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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ava catches her new roommate, Aidan, drinking straight from a juice carton in his “undies.”  She flirtatiously teases him about the appropriate punishment for such activity.  Aidan believes he is a “fine” since the carton is almost empty.  Ava looks him up and down and then agrees. 

Annie gives Ryan a cold greeting on her way downstairs.  After sleeping alone, Ryan tries to patch things up with her.  Annie reacts mechanically.  To Ryan’s chagrin, a bubbly Kendall arrives at their house bearing muffins. 

Babe, little A, and J.R. share a muffin in celebration of J.R.’s birthday.  As little A helps him blow out the candle, Adam joins them on their former terrace.  After noting the father-son reconciliation, Babe takes little A inside to give them privacy.  After they make small talk about his birthday, J.R. is surprised to learn his father had a chat with Zach last evening.  J.R. appears anxious, when Adam mentions Zach “slipped-up” in reference to the kidnapping.  Albeit vague, a tell tale sign for Adam was Zach’s following comment, “I had a plan and made it work for me.”  J.R. realizes his father has nothing concrete, as he continues.  Adam then begins making self-deprecating remarks about his collusion with Zach in the first place.  J.R. finally steps up to the plate and accepts full blame for the situation.  Adam cannot figure out where J.R. is coming from.

Colby greets Derek, as he arrives at the Comeback.  Unable to take his eyes away from Krystal behind the bar, he plops down on a barstool.  Colby looks at their interaction curiously.  Since Krystal is now preoccupied, Colby must tend to some unwanted customers: three of her snobby little contemporaries.  Colby manages to let things roll off her back, as they mock her about her job.  One girl named Stephanie is relentless.  She finally gets to Colby, when she refers to Krystal as “trailer momma.”  Meanwhile inside, Krystal graciously accepts Derek’s invitation to attend a picnic.  In defense of Krystal, Colby reduces Stephanie to nothing.  After the three girls slither away, Colby returns inside and overhears Krystal’s plans.  Krystal will not allow Colby to talk her out of her “date.”  Krystal then asks about the “the customers.”  Colby just calls them brats and skips the details.  Colby does gain insight into her own former behavior, through this experience.  Not wanting Colby to be self-critical, Krystal compliments Colby’s metamorphosis.  Upon observing a certain gentleman, Krystal grabs her bat and heads outside.  Colby chases after her. 

As Di comes downstairs, she can hear Ava flirting with Aidan.  When Di interrupts her, Aidan heads to the shower.  Di marks her territory and chastises Ava for being scantily clothed. 

Not even the muffins can entice Ryan and Annie into a conversation.  Before Annie hurries for the door with Emma, Kendall manages to get her two cents in.  Noting the “chill in the air,” Kendall advises not to allow Greenlee to drive a wedge between them.  Kendall then praises Annie’s work.  In no mood for lectures or compliments, Annie heads for the door again.  Neither Ryan nor Annie responds to Kendall’s offer to help them.  Before leaving, the couple exchanges an almost platonic kiss on the cheek.  Once alone, Ryan tells Kendall to butt out.  Realizing their marriage is in peril, Kendall will not back down.  She then tells him, “Take action.”

Jonathan makes a similar request of Ava, to put on a robe.  Since she wants to talk to him over coffee, she runs to her room to change.  Hot for Ava, Jonathan cannot resist watching her from behind.

Amanda fires Aidan from the Wong case on sight.  He terms it as him quitting.  Amanda’s hopes he will now drop the matter are quickly dashed, since Aidan is armed with information about the kidnapping from the FBI.  Amanda immediately shifts to her shtick about how she and “poor J.R.” were brutalized.  Sincerely concerned for her, Aidan tells her he knows “what really happened.”  Amanda looks like she is ready to faint dead away. 

Regretful for his own actions, Adam continues to hold himself fully accountable for the circumstances.  Clearly guilty, J.R. shouts, “Snap out of it!”  Adam advises that nearly loosing him has changed his perspective.  The more Adam prattles on, the harder it becomes for J.R. to hold back what he started to tell Adam before.

