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Kendall works on the New York ad launch from home.  She then begins complaining to Zach about the non-conducive working environment caused by Greenlee and Annie.

Greenlee is not enthralled with Josh’s “one-on-one” cure all for the lovelorn, since it involves shooting hoops.  Josh tries to motivate her by removing his shirt and acting as her “sponsor.”  Despite his efforts, a “bored” Greenlee refuses to ditch her stilettos and join the game.

To push Adam and Krystal back together, Colby attempts to stall Adam from leaving the Comeback.  Adam insists on going home.  After Colby reveals her true motives, Adam laughingly goes along with her. 

Lily shows up looking for her sister, and Krystal advises she is not there.  As Lily wonders about Ava’s whereabouts, Ava and Jonathan are embroiled in a passionate kiss back at Wildwind.  Believing Jonathan may be kissing her out of pity, Ava suddenly pushes him off of her.  Jonathan proves her accusation wrong with another romantic kiss.

Lily then mentions to Krystal that Ava may be negotiating her modeling contract.

Kendall expresses her concerns that Greenlee’s vindictiveness may diminish her productivity thereby, ultimately wiping out Fusion.  Zach manages to make her laugh with the payoff terms for his loan offer to Fusion.  With typical Kendall drama, she declines the loan.  Zach shuts her up with a kiss and a request to declare their home a “Greenlee-free zone.”

Greenlee unwillingly succumbs to Josh, as he adorns her feet with an old pair of sneakers.  Josh finally baits her into playing by challenging her basket shooting abilities.  Greenlee impresses him with a couple of shots.  Once she proves herself, she demands a Cosmo cocktail in lieu of playing.  Josh ignores her request and pushes her into “stage 2 of the love detox.”  Greenlee remains negative.  To encourage her participation, Josh metaphorically uses the basket to symbolize Greenlee’s future. 

Zach bought their baby some newly designed “baby message” clothing.  He melts Kendall’s heart, as he shows her the message marker.  In reaction, she kisses him adoringly.

Jonathan and Ava move from the hallway to the living room sofa.  Fearful of hurting Lily, Ava again abruptly stops.  Jonathan tells her that he and Lily are “over.”  Ava reacts angrily and believes he views her as a Lily “knock-off.”  Jonathan tries to assure her otherwise and denounces her efforts to throw him and Lily back together.  Despite Jonathan’s attempts, Ava still believes that he is in denial about his lingering feelings for Lily.  When he is able to differentiate the two women, Ava realizes his feelings for her are sincere.  Jonathan then manages to get Ava to drop her defense mechanisms.  Ava becomes receptive to Jonathan and begins kissing him again.

Josh primes Greenlee for “stage three” by sitting close to her on the break bench.  Josh gets her to laugh, when he tells her about the other 400+ stages. 

Kendall teases Zach about his bear drawing on the baby’s clothes.  He then writes an “I love my mommy” message on Spike and the new baby’s T-shirts.  Kendall oohs and ahhs.  When Kendall mentions the prospect of a little mini Zach, he appears troubled.  Realizing the source of his silence, Kendall assures him of his wonderful parenting skills in contrast to his father’s.  Zach reveals how Adam and J.R.’s comment: “If you handled your father differently all those innocent people would still be alive” profoundly affected him.  Since she believes Zach saved J.R. from his kidnappers, Kendall reacts indignantly to the comment.  Zach confounds Kendall, when he responds that, “J.R. did not need saving.”

Krystal’s question about the whereabouts of Colby’s bodyguard prompts an informative response from Colby.  Adam tries to cut her off, as she rattles off all the gory details of the kidnapping.  When she mentions the ransom, the light bulb visibly goes off in Krystal’s head.  After she connects his financial ruin to J.R.’s scam, she instinctively tries to comfort an unreceptive Adam.  Krystal follows him outside and manages to stop him. 

