excitedly about all of them going to New York together.  Dying to open her mouth, Annie tells Babe, “If Kendall only knew.”  Annie walks up to Greenlee.  The three try to eavesdrop, as the former adversaries speak in code.  Greenlee implies she slept with Josh, and Annie lets her know she kept her mouth shut.  Ava storms in and demands her swift punishment from Di.  Before telling her about the position, Di blows her away about Lily seeing “the kiss.”  Ava’s head starts spinning, as the others start visualizing her poses for the ad campaign.  Not realizing she has the position, Ava becomes indignant.  One by one, they try to get a word in edge wise.  Kendall finally manages to inform Ava that she is “the new face of Fusion,” Ava looks at her as if she has lost it. 

Jonathan offers a lame excuse.  As they discuss Ava’s audition, Lily, out of nowhere, mentions she saw them kissing.  Jonathan does not know how to react.  They proceed with the delicate conversation.  Jonathan appears pained when Lily advises she applied logic to the situation.  He then tries to ascertain how she feels.  Clearly upset, Lily deduces that they slept together.  Jonathan appears quite uncomfortable.  He acknowledges the truth.  Sensing his discomfort, Lily reminds him of her words over their dinner at the Yacht Club.  When Lily asks if he is in love with Ava, Jonathan feels it's too soon to tell but promises not to lie to her.  Lily leaves the house.  Feeling the closing of this important chapter, Jonathan rushes to watch Lily through the upstairs window.  Sensing him, she turns and looks up at his face.  Slightly teary-eyed, they manage to smile at each other.

Ava is still convinced that they are playing with her.  The more Kendall and Greenlee insist otherwise, Ava looks at Di for confirmation.  She becomes ecstatic, when Kendall includes her in the New York City concept launch. 

Meanwhile, Zach agrees to attend the Eco-Fleet Showcase with Ryan in New York at the end of the week.

Greenlee eats a fortune cookie for breakfast and drops the fortune.  Ava shares her feelings of good fortune with Di.  At the same time, Babe reads aloud the discarded fortune, “Beware the road of life takes many wrong turns.”  Though afraid that it will jinx them if she says it out loud, Kendall excitedly declares that their campaign is going to work.

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