Ryan starts opening up to Kendall.  Kendall throws “the kiss” in for good measure.  Kendall scolds him for not considering how Greenlee might interpret his kiss in light of her feelings.  Ryan maintains that he is oblivious to how Greenlee feels about him.  In turn, Kendall sarcastically throws all the indicators at him. 

Ava wants bartending tips from Jonathan.  Ava acts impressed, as he rattles off recipes.  Hoping to work Jonathan, Ava pretends to be helpless. 

Not realizing the circumstances, Krystal aims the bat at Colby’s bodyguard.  Krystal stops, once Colby identifies him.  Krystal now wonders why Colby has a bodyguard. 

Amanda tries to maintain “the story” without success.  Based on her expression, Aidan realizes Amanda was only involved after the fact.  Amanda remains evasive.  Aidan still hopes to reach her.  Knowing the truth will eventually come out, he implores her to reconsider backing up J.R.’s lies to the FBI.  Amanda now has the look of fear in her eyes.

J.R. struggles, as he leads up to his confession.  With tears in his eyes, he admits to orchestrating the kidnapping up until his men “double-crossed” him.  J.R. sobs over the fact he caused his father to lose everything, while Adam remains incredulous. 

Colby uses Sean’s arrest as the excuse for Adam hiring the tail.  Without revealing the real reason, Colby relays Adam’s financial circumstances.  Krystal appears stupefied and assures Colby she always has a home with her.  Colby insists they are fine.  Krystal gives her a supportive hug. 

Adam has to take a seat, when J.R. explains his intentions were to “Blow him out for good.”  J.R. then relays his suspicions of the collusion between Wong and Zach, as Adam remains frighteningly silent.  J.R. expects his father’s condemnation and invites it.  In response, Adam asks of a grief-stricken J.R., “How many times can a father lose his son?”

Amanda remains defensive, as Aidan begs her to turn state’s evidence against J.R.

Jonathan starts training Ava with hands on experience.  He then gives her tricks of the trade, especially if confronted with flirtatious customers.  When Ava feels unconfident, Jonathan reassures her.  Jonathan does not know how to respond, when Ava asks about the interaction between the two of them.

Ryan and Kendall go round and round about Greenlee and Annie.  In an effort to get Ryan to pinpoint his true feelings for Greenlee, Kendall approaches him from the angle of person who truly loves him.  She asks him how he feels about the situation with Greenlee.  Ryan chooses words like “guilt, responsibility, frustration, and anger,” in response.  He especially resents her for interfering in his marriage.  As she leaves Ryan to mull things over, Kendall feels this is a breakthrough moment for him.

Jonathan and Ava laugh, as he teaches her to flip and balance liquor bottles.  Di smiles, while she watches from the background.

Kendall finds Annie at work.  With keeping Ryan and Annie together as her agenda, Kendall busies Annie with work, even on Independence Day.

Jonathan quizzes Ava about recipes.  After she walks off, Di sarcastically mimics Ava’s seductive mannerisms.  Jonathan immediately cuts Di off.  As Jonathan leaves the room, Di cannot resist mimicking Ava one more time. 

Amanda defends J.R. as Aidan tries everything he can to get through to her.  When he uses Babe’s experiences with J.R. as an example, Amanda grows quiet.  He reminds her that J.R. is notorious for letting the women in his life take the blame for his nefarious actions. 

Since she does not know the truth, Krystal criticizes Adam for putting a tail on Colby.  She is amazed by Colby’s assessment, when Colby considers such action as a show of love. 

J.R. becomes more uncomfortable with his father’s silence.  He then ties to impress upon Adam the extreme pain he feels for betraying him.  Adam finally becomes emotive and shames J.R.  He begins by equating his feelings to the one’s J.R. experienced, when little A was missing.  Adam cannot believe J.R. is capable of inflicting such pain upon his own father.  When J.R. reaches out to touch Adam, Adam pushes him away.  Now devastated, J.R. throws his arms up.  Adam leaves him alone with his guilt.

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