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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

One by one, the Fusion women arrive at the office and find a smirking Kendall dressed as Lady Liberty.  Annie, Di, Amanda, and Babe smile appreciatively.  Colby and Ava show up with the catered food and nod in approval.  The only one scowling is Miss Happiness herself, Greenlee.  She begins objecting that she does not like being “summoned” there by her equal partner, especially on a holiday.  Once Greenlee starts, then Di and Amanda feel free to complain.  Kendall smugly refers to those celebrating the holiday as “slackers!”  Kendall doesn’t tolerate “mommy complaints” either, from Babe and from Annie.  Colby and Ava stick around for the drama.  Kendall then exuberantly announces her plans to launch ad campaigns in New York City.  With Babe taking the lead, the women applaud the idea and try to make their mass exodus.  Kendall stops them dead in their tracks with her “morale boosting” slide presentation.  It begins with a collage of their photos and flows into the preamble to the Fusion Constitution.  Greenlee continues scowling; Annie looks at Kendall as if she has lost it; and the rest smile.  Even Greenlee has to smile, when Kendall terms the day “Fusion Creative Freedom Day.”

When Kendall delegates Colby with more responsibility and power than Ava, Ava tries to pull rank.  Kendall summarily dismisses the comment and sends the two upstairs to perform their “duties.”  Kendall commands the rest to remain.  Greenlee teases her about the love fest and Di chimes in.  Ignoring them, Kendall tries to start the next presentation.  As Di prattles on about missing margaritas, Greenlee attempts to create mutiny.  Appreciative of Kendall’s positive ideas, Annie chastises Greenlee’s actions.  The war begins.  Greenlee throws the first nasty salvo at Annie.  Kendall seizes on this opportunity to make her point about morale.  The women start filing out, as Kendall struggles to start the presentation.  Meanwhile on the rooftop, Ava bristles as Colby delegates.  The second war of the day begins escalating with mutual insults.  A cease-fire is called, once Babe and Amanda join them on the rooftop.  Colby snarls, as Ava gives the appearance that Colby is slacking off.  Amanda and Babe start talking about Amanda’s resignation.  Their conversation prompts Colby to pull Amanda aside.  Amanda cuts Colby off abruptly, as she speaks in hushed tones about the kidnapping.  As Amanda rushes off, Ava starts riding Colby again in front of Babe.  Using the mess downstairs as an example, Babe diplomatically suggests that Ava should back off from Colby.  Colby scoffs, when Ava mentions working as a Fusion model to Babe.  Once alone, Colby gets another shot in at Ava.

Back downstairs, Babe referees, as Greenlee starts on Annie again.  Kendall commandingly lectures the reassembled group about the Fusion legacy.  Everyone jumps aboard except Greenlee.  Kendall gets Greenlee to go along with a little psychology.  Kendall finally manages to start the video.  As a joint effort, the women begin following the show captions from the “facilitator”: “Clear your space and clear your mind.”  Once they make a “clearing” in the office, Kendall wants everyone to “bond.”  Greenlee looks away, and the rest look at each other.  Babe notes, “This is not going to be pretty.”  Now all seated on mats, the women follow the tape’s next instructions: to listen to your inner voice.  Babe’s inner voice is heard first, with thoughts of her son.  Amanda reveals her thoughts of money and sexual fantasies about J.R.  Di’s consist of pedicures, and Amanda’s spending desires are heard again.  Kendall thinks aloud about her many months of maternity.  When she feels a kick, her inner voice speaks about the baby’s conception.  Annie’s are focused on getting home to her family and through the day with Greenlee.  Greenlee has thoughts of her love for Kendall and of course, Ryan.  As if she can read her mind, Annie thinks aloud to Greenlee, “Ryan does not love you.”  As the voice on the tape counts down from meditative state, it suggests the listener should be at peace.  At that moment, Kendall opens her eyes to a nasty Greenlee-Annie stare down. 

The next instruction is called “Wind in the willows.”  With that, the women have had enough of the so-called facilitator’s voice.  Kendall chooses Babe to start.  The exercise is meant to promote trust amongst the circle.  With eyes closed, Babe free-falls backwards, hoping to be caught.  Everyone catches her.  A reluctant Amanda falls back next.  The women discourage brave, pregnant Kendall but she does it anyway.  As a good-faith gesture, Annie positions herself to fallback on Greenlee.  Greenlee steps away as the others brace Annie’s fall.  Greenlee shrugs off her actions, and Annie looks at her with a “you bitch” expression.   

Back upstairs, the two girls are still at odds and fight over heir differing backgrounds.  Through their angry words at each other, they finally realize they share something in common, a painful childhood.  The empathy is clear in Colby’s eyes. 

