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All My Children Update Friday 7/6/07


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Jack meets Greenlee on Fusion’s rooftop and she explains to him that she is happy because her life is good.  People she loves love her back.  She hints at Ryan still wanting her.  She declares that she is winning Ryan over.  Greenlee and Jack have lunch together.  Jack is concerned that Greenlee distorts facts and may not be seeing things in the right perspective.  Greenlee brags about how Ryan gets her and understands her.  According to her, Ryan took her side on being a part of the family.  She conveniently forgets that Ryan said they must end their relationship.  Jack lets her know that Ryan should be setting boundaries.  She finally tells Jack about the boundaries set by Ryan even though she believes that Ryan does not mean it.

Ryan and Annie are at the Yacht Club and he is trying to reason with Annie but she is irritable, nervous, uncertain, and angry with Greenlee.  All reason, calm, and cool have left her.  Ryan wants some of Annie’s old magic.  He wants to know if Annie believes in them.  Annie is very uncertain, but Ryan continues to try to work it out.  Annie wants to return to where they were before Greenlee’s arrival.  Annie leaves Ryan at the Yacht Club.  Erica is at the Yacht Club meeting Jack and she encourages Ryan to run after Annie.  Ryan states that Erica does not know nor does she like Annie.  Erica says that Kendall sings Annie praises so she believes in Annie too.  She urges Ryan to follow Annie.  Erica tells Ryan that Greenlee is undermining their marriage, and that Greenlee is selfish.  Erica asks about Ryan’s marriage and divorce and he ask about her marriage and pending divorce.  Erica chooses to leave and not answer him but Ryan stays because he feels defeated.

Zach, Adam, J.R., Josh, and Kendall are at the Chandler Mansion.  Josh is giving J.R. instructions for when he returns to Chandler.  J.R. must meet security, and be escorted to his new offices.  His total access to the computer will be denied.  Josh will be his new boss.  Adam and J.R. deny Josh as being capable of running Chandler.  They state that one of them will have to assist.  Zach tells then that Josh will make Chandler a lot of money.  Adam insists that neither Zach nor Josh knows Chandler and will fail.  Kendall walks in the room and ask if the boys are playing nice.  Zach asks if she finished her tour.  Kendall suggests to Zach that they use the mansion for the Miranda Center.  Zach agrees that they can use the mansion for homeless women and children. 

Zach and Kendall taunt the Chandlers about the use of their home once they move out.  The Chandlers are upset.  Opal enters the mansion with the intent to use it for another beauty shop and spa.  She goes on and one about the potential usage of the property.  Stuart’s wife, the real-estate agent, puts in her bid.  Adam is upset with her offer.  He threatens to tell Stuart.  Kendall mentions Palmer’s possible interest in the property.  Zach suggests a raffle for the mansion with the highest bidder winning.  Zach says that the raffle could be fun and the proceeds could go to the Miranda Center.   

Derek and Livia show up at the Comeback Bar.  Livia encourages Derek to flirt and make a date.  She teases him about his non-dating.  She tells him how to deal with the ladies and dating.  She encourages him to make a date with Krystal.  Derek leaves after making a date with Krystal.  He kisses her hand before leaving.   

Ava and Lily discuss the photo shoot at Fusion.  Ava encourages Lily to let her take her place at the photo shoot.  She goes on and on about her being the new “Face of Fusion.”  She asks for Lily’s help with applying her make up softer.  Ava asks Lily to make her into Lily.  Ava likes her look because she looks like Lily.  She puts on a blond wig.  Ava asks Lily to have dinner with her at the Yacht Club knowing that Lily would run into Jonathan.   

Jonathan joins Ryan at the Yacht Club where Ryan asks for Jonathan‘s advice on a business venture.  Jonathan has no confidence for business.  Ryan wants to know if he should write the check for the venture.  He praises Jonathan for his intelligence.  Jonathan gives in and reads the prospectus.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he has a date.  He finally admits that it is with Ava.  Ryan thinks that getting mixed up with Ava is a big mistake.  They talk about it.  

Jack notices that Greenlee is not eating.  Greenlee mentions that she is stressed out and anxious.  Jack mentions that Greenlee is in love with her ex who is in love with Annie.  Greenlee is not convinced that Ryan loves Annie.  Annie overhears them as she enters the fusion roof.  Annie asks if she should wait downstairs.  She and Greenlee have to work on the concept for the Day/Night Campaign.  They immediately start being mean to each other.  They both give as good as they get.  Annie is on fire today.  She tells Greenlee that she has a superiority complex.  She says, “Ryan will never love or come back to you.  He wants someone that is devoted to him and who has a good heart.  You are all ego Greenlee.  You don’t stand a chance.” 

Ava arrives at the Fusion shoot to meet Kendall and the photographer, Owen Richardson.  They begin the shoot and Kendall notices that the shoot is not working.  There is something wrong with Lily (Ava’s) hair.  Ryan enters looking for Annie.  He thinks that Kendall has lost her mind by allowing Annie and Greenlee to work on a project together.  Kendall asks him to cooperate with her, because Fusion needs the staff to get along.

Opal wants Zach to agree to give her a raffle ticket.  He agrees as he shows “the talking Opal,” the door.  Adam thinks that Zach planned to siphon off his fortune all along.  Zach admits to minor dealings with Seamus.  He states steadfastly that he took advantage of an opportunity.  Adam and J.R. hug each other after agreeing that there is nothing like a common enemy to unite family.  Adam tells Zach, “We will bring you down Slater.”  Zach says, “You have fun with that.  Father and son reunite.  My work here is done.”   

Adam lets J.R. know that he embarrassed him.  He is still angry at J.R. for faking his kidnapping.  He tells J.R. that he is all he has for now, but fortunately, he can sire another son. 

Erica, in disguise, meets Jack at the Yacht club.  Jack kisses her passionately. 


Lily arrives at the Yacht club to meet Ava, and she sees Jonathan instead.  Jonathan figures out that Ava has no intentions of meeting with him and has sent Lily instead.  Lily has no clue.   

Adam is at the Comeback Bar staring at Krystal.  She turns around and sees him. 

Annie and Greenlee come downstairs to Kendall and Ryan.  They declare that they cannot work with each other.  Ryan lets Kendall know that her team building did not work.

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