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J.R. arrives at ConFusion to see Amanda and tries to cozy up to her.  The only question she has for him is whether he found “Seamus Wong.”  When she hears the resounding, “No,” she flicks him off and demands the promised $500,000.  As J.R. attempts to smooth talk her, Babe and Jamie walk in.  Noticing their close proximity, Babe awkwardly addresses them.  Amanda and J.R. appear uncomfortable as well.  Jamie and Babe are seated, and Jamie asks J.R. about his business “trip.”  J.R. appears to grapple for the appropriate response.

At the Comeback, Adam shows up under the guise of wanting to “check-out” Colby’s working environment.  When Krystal greets him, the two begin their usual repertoire of mutual barbs. 

While still dining with Lily at the Yacht Club, a curious Jonathan asks about Ava’s so-called modeling audition.  In her own inimitable way, Lily informs him that Ava is posing as her for the position at Fusion.  Lily then incorrectly surmises the audition is going well for Ava.

Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose at Fusion.  Annie and Greenlee engage in all-out war.  Since Kendall is onto her, Ava tries to duck out amidst the confusion.  To her chagrin, the only exit route is through the office past Kendall and Ryan.  This is a torturous trek for Ava, since Kendall screams after her, “Get back here you lying, cheating little tramp.”  A shocked Di arrives in the midst of this scene.  As Kendall stands with her hands on her hips, Ryan attempts to stop the fight between Annie and Greenlee.  In reaction, a frustrated Annie angrily faults him for his mistaken belief Greenlee has changed.  Annie gives the litany of Greenlee’s recent transgressions and terms her as “bitter, selfish, and miserable.”  Greenlee smugly purses her lips in reaction.  Greenlee chomps at the bit to put her two cents in.  She first makes a snide remark to Ryan about violating his rule about staying away from her.  Her second blow is delivered to Annie.  Ryan looks at his wife, as Greenlee tries to plant a seed that Ryan is still in love with her.  As she continues, Annie reacts nonchalantly.  To Greenlee’s surprise and embarrassment, Ryan firmly denies feelings for her.  To save face, Greenlee insists otherwise and storms for the elevator.  Ryan attempts to prevent Annie from following after her.  Kendall intercedes on Annie’s behalf.  Annie manages to jump on the elevator with Greenlee for the inevitable showdown.  She jams the elevator and corners Greenlee like a rat.  A teary-eyed Greenlee pulls out the claustrophobia card, and Annie reacts disdainfully.  Greenlee finally concedes that Ryan loves Annie, not her. 

Lily maintains her confidence Ava will secure the position, even if her identity is discovered.  Based on Jonathan’s facial expression, Lily surmises that he cares for Ava.  In support of her analysis, Lily mentions her observations of how they interact together.  In an almost encouraging way, Lily points out that Ava is “normal” and able to “touch” him.  In response, Jonathan insists that he and Ava are only friends.  Lily becomes wound up, as she then suggests that he could fall in love with Ava.  Although Jonathan emphatically disagrees, a hysterical Lily knocks over her water glass.  Jonathan tries to calm her, while Lily puts in less visible ear buds. 

Krystal remains inhospitable to Adam.  She then becomes concerned for his health, when he orders a beer.  Adam dismisses her concern and proceeds to advise her of the reduction of her “half” from their divorce.  Unaware of his current financial circumstances, Krystal appears confounded by the remark. 

J.R. gives a vague response to Jamie’s question.  The tension builds, as Babe begins prattling on about celebrating his birthday with him and his apparent reconciliation with Adam.  J.R. tries to make light of the truce.  Jamie picks up on Amanda’s angry vibes and J.R.’s awkwardness.  While Babe obliviously babbles about J.R.’s alleged trip, Jamie notices Amanda stomping on his foot.  Realizing something is amiss, he then demands an explanation from J.R.

In need of a drink, Ava insists that Del serve her alcohol.  Despite her best efforts, Del gives her water with a twist of sarcasm.  Di shows up and lectures her about impersonating Lily.  For argument sake, Ava mentions how Di pretended to be Dixie.

J.R. realizes he must satisfy Jamie with some kind of answer.  Amanda glares at him, as he gives tidbits of information concerning Adam’s bankruptcy.  Jamie and Babe are floored by the events and try to comfort J.R.  Amanda then demands that J.R. be more forthcoming.  Jamie and Babe “flip,” when he tells them he was kidnapped.  J.R and Amanda finally sit with the other two.  As J.R. details the kidnapping, Babe becomes frantic about little Adam’s safety.  As he assures her otherwise, Babe questions his certainty.  Through Amanda’s chastising remarks to J.R., Babe concludes J.R. staged the kidnapping.  In complete disgust, she jumps up from the table.  When J.R. grabs hold of her to offer an explanation, she jerks away and threatens to punch him.  Amanda follows her, and J.R. preempts the anticipated lecture from Jamie.

Di is unreceptive to Ava’s excuses for impersonating Lily.  When she finally admits her ambitious motives, Di calls the audition photographer on Ava’s behalf. 