Lily unexpectedly arrives at Wildwind and walks in on Jonathan and Ava in the throes of kissing.  Clearly traumatized, she silently steps back into the front entrance hall.  Lily rushes to the front porch and begins frantically counting.  Di happens to return home and finds a distraught Lily.  Meanwhile inside, Jonathan starts kissing Ava’s neck.  Di tries to get some answers from Lily.  When Lily tells her about Ava and Jonathan, Di attempts to determine how Lily feels about him.  Back inside, Ava again becomes overcome by guilt and runs upstairs.  Although she cannot withstand seeing them together, Lily tries to accept the situation by applying logic and reason.  Now upstairs, Jonathan bangs on Ava’s door.  Despite her efforts to push him away, Ava allows him in her room.  The two pick up where they left off.  Meanwhile, Lily rationalizes her acceptance by citing their contrasting personalities.  To bolster her, Di points out how Kendall wants Lily’s look rather than Ava’s.  As Lily wonders if Jonathan can differentiate them, he continues passionately kissing Ava. 

Krystal tries to get Adam to describe how he felt, when J.R. was presumed kidnapped.  Through her questions, she reveals the anguish she experienced during Jenny’s kidnapping.  Adam tears, as he recognizes the pain he inflicted on Krystal.  Krystal then leaves Adam to reflect upon one profound statement, “Karma is a bitch.”  He watches her through the bar window with regret in his eyes. 

Kendall is impressed as Zach tells her how he methodically got control over the Chandler fortune and had the foresight to use the kidnapping to his advantage.  She then delights in his next plans for Chandler Enterprises: “to cut it up and sell it off in little pieces.”

Despite his contempt for the Chandlers, Zach admires their ability to unite during a crisis.  Likening them to Greenlee and Annie, Kendall reminds him they will inevitably turn on each other again.  With that in mind, she begins worrying about Fusion’s fate once more.

Now at the beach, Josh hopes to change Greenlee’s perspective.  He gives her the benefit of his experience with Babe.  For added measure, he moves onto stage 5, swimming naked in the ocean.  A non-daring Greenlee laughs, as he undresses.  Jumping in after him, she is shocked by the cold temperature. 

Colby tries to break the monotony for Sean, while he performs his community service in the park.  Based on his sacrifice for her, Colby wants to help.  Knowing Colby feels sorry for him, Sean makes light of his circumstances for her benefit. 

Now sad and lonely, Krystal makes a call.

Greenlee is shivering in her wet clothes.  Clothed only in his briefs, Josh makes a fire for her.  He offers her his dry shirt, and she runs behind the bushes to change.  Invigorated by her swim, Greenlee is anxious for, “stage 6.”  Josh keeps the suspense going.  As she emerges, he helps her with the shirt buttons.  They gaze longingly at each other and begin kissing.  Untrue to form, Josh gets up from lying on top of her.  Not wanting “to be her regret,” Josh does not give in to temptation.  Greenlee does not want him to stop.  Josh makes his interest in her very clear.  Before they get involved, he wants to be certain Greenlee is ready. 

Kendall seeks Zach’s input for Fusion Green.  Zach gives her inspiration through his overly simplified question about all make-up being the same.  Kendall then exuberantly credits him for her merger of Fusion green and the day into night campaign.  Resultantly, Kendall concludes Ava is now the perfect model for the concept.

After making love, Jonathan caresses Ava’s arm.  Clearly uncomfortable with sincere intimacy, Ava anticipates Jonathan’s hasty exit from her bed.  Ava’s eyes water, as Jonathan wants to hold her lovingly.  Ava completely lets her guard down.   

Derek responds to Krystal’s call and meets her at the Comeback.  By her expression, he immediately realizes that Adam had been there. 

Completely miserable, Adam orders a drink at the Yacht Club bar.

With a little prompting from Colby, Sean admits how deeply he feels for her.  They share a warm kiss.

While music plays:

Lily tears, as she leaves Wildwind.  Di walks inside and finds clothing strewn all over the living room.

Jonathan lovingly embraces Ava in bed.

Adam returns to The Comeback and sees Derek hug Krystal through the window.

Josh warmly holds Greenlee on his lap and softly kisses her head.

Zach adoringly cradles Kendall and rubs her stomach.

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