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All My Children Update Monday 7/2/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Before leaving work, Kendall invites Greenlee out for dinner. A somewhat depressed Greenlee takes her up on her offer.

J.R. plays with little A in the “former” Chandler living room before sending him up for bed. As he sighs over his circumstances, he hears Tad entering the foyer. Having contacts at the FBI, Tad has just learned about the “kidnapping.” J.R. appears uncomfortable, when Tad asks about his and Amanda’s condition and general information. Tad is unsatisfied with J.R.’s response that, “It’s complicated.” In brief terms, J.R. relays how the very house they’re standing in is now Zach Slater’s.

At Zach’s casino, his pit boss makes an unusual request to him at the behest of a VIP customer. Zach looks over at the customer and sees none other than Adam.

As Erica gets ready to leave the hospital, Jack “plays “doctor” with her and finally unlocks the door to the room. As he nuzzles her neck, an angry Pam bursts in and shouts at him for kissing Erica.

Zach condescendingly sends Adam to the “nickel” slots rather than high stakes baccarat. Hoping to “reclaim his legacy,” Adam again asks Zach to raise to the betting limit at the baccarat table to $50,000. Confident lady luck is not on Adam’s side, Zach agrees and willingly steps in as Adam’s opponent.

J.R. finishes the details. Tad considers Adam’s sacrifice as reaffirmation for what he already knew about Adam’s love for J.R. J.R. then apprises Tad about Adam’s ongoing dealings with Zach before the kidnapping. Tad is troubled but not surprised, when he learns that Adam conspired with Zach to perform a hostile takeover on Chandler Enterprises. Tad returns his focus to the kidnapping. In reaction, J.R. goes into an angry tirade over Adam looking to Zach to back the ransom. As Tad observes J.R.’s melt down, he appears to view him suspiciously. During his diatribe, J.R. then slips and says, “It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.” Now on to him, Tad asks for an explanation.

After Annie returns home, Ryan tires to clarify her misinterpretation about his breakfast with Greenlee. Since Annie is completely unreceptive to him, Ryan wonders if there is anything else troubling her. Emma hears raised voices from upstairs and asks her parents why they are arguing. Ryan and Annie both appear disturbed that they upset their daughter.

During their dinner at the Yacht Club, Kendall asks about the situation between her, Ryan, and Annie. Greenlee finally answers that Ryan severed all ties with her, after Kendall prods further.

Jack ignores her and keeps kissing Erica. Pam then blasts Jack and Erica for her “working her adorable little booty off” in vain. As the happy couple basks in their reconciliation, Pam comes up with an alternative to keep the ratings hyped. She wants them to fake contentiousness until the date of their scheduled divorce; and then announce their last minute reconciliation. Jack hates the idea but notices the glimmer in Erica’s eye. He cannot believe she is even considering it.

Annie and Ryan calm Emma. Before she will go back to sleep, Emma makes her parents kiss. They give each other a peck, as Ryan takes Emma upstairs. Annie appears reflective and runs her hands through the sand that symbolizes their relationship. As Ryan returns downstairs, she abruptly informs him, “That can never happen again.” He agrees and finally manages to explain his breakfast. Ryan then acknowledges his wrongdoing for giving Greenlee such close proximity to his family. Although deeply appreciative to her husband, Annie expresses her fears that Greenlee still permeates their relationship regardless of whether she is extricated.

Kendall and Greenle continue their conversation. After Greenlee rants about Ryan’s unilateral decision to cut her off, she shifts the subject to the Fusion “green fragrance.” Kendall goes with the flow and suggests Annie be responsible for marketing. At the mention of Annie’s name, Greenlee scowls and makes her best efforts to turn Kendall against her. Kendall is pleased with Annie’s performance and refuses to fire her. Greenlee perceives Kendall’s resistance as taking “their” side over hers. Kendall assures her otherwise. At the very least Greenlee wants Kendall to consider Ryan’s role in this situation. Kendall listens, as Greenlee tries to interpret his actions. Kendall is then shocked to learn Ryan recently kissed Greenlee. As Greenlee thanks Kendall for being a sounding board, Josh happens to arrive. Acting like a matchmaker, Kendall encourages Josh to join them. Josh and Greenlee exchange a knowing smile, since they are already on friendly terms.