Ryan anxiously waits for Annie to emerge.  Without even looking at him, Kendall can sense Ryan fixedly staring at her from behind.  Ryan becomes speechless, when Kendall forces him to recognize he loves Greenlee as she does also.  Meanwhile in the elevator, Greenlee breathlessly explains her misinterpretation of Ryan’s feelings towards her to an unrelenting Annie.  She again tearfully admits how much Ryan loves Annie. 

Although now apprised of Zach’s takeover of Chandler, Krystal remains confident Adam will regain control.  The dissension between them disappears, as Adam helps Krystal with the beer tap.  Colby happens to catch them reminiscently smiling at each other.  Krystal tends to another customer, and Colby chastises Adam for drinking.  Krystal watches, as Colby happily tells her father how much she loves him and dashes off.  Based on Colby’s actions, Krystal believes Colby thinks that they are reconciling.  Adam stares at her intently, as Krystal shares her conclusions with him.

Amanda sits with Babe at the bar.  Babe begins deriding J.R. for also imperiling Amanda.  Babe appears stunned, when Amanda empathizes with J.R.’s motives for his stunt.  Babe processes her comments and concludes they are romantically involved. 

At Di’s request, the photographer joins them at ConFusion.  Di manages to convince him to do a shoot on Ava on the spot.  Di helps Ava make candid expressions.  The photographer smiles approvingly.

Despite their closeness, Lily recognizes that she and Jonathan cannot be together.  Jonathan finally reaches the same conclusion. 

Now weary of the outcome, Ryan regrets including Greenlee as part of the “family.”  Based on her newly forged bond with Greenlee, Kendall reminds him his efforts were not in vain.  Ryan does not believe the same result is possible for Greenlee and Annie and insists that Kendall refrain from forcing it.  Kendall hopes to convince him otherwise. 

Annie is not completely satisfied with Greenlee’s admissions.  She then stares at Greenlee, as she pleads to be released.  Annie opens the door.  Gasping for breath, Greenlee rushes out.  Annie walks towards Ryan, while Kendall checks on Greenlee by the elevator.  Greenlee regards Kendall’s concern as pity and rejects it.  She cries, as she reflects upon her humiliation.  Upset for Greenlee, Kendall approaches Annie about the confrontation.  Greenlee admits aloud to herself that she must get over Ryan.  Annie relays Greenlee’s acknowledgments concerning Ryan.  Before giving the couple privacy, Kendall accepts blame for these repercussions.  Appearing numb, Annie briefly talks to Ryan.  She then pushes him away, when he reaches out to comfort her.  Ryan appears upset by her reaction to him. 

Amanda terms her relationship with J.R. as a friendship.  Babe tries to steer her away from potentially dating him.  Out of loyalty to their friendship, Amanda maintains her disinterest in J.R.  Since Babe claims she is truly over him, she repeats her warnings based on concern for Amanda.  Appearing resolute, Amanda assures Babe that she is not blinded by J.R.

J.R. fills Jamie in on all the details.  After learning “Slater snaked J.R.,” Jamie pledges his loyalty to his brother but not Adam.  J.R. manages to crack a smile.

After looking at the proofs, Di excitedly takes Ava and the photos upstairs to Fusion.

Josh approaches their table, as Lily tries to split the dinner bill with Jonathan.  While they engage in small talk about work, Jonathan disappears from the table.

Krystal talks to Adam about how to handle Colby under the circumstances.  To gain insight into her feelings towards him, Adam asks for her suggestion.  Adam appears gutted, when Krystal advises to tell Colby they will never reconcile. 

Di thrusts Ava’s photos in Kendall’s hand, before she succeeds in throwing Ava out.

Kendall appears to appreciate the photos.  Ava looks devastated, when Kendall unexpectedly rejects her again.

Ryan gets his opportunity to talk to Annie.  As she relays the emotional events, she describes the thoughts going through her mind at the time.  Ryan is deeply concerned, when Annie tells him her conclusion: “I don’t care if Greenlee wants you anymore.”

Amanda and Babe rejoin the men.  Babe toasts herself in anticipation of passing her GED.  Babe is surprised by J.R.’s reaction, when he sincerely expresses his confidence in her.  J.R. appears somewhat jealous, as Babe mentions how Jamie helped her study.  As Amanda brings up her career advancements, she shoots a glance at J.R.

Now devastated, Ava stares at her picture.  Jonathan runs into her outside and accuses her of setting him up with Lily.  Before she responds, he snatches the photo from her hand.  After clearly admiring her difference from Lily, he grabs hold of Ava and passionately kisses her.

Once Annie elaborates on her comment, Ryan is completely relieved by her faith in their relationship.  They share a warm kiss and head for home.  Kendall smiles, as she watches them leave.  Ryan looks at Kendall with a look of gratitude. 

Greenlee confuses the waiter with her indecision and then yells at him to bring her some wine.  Still at the Yacht Club, Josh joins her.  Hoping to get her over her “obsession,” he leads her by the hand for a “one on one session.”

Krystal and Adam continue their conversation about Colby.  To avoid giving Colby false hope, Krystal suggests that Adam stay away from the Comeback.  Although devastated, Adam claims he is in accord with the suggestion.  Krystal shows her true feelings, when she remains encouraging to him about his ability to “get what he wants.”  Adam looks over at Krystal, when he thinks aloud about “what he wants.”

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