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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/27/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erica milks her “fall” for everything it’s worth.  As she finishes primping in her mirror, Pam and Val, with flowers in hand, rush inside her hospital room.  Erica, through her evasive responses, tries to imply her condition is more serious.  Pam then throws the cameraman out, appearing successfully worked by Erica. 

Before his divorce is finalized, Livia shows up at Jack to give him a proverbial flame under his rear.  She then wipes the smile off of his face, when she asks, “Do you want to be miserable for the rest of your life?”

Kendall is exuberant, as she enters Fusion.  Annie is clearly in no mood to listen to Kendall’s cheerful tone.  Annie immediately informs Kendall that Greenlee just tried to fire her.  As Annie storms past her, Kendall does not quite know how to respond to the situation.

Greenlee surprises Ryan from behind at the Yacht Club.  He whips around expecting Annie but does not seem too disappointed to see Greenlee.  Based on their frequent run-ins, Greenlee flirtatiously advises Ryan that he is “stuck with her.”  Ryan responds with a half-smile.    

As Amanda returns to work, Del grills her about her so-called trip to Fiji.  Noting her lack of tan, Del believes she contrived the trip story to cover an affair with a married man.  He then tries to sell himself to her.  As she attempts to stick to her story, J.R. shows up and pulls her aside. 

Now acting concerned, Pam sits at Erica’s bedside.  Anxious to get rid of her, Erica convinces Pam to go to their office.  Before leaving, Pam tells Erica how much she loves her.  Believing Pam is gone, Erica starts dressing the room up for Jack.  Pam sneaks back inside to catch Erica and causes her to drop the vase of flowers.  Erica hushes Pam and jumps back into bed.  With that, the door opens.  From her vantage point, Erica can only see a fist full of flowers and believes it is Jack.  Her fake smile disappears, when Tad announces himself.  He then advises he brought flowers as an addition to her props. 

Knowing Erica can never admit she is wrong, Livia pushes Jack to get around her stubbornness somehow.  Livia does not accept Jack’s defeatist attitude, when he throws his hands up.  Jack then advises Erica had the door wide open to her last night and did not show.  As Livia suggests possibly stalling the proceedings, Jack receives a call.  Erica makes Tad do her dirty work.  Jack becomes upset, as he learns from Tad about Erica’s hospitalization.  Erica loves Tad’s performance.  Joe walks in and overhears Tad tell Erica, “It’s showtime.”  Joe puts the kibosh on their plans. 

Kendall attempts to assure Annie that her position is secure.  Annie remains convinced otherwise based upon Greenlee’s treatment towards her.  Annie becomes infuriated, when Kendall tries to diminish the meaning behind Greenlee’s threats. 

Ryan resists Greenlee’s offer to join her for lunch.  Greenlee thinks she is making headway with Ryan, as she thanks him for including her as family.  As she prattles on about their bond, Ryan listens intently.  Ryan then firmly clarifies her position on his totem pole, “My wife and children will always come first.”  Greenlee’s syrupy smile then sours.  Claiming she understands Annie’s feelings, Greenlee then manages to act as though she expected the comment. 

Meanwhile, Annie hopes to convince Kendall of Greenlee’s hidden agenda.  Kendall insists that Greenlee is powerless in terms of reclaiming Ryan and firing her.  Annie believes Kendall and Ryan’s perspective on Greenlee is clouded by guilt.  Kendall does not believe her obligatory feelings towards Greenlee impact Annie.  Annie becomes frustrated by Kendall’s position.

Colby flies through Jack’s door to see Sean.  Colby hysterically exclaims she is being followed.  Putting on the machismo act, Sean heads outside to confront “the tail,” armed with his glass ball.  Colby stops him cold when she fears the man following her may be J.R.’s kidnapper.

J.R. attempts to convince Amanda to go home.  Wanting to appear “business as usual,” Amanda declines.  After she reminds him of their “deal,” J.R. remains hell-bent on out-maneuvering Zach.  He then explodes on her, when she tells him she retained Aidan to find Wong. 

