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Kendall meets Lily at Jack’s home and asks Lily to be the “Face of Fusion Green.”  Lily notes that she already has a job at Cambias.  She is not confident that she is right for the Fusion job.  Her concern is her fear of noise and of red.  She asks Kendall why Fusion wants her. 

Ava talks to Jonathan about her being the Face of Fusion Green.  She does not understand why they want Lily.  Jonathan explains that Lily is different from the rest of them.  Lily is open, sincere, and innocent.  He explains that the difference between Ava and Lily is more than looks.  Lily shows the world how to be real, but Ava is different.  Ava does not understand since she and Lily look the same.  She thinks that people want her to be Lily.   

Zach calls Josh and invites him to the Casino.  He notes to Josh that Greg Madden died on the Fourth of July, 2006.  He asks about Josh’s emotions.  Josh admits that he gets upset thinking about it, but he is dealing with it.   

J.R. is trying to make up with Adam.  He thinks that finding Seamus is the way to get back at Zach.  He thinks that the FBI can get Seamus to confess and then convict Zach and Seamus.  He never thinks about his part in the kidnapping.  The media is telling the story, and they are blaming J.R. for stealing his father’s fortune, which lead to Zach’s takeover.  J.R. wants to involve Palmer to Adam’s dismay.  Adam thinks that Palmer’s involvement would be no different from Zach’s.   

Pam and her crew are interviewing Jack and Erica.  Jack is flirtatious and Erica is dodging the flirting.  They pretend, in front of the camera, to be divorcing.  Jack teases and Erica pretends that she is not affected by Jack’s charms.  Barbara is lurking around in the background at the Yacht Club and stares intently at Erica.  Jack suggests they break for lunch.  Erica follows after Barbara interrupts her with a snide comment.  Jack and Erica are taking their lunch break by making love in a Yacht Club room and they are being filmed. 

Ava asks Jonathan why she shouldn’t be more like Lily.  Jonathan wants her to be herself.  Jonathan gives Ava details about what caused the end of his and Lily’s relationship.  Jonathan knows Lily face very well and he knows that Ava is faking because she has the same face.  He thinks that Ava has Lily’s shining eyes.  

Lily suggests that Kendall look for another model.  She is convinced that she cannot do the job.  Kendall promises Lily that she will accommodate her needs because she really wants Lily.  She will deal with Zach about Lily’s schedule at Cambias.  Ava tells Jonathan that it is time to go to work.  She lets him know that he tried to make her feel better, and she appreciates it.  Jonathan wants to have dinner with her tonight and Ava says that she will meet him after work.   

Colby walks into the living room of the Chandler mansion, and overhears J.R. and Adam discussing the kidnapping.  She hears that it is J.R. fault and she reprimands him.  She lets him know that he could have killed Adam.  She asks, “Who fakes their own kidnapping.  Who does that?”  She reminds J.R.  of all of his past deeds in 2006 and 2007 when Adam stood by him.  She knows that Adam loves them and she asks J.R. if he cares.  She tells J.R. that he deserves to lose everything, not Adam.  She called him the “family screw up.”  She thinks that he needs to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness.  J.R. thinks that his father will not respect groveling.  His father will respect getting the fortune back.  His father will see groveling as weakness.  J.R. says he needs to get everything back.  Adam calls him an ingrate and J.R. tells him that he made him this way.  J.R. calls himself an SOB like his father.  

Kendall gives Lily a lot of leeway.  All Lily has to do is show up or not, it is her call.  Kendall will understand her decision if it is yeah, or nay.  The photographer and Kendall will make sure that Lily is comfortable.  Lily decides to let Kendall know if she will do the photo shoot. 

Erica and Jack are in the afterglow of lovemaking.  They are having a second course of sex.  Jack says that he is cheating with his own wife.  He says that they will be toast if the fans find out.  Erica says her fans will forgive her.  Jack tells Erica that he thinks that Sean has caught on to their deception.  Erica says that Sean too will be happy for them.   

Zach is at the casino counting money when Kendall walks in.  She tells him that he looks sexy surrounded by all that money.  He wants to know how is everything is going, especially Greenlee.  She tells Zach that she wants to borrow Lily for a photo shoot for Fusion Green.  She wants to know what they are going to do with all of their money.  Zach replies, “Keep J.R. in his golden cage.”  She whispers something in his ear.  He blushes, smiles and then kisses her.  They both agree to leave for their next adventure. 

J.R. wants to talk about business alternatives with Adam.  Kendall and Zach enter the Chandler mansion with decorators.  Adam wants to know what they want because he paid for a month’s rent.  J.R. asks to speak to Kendall alone.  He asks for Kendall’s forgiveness as he kisses up to her.  He compliments her on her pregnancy, and her radiant looks.  He finally apologized for hurting Kendall and Spike.  He reminds her of their great friendship and what they meant to each other.  Kendall is not receptive.  She is happy that J.R. is now getting his just desserts.  She wants revenge on J.R. and her concern is for Amanda.  She asks that he not take Amanda down with him.  Kendall and J.R. rejoin them in the living room and Zach asks, “Did J.R. change her mind?”  She replies, “No.”  Kendall and her designers leave to look over the mansion.  Josh enters the room and taunts J.R.  He waves to Adam while calling him dad.   

Lily tells Ava that she needs her advice about makeup.  Lily tells her about Kendall’s offer.  She lets Ava know that she does not think that she can do the photo shoot since she likes working at Cambias.  She asks Ava what she should do.  Ava has an idea that will help them both.   

Erica and Jack go back to the veranda at the Yacht Club to continue their interview.  Barbara is suspicious of them.  She notices Erica playing footsy with Jack under the table.   

Adam tells Zach that he does not live at the Chandler Mansion yet.  He tells Zach that he is there prematurely.  He wants to know why Zach invited the riff raff, Josh and the designers.  

Josh tells J.R. that he needs the files on Chandler’s pending contracts.  When J.R asks why, Zach replies, “The future of Chandler is in Josh’s hands now.” 

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