Ryan tries everything he can to make Annie feel confident. A weary Annie puts Ryan on the spot. She questions whether he would have married her, if Greenlee “got to him” before their wedding.

Erica attempts to convince Jack they are obligated to put on a show for their fans. As he resists, a pouting Erica asks, “For me?”

Adam continues his high stake game with Zach. Adam makes a loose reference to “deception,” as he keeps losing hands to the house. After his comment, Adam breaks even with his next hand. Zach puts on a wry grin.

Still suspicious, Tad questions J.R.’s anger towards Adam for leveraging the ransom without success. He then tries another approach to build his case. Armed with ammo from Aidan, Tad inquires why both he and Amanda are in hot pursuit of one “Shamus Wong.” A stupefied J.R. is hit with another whammy from Tad, “Where did Wong get $150,000?” Hoping he is wrong, Tad wants J.R. to tell him he did not stage his own kidnapping. Tad becomes disgusted, as J.R. cries about the brutal kidnappers. When J.R. still does not come clean, Tad gives him some very sound fatherly advice: to tell Adam the truth.

Adam grows more embittered, as he tries to reason with Zach without success. To add insult to injury, the house takes the next hand.

Ryan notes irony in the fact Greenlee posed the exact same question. Through example, he hopes to prove to Annie that she is truly the woman he wants. So emotionally overwhelmed, Annie is unable to convey her feelings and lashes out. To assuage her, he mistakenly wishes they could move to “another planet.” Annie seizes on his own words to illustrate her earlier point: “if you got rid of Greenlee, why would we have to move? The couple reaches a stalemate.

For distraction purposes, Kendall keeps pushing Josh and Greenlee together. To stick it to Kendall, Josh goes on about his previous “complicated relationship,” and how he longs for the person. Greenlee plays along. An unsuspecting Kendall tries to shut him up. The two keep toying with Kendall, as Greenlee starts going on about pining over Ryan. Based on their “common interests,” Greenlee then jokingly turns to a frustrated Kendall and announces her and Josh are perfect for each other.

To convince Jack, Pam lays out the dramatic ending and Erica agrees to publicly admit that she “wanted the reconciliation.” Foregoing her ego clinched the deal. As Jack passionately kisses her, he concedes conditioned on his “script approval.”

When Adam is ahead $600,000, he accuses Zach of setting him up with the ransom. As Zach remains poker faced, Adam then accuses him of orchestrating the entire kidnapping.

J.R. starts getting defensive and denies Tad’s accusation. In hopes of reaching J.R., he advises him that he will be destroyed by guilt. Now shaken J.R. drops the watch from Adam but maintains his innocence.

Jack and Erica celebrate their return home with a kiss. A dismayed Pam arrives on scene. She is armed with an advance copy of a rag sheet exposing the couple’s kiss in the hospital. The headline is captioned: “Sham.” A confidant Erica assures her that the public will never see it.

Adam dismisses Zach’s denial of his accusation. He then tosses some chips down to serve as one month’s rent on his former house. To appear reasonable, Zach accepts the rent payment.

Tad keeps working on a resistant J.R. by reminding him that his father came clean with him. J.R. grows quiet, when Tad advises that Adam and J.R. must be united to stand up to the formidable Zach. Before leaving, Tad offers his unwavering support and wishes J.R. “Happy Birthday.” Now alone, J.R. mulls over Tad’ wise advice.

It becomes too much for Kendall, when Josh and Greenlee break into a romantic dance. As they sit at Kendall’s insistence, the chemistry between them is obvious.

Ryan still tries to find the right words. Clearly worn, Annie heads upstairs and requests some space. Ryan sits up alone and stares at the sand for answers.

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