In the hallway, Tad persuades Joe to give Erica a 24-hour reprieve after his convincing “mental health” argument.  When he returns to Erica’s room, Josh is tending to her.  Tad’s persuasive tactics floor Erica.  After Josh places boundaries on his mother’s “favor,” she begins believing she actually needs to recuperate.  She also regards her accident as fate.  Before exiting, Tad makes a wise crack about her pride.  Erica starts laughing.  Tad sees Jack outside the room and dramatizes Erica’s condition.  Now worried, Jack rushes inside her room.  The couple gazes lovingly at each other.  Tad cheers them on from the hallway.

Erica gives a brilliant performance, as Jack fawns over her with sincere concern.  Josh puts on his doctor act and leaves to give them privacy.  Erica basks in Jack’s attentiveness. 

After Colby confides in Sean about the kidnapping, he promises to keep it confidential.  He then looks at her adoringly and exclaims he would be lost if anything happened to her.  Colby jumps when someone knocks on the door.  Colby sighs with relief when Sean shows Derek in.  Derek then advises Colby that her “stalker” is a bodyguard retained by Adam.  Colby is confused when Derek comments, “We know why you need one.”

The more Amanda details her conversation with Aidan, the more agitated J.R. becomes.  It appears someone is lurking in the background as they sit at a table in the corner and argue over their scheme and respective motives.  J.R. shifts back again to his concerns over her hiring Aidan. 

Despite Kendall’s efforts, Annie believes that she remains Greenlee’s target.  Kendall hopes Annie will eventually recognize how “special” Greenlee is, and Annie rolls her eyes in response.  Hoping to catch-up with Ryan at the club, Annie declines Kendall’s “smoothie” offer. 

To cast herself in the best light with Ryan, Greenlee promises to resolve things with Annie.  To her chagrin, Ryan only reaffirms his feelings for Annie.  As Greenlee puts on the “I’m genuinely happy for you” routine, Rachel shows up with Spike.  While Ryan holds the baby, Greenlee fawns all over him.  Ryan reacquaints his son with “Auntie Greenlee.”  Ryan breaks up the happy moment to take Spike swimming. 

J.R. and Amanda finally engage in a more constructive conversation.  Amanda caresses his shoulder, as he reveals his plans to regain control over Wong.  Kendall walks in on the scenario.  Kendall and J.R. exchange mutual digs, as J.R. leaves.  Kendall then quizzes Amanda about Fiji.  She responds abruptly and puts in her notice at ConFusion.  Kendall starts wondering about her behavior.  She then warns Amanda about J.R.’s “lethal” tendencies. 

Colby appears relieved, when she realizes Derek’s comment was in reference to Sean’s arrest not the kidnapping.  Derek finishes his lecture and leaves.  Sean speculates Derek will now “rat them out” to Adam; thus, preventing them from being together.  Colby assures him that no one can keep them apart. 

To put the finishing touches on the reconciliation, Erica tries to draw Jack in with her fake dream about him.  Now on to her, Jack plays along with her charade. 

Clad in her bikini and loaded with sunscreen for Ryan, Greenlee joins him and Spike by the pool. 

Tad tries to catch up with J.R., as he scurries across the Yacht Club deck.  Tad knows J.R. hoped to avoid him.  Without providing the actual reason, J.R. advises he decided against changing his name to Martin.  Tad ironically compliments J.R.’s self-restraint.  J.R. appears to be, “if Tad only knew the truth.”

Colby and Sean make plans around Sean’s community service and curfew.  As Sean strokes her hair, he confirms they are alone.  Colby is happy to know they have the house to themselves and thrilled Ava moved out.  They then share a passionate kiss. 

As Erica keeps the act going, Jack tries to appear concerned for her health.  He leaves to get Erica a surprise.  Erica smiles victoriously.

Amanda cuts Kendall off from giving further warnings about J.R.  When Amanda reacts defensively, Kendall huffs off.  Amanda hurriedly grabs her phone and requests an urgent appointment with Zach through Lily.

Annie arrives at the club.  Meanwhile, Greenlee goes in for the kill, when she hands Ryan a little pair of boating shoes for Spike.  Ryan loves the gift.  Annie happens to look over at them, as they appear to be having a great time together. 

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