To promote “communication,” Kendall pairs the women off for the next “bonding” exercise.  Realizing Annie and Greenlee are not compatible, Di offers to switch with Annie and put her with Babe.  Obviously, this offer contradicts Kendall’s plan.  Greenlee grudgingly agrees to pair with Annie.  Kendall starts by blindfolding her partner, Amanda.  The other pairs follow suit.  Babe verbally directs a blindfolded Di, as Kendall does with Amanda.  Negatively anticipating Annie’s lead, Greenlee has her hands on her hips.  Not trusting her, Greenlee goes in the opposite direction.  Since she is heading for a wall, Annie yells, “Stop!”  A stubborn Greenlee smashes into the wall and amazingly blames Annie.  Hearing the screaming, the others rush over.  Greenlee then physically jumps on Annie.  Amanda roots for Annie, while Kendall tries to stop them.  Kendall separates the two and chastises them.  Greenlee feigns injuries, and Annie blows up.  As Kendall lectures the women for acting as kindergartners, Amanda and Di share a drink from a flask.  Babe snatches it away from them.  As Kendall prattles on about the intent of the exercise, Babe takes a swig too. 

With that, Kendall makes the group form another circle to share their childhood fantasies.  Once again, Greenlee is the unwilling participant.  The rest listen, as Di shares her first crush and Babe shares her dreams of winning the lottery.  Amanda’s and Kendall’s are poignant.  Amanda wishes for her mother’s mental health.  Kendall wishes Erica was not raped and loved her at birth.  Everyone appears touched as Greenlee shares that she wanted sisters, and Jack’s fatherly presence.  Since Annie claims she had a great childhood, she is unable to come up with anything.  Once more, Greenlee starts ridiculing her and asks why she is even there.  Annie acts on that comment as an excuse to leave.  Di scolds Greenlee, as Kendall rushes after Annie.  Babe looks at Greenlee in disbelief and asks why she is so mean.  With her usual sense of entitlement, Greenlee announces she belongs there and Annie does not.   

Based on Annie’s expression, Colby halts her approach to her.  Kendall joins them on the rooftop.  Recalling a previous revealing comment made by Annie, Kendall believes she is trying to avoid reliving pain.  Kendall drops the subject, when Annie denies her supposition.  They move onto Greenlee.  Kendall hopes to cast her in a positive light without success.  Except for Greenlee, the rest find them upstairs.  To cheer Annie up, Amanda shares the flask.  Needing a drink badly at this point, Kendall is jealous.  Since Kendall wants eventually to take maternity leave in peace, she again hopes to convince Annie to “work” with Greenlee.  With Greenlee now behind her on the stairwell, Ava interrupts the conversation with her   “Ava, the Fusion fashionista” performance.  Colby smirks to herself, while Babe, Amanda, and Di smile.  Kendall looks as though she is having a light bulb moment.  Thinking she is embarrassing herself, Colby gets the proverbial hook out for Ava.  As Greenlee introduces herself to Ava, Ava acts awestruck.  Greenlee then rips Ava’s look to shreds as Colby looks upset for Ava.  Kendall rises to put in her two cents.  To Ava’s disappointment, her performance inspires Kendall to use Lily.  Ava is confounded, since they are identical.  As Greenlee makes another vicious barb at Ava, Babe appears offended.  Annie follows Greenlee, as she heads back downstairs.  As Di leaves the rooftop, she comforts Ava.  The other three uncomfortably skulk away, leaving Ava alone with Colby. 

Meanwhile Annie blasts Greenlee for humiliating Ava.  As Greenlee retorts back, Kendall halts the two.  Tiring of Kendall’s peacemaking efforts, Babe suggests a cosmetic duel between the two.  Di puts her faith in Annie, and Kendall loves Babe’s idea.  Annie appears up for the “make-up off” challenge.  The two opponents take center stage, before their colleagues.  Greenlee’s make-up job on Annie portrays her as a plain Jane, while Annie’s makes Greenlee look like the witch from hell.  Each contestant is infuriated by the other’s make over.  Babe, Di, and Amanda float slogans around for the contestants opposing appearances.  Babe elatedly hugs Annie and Greenlee, when the two inspire the next marketing strategy: “day to night.”  Amanda and Kendall chime in with merchandising, while Colby and Ava enjoy observing in the background.  Kendall, Babe, Di, and Amanda entice the reluctant two to perfect the concept collaboratively.  Synchronizing with the fire works display, the Fusion women toast each other in celebration.  Colby and Ava look on in the background. 

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