AMC Update Friday 6/29/07

All My Children Update Friday 6/29/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

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Greenlee arrives at Fusion with instruction for Di and Babe to do research on a line of organic skin products for babies, including sunscreen.  She tells them that her time with Ryan and Spike gave her the idea.  She says that she has an important meeting to go to and wants the concept ready when she returns.  Di and Babe discuss their dislike of her.

As Annie arrives, Greenlee smirks and says, "Good morning."  She let Annie know that she has an important business meeting and she tosses Annie a knowing smile and leaves.  Annie is mad as hell with Greenlee.  Di and Babe convince her that she can deal with Greenlee and that she must stay at Fusion.  Babe states that she (Babe) can deal with Greenlee, because outside of Fusion, Greenlee is not apart of her life.  She apologizes to Annie for her senseless comment.  Annie is unnerved by Greenlee’s latest antics.  She spills coffee as she unravels.  Annie is concerned that her marriage could burn.  Annie realizes that she cannot control Ryan and that only he can control himself.  Annie states that Ryan has made Greenlee a part of his life and she must figure out a way to deal with that.   

Greenlee meets Ryan to talk about their together time with Spike yesterday.  Ryan lets her know that things have to change.  As he is talking, she is eating breakfast as well as being flirty.  Ryan states that he and Greenlee cannot be together.  Greenlee wants to know how they can break up when they are not a couple.  She wants an explanation since he offered to include her in his family.  Ryan states that he cannot be with her, nor talk to, or hang out with her.  He states that any inclusion in Spike’s life must be on Kendall’s part.  Greenlee is obviously disappointed.  He also says that they cannot be friends.  Greenlee lets him know that without him, it all falls apart.  Ryan lets Greenlee know that she is a threat to his family.  She is everywhere, and in his mind, it has to stop.  Greenlee pushes and Ryan warns her not to make him say that he does not want her.  He would choose Annie, not her.  He states that his family does not include her.  Greenlee is shocked.  She thought things were better.  She tells him that she and Kendall are OK.  She blames Annie for being cut out of Ryan’s life.  Ryan let her know that it is his decision, not Annie’s.  Greenlee runs away after saying she cannot do what Ryan wants.   

Annie meets Ryan after receiving a text message.  She looks at the table and figures out that Ryan was the private meeting that Greenlee had.  She runs away leaving Ryan puzzled.   

Greenlee is crying on the beach.  She talks to herself saying that she crashed after taking a risk.  She asked what she should do.  She asks where faith is when you need it.  She voices out loud that if she loses Ryan, she loses everything.  Her last words are “I am not going to let that happen.” 

Adam is getting some investors to put up a part of the ransom owed Zach.  He is on the phone telling one of them that he needs more time to pay back the loan.  Zach arrives at the Chandler Mansion and he and Adam exchange greetings.  Adam wants Zach to extend the deadline but Zach says that there is no way would he do that.  Adam implores Zach to give them more time.  Adam asks Zach if he would like to make more money.  He compliments Zach by telling him that he is a smart man.  Zach replies, “Let me get some boots so that I can walk through this mess.”  Adam asks for a year extension on the deadline.  Colby comes in and tells Adam that someone is outside videotaping their cars.  Zach tells her that his men are taking inventory.  She asks Zach if he is calling in the loan and calls him crazy.  She says her dad was just trying to keep the family together.  Zach says, “Listen honey, your father, and I have a business arrangement.”  J.R. gets angry, and Zach tells him to settle down and accept his reality.  Adam says again that he did what he had to to get J.R. home.  Zach sarcastically points out Adam’s attitude as an example that J.R. should follow.  Zach tells J.R. that no one is blaming him for losing the family fortune.  He also asks why they would, knowing that J.R. would not answer truthfully.  J.R. looks guilty.   

Amanda and J.R. are at the Yacht Club.  They are trying to get a pilot to divulge information about Seamus.  They try to query him about flying an Asian male to a remote location in the past week.  The pilot is suspicious.  He let them know that he do not give out client information and he leaves.  Amanda reminds J.R. that she will get five percent of the 100 million dollar ransom.  J.R. insists that she not continue to involve Aidan in the ransom caper.  J.R. is full of remorse and does not want to blow his father’s entire portfolio.  Amanda reminds him that he alone thought of and planned the kidnapping and he leaves the yacht club.  Aidan walks up and tells Amanda that her liaison with J.R. is dangerous.  Amanda tells Aidan to back off.  Aidan also warns her about Seamus.   

Jack asks a nurse how Mrs. Kane is doing.  The nurse does not understand why Erica is still in the hospital and she tells Jack this.  Jack enters Erica’s room and acts as if the nurse told him that Erica is on her last leg.  He lets Erica know that he will not remarry until she dies of her ailment even though he is interested in Milla.  He promises Erica that when she closes her eyes for the last time, he would let her children know how much she loved them.  He says that he will always love her even after she is gone.  He walks toward the door and starts to leave the room.  Erica stops him and Jack tells Erica that there should be no more tricks or he will walk.  Erica finally lets him know that she wants him, and she wants to know what he intends to do about it.  Erica and Jack talk about their love and they kiss passionately to seal their pledge to each other.  A nurse sees Erica and Jack kissing and she takes a picture.  Jack closes the blinds and he and Erica make love in the hospital room. 

Annie asked Babe and Di about the assignment Greenlee wanted completed.  Di congratulates Babe on taking her GED.  

Annie figures out that the baby sunscreen idea is Greenlee’s.    

Zach looks at his watch and determines that the 48-hour time limit is up.  He welcomes J.R. and Adam into his new house as he takes over the Chandler Mansion.

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