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J.R. is telling Adam that the ransom money could be anywhere.  J.R. thinks that Zach pulled a fast one.  When asked by Adam what he is hiding, J.R. lies and says he isn’t hiding anything.  Adam knows that J.R. is still hiding some information from him and he implores J.R. to come clean.  Zach is poised to take over Chandler Enterprise and Adam thinks that he and J.R. should put on a united front to the board members.  Adam is still being kind to J.R. by apologizing for disowning him.  He gives J.R. an inscribed watch that reads, “To my son, my world” which makes J.R. feel guilty again.  J.R. and Adam face the board together with news about the impending changes to Chandler Enterprises.  Adam takes responsibility for the Cambias takeover and tells the board that he is glad to have J.R. back on his team.  J.R. is adamant that Zach will not win.  

Amanda has made an appointment with Lily to see Zach.  Since Zach was told that her request was urgent, he agrees to meet her at his new home.  Amanda states J.R.’s theories to Zach about what he thought went down.  She surmises that Zach made a deal to loan Adam the money for J.R.’s ransom but that he arranged for the money to be taken by his cronies, thus giving him the Chandler assets and the return of his money.  She is trying to make a deal with Zach to remain silent about this theory.  She tells Zach that she wants a business deal not a romantic liaison.  She also states that she wants to work with Zach and not J.R. because Zach is a genius, and a master for fooling the Chandlers.  She states that she hates Adam for what he did to her mom, and wants to see him pay.  For her silence on her theories, she is asking for ten percent of the ransom, which would equal 10 million dollars.  Zach, of course, admits to nothing.  He states emphatically that he had nothing to do with J.R.’s kidnapping.   

He tells her they have a deal as long as she gets acting lessons and delivers a message to J.R.  To Amanda’s dismay, the deal is for a couple of hundred dollar bills.  He also tells her to return to J.R. and tell him that he is an idiot to send her to trap him.  He suggests that Amanda stop at a moving company on the way back to J.R.’s to gather some boxes.  Amanda meets Aidan and gets an update on his finding Seamus.  Aidan is closing in, but has not found Seamus yet. 

Kendall walks in and overhears Zach telling Amanda that he is taking over Chandler enterprises.  She asks about the purpose of Amanda’s visit and information on Chandler Enterprises.  Zach explains that Amanda was job hunting.  He gives Kendall details about the Chandler caper.  He tells her that he wants to get back at J.R. for what he did to her.  She is happy and says they will be very rich and surmises that they will be the richest people in Pine Valley, and maybe the richest in the entire state.  He tells her that J.R. is through hurting people.   

Zach is giving Kendall a foot message.  Kendall loves it, and begs for more.  He stops for a minute and she implores him to continue.  She calls him the “Bill Gates of Pine Valley.”  He asked, “What would you like to do with the Chandler Mansion?”  She suggests that they turn it into a big playroom for Spike and little Slater.  She also suggests a name change from “Chandler Enterprise” to “Slater Enterprise.”  She invites Zach to give her some love.  Zach leans over and kisses her passionately which they both enjoy.

Amanda gets into a fight with Del out of frustration for the way the meeting with Zach went.  He comments on how she has changed.  He likens her to Paris Hilton and states again how different she is now.  

Greenlee is with Spike and Ryan at the Yacht Club.  She is showing Ryan the shoes she got for Spike in the gift shop.  Annie walks in and notices them.  She has a frown on her face and starts to argue with Greenlee.  Annie leaves not wanting to make a public scene, but Ryan runs after her after asking the nanny to take Spike.  Annie talks to Ryan about her disappointment over Greenlee.  She says, “Greenlee is never going to stop trying to get you back, and you love it.”  Greenlee joins Josh at the ConFusion bar for drinks.  She tells Josh that she is on her way to winning Ryan back.  Annie is still uncertain about Ryan’s commitment to her as they leave for home. 

Ryan is stating emphatically to Annie that he loves her and the kids.  Annie is jealous of Greenlee and explains her insecurity to him.  The relationship with Greenlee is destroying their marriage. 

Jamie, Babe, and Krystal are at the Comeback Bar.  They are celebrating the fact that Babe has taken the GED.  The drinks are on the house.  Colby enters and asks Krystal for a job.  Colby sells herself and her skills to Krystal.  Krystal hires her to be a busboy.  Jamie gives Babe a dictionary that he has hollowed out and hidden a high school ring inside.  He designed the ring for her as a gift.  If Babe passes her test, she has decided to attend Pine Valley University and asks Jamie to be her tutor.   

Ava and Colby argue over Sean.  Krystal breaks it up and tells them to get along or get fired.  Colby and Ava have decided to get along rather than be fired.  Krystal promises that if there are any more catfights, they will be fired.

Jack knows that Erica is faking her illness.  In fun, he lets her know that if her condition get worse and she dies, that she will always be in his heart.  He also states that he will not remarry until she has passed on.  

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