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Written By Linda
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Greenlee puts a damper on Ryan and Annie’s “enjoyment” when she bumps into them on the beach.

An FBI agent responds to Adam’s house.  Once Adam apprises him of the missing ransom and the collateral deadline, the FBI agent is not overly optimistic the money can be recovered in time.  Since he could potentially go bankrupt, the agent questions Adam’s somewhat nonchalant attitude.  Adam explains that his gratitude for J.R.’s safe return overshadows the potential loss of his fortune.  Meanwhile, J.R. calls Amanda from his house to give her a heads up.  While seated in her living room, Amanda rehearses her “lines” with J.R.  He then becomes nervous when she throws his botched scheme and the betrayal of his employee, Seamus Wong, in J.R.’s face.  Before cutting her off, J.R. reminds her they must track down Seamus before the “Feds” find him.  As J.R. concludes the call, Adam taps him on the shoulder to get his attention.  J.R. appears jittery, as he heads in the living room for questioning. 

Before Aidan leaves Wildwind, Amanda solicits his “top-secret” services to locate “missing man,” Seamus Wong. 

From his poolside table at the Yacht Club, Zach checks in with the now sought after Mr. Wong via cellular phone.  Mr. Wong advises him of his safe arrival in Asia.  Although subtle, Zach reminds him that he never wants to hear from him again.  Through their conversation, Zach reveals his receipt of his one hundred million dollars and anticipated demise of the Chandler fortune. 

Greenlee claims she is unaware they returned from their “family honeymoon” and apologizes for interrupting “their moment.”  While Ryan uncomfortably manages a few words, Annie responds graciously and engages Greenlee in neutral conversation about the “signature scent.”  Greenlee subtly digs Annie by prattling on about the collaborative “chemistry” between her, Babe, Di, and Kendall.  In response, Annie gives some digs of her own.  Realizing the conversation is about to “go south,” Ryan politely shuts it down.  After Greenlee walks off, Ryan tries to recapture the moment.  Greenlee watches them kiss from the bushes.  As she kisses Ryan, Annie assures him she will not allow Greenlee to bother her at work. 

While standing outside at the Comeback, Adam makes frantic calls to raise money without success.  Almost sensing his presence, Krystal looks up and observes him entering the bar.  Adam uses his so-called apology to Stuart as an excuse to engage a non-receptive Krystal in conversation.  Hoping to bait Krystal, he cites a “family emergency” as his excuse for his recent rudeness towards Stuart.  Still angered from the maltreatment the other night, Krystal states, “You’re a hard man to love.  Take what you can get from Stuart.”

Aidan does not buy Amanda’s concerned act for her new missing boyfriend, Mr.  Wong.  Amanda becomes tongue-tied, when Aidan demands the truth from her. 

J.R. approaches Zach’s table.  Dripping with sarcasm, Zach greets him.  After briefly apprising Zach of the FBI’s involvement, a suspicious J.R. questions the motivations behind Zach’s recent warning of “buzzards” circling him.  He then mentions the bizarre chain of events following the warning.  When J.R. throws the name Seamus Wong at him, Zach slightly grins and feigns ignorance. 

When Ava seeks employment from her, Krystal mistakes her for Lily.  After Ava introduces herself, Krystal is blown away by their close resemblance.  Krystal asks why she should hire Ava and Ava tells her that she has never worked in a bar or restaurant but that she is smart and learns things quickly, and that she likes people and they like her.  She goes on to say that, she told Lily that she had a terrific job and that this could be that job.  Krystal asks if she has any references other than Lily and Ava tells her that Di Henry is a friend of hers and that she just moved in with her.  Krystal observes Lily on her bar patio. 

J.R. offers alternatives to Zach in lieu of collecting the collateral.  With an air of arrogance, Zach is unwilling to negotiate.  To gain information, Zach inquires whether J.R. mentioned the missing Wong to the FBI.  J.R. looks at Zach curiously and responds, “No, I just thought of it.”  Frustrated with Zach’s evasive tactics, J.R. demands he reveal his motives for putting up the ransom. 

Krystal looks over at Lily again and then gives Ava a waitress job.  An ecstatic Ava appreciatively hugs Krystal and heads towards the back for her apron.  After appearing in court for Sean’s sentencing, Sean and Jack join Lily on the patio.  Sean is clearly relieved by the outcome.  Through Jack’s comments, he reveals the judge sentenced Sean as a juvenile on a misdemeanor charge.  A greatly appreciative Sean acknowledges “the strings Jack pulled for him.”  When Lily apologizes for her absence in court, a disappointed Jack notes Erica’s absence as well.  Ava approaches to take their order, and Jack can barely look up at her.  Lily is surprised and happy for her sister, while a disgusted Sean places an order to get his “wrecked summer back.”

To derail J.R., Zach mentions the sacrifices Adam made to insure his safe return.  J.R. does not fall for Zach’s routine, in light of his transgressions against his wife.  Now tired of Zach “blowing smoke,” J.R. threatens him with a “slice of Chandler” and storms off.  An unshaken Zach orders a bottle of the “best” champagne in anticipation of celebration. 

Amanda attempts to stick to her story.  When Aidan presses her for details about her romance, Amanda realizes she has to concoct a more plausible version.  Aidan views her more credibly, when Amanda mentions Seamus is in possession of her deceased father’s coin valued between $500,000 and $5,000,000.  Amanda sighs with relief, as Aidan assures her, “I’m on it.”  With that, the doorbell rings and the FBI agent announces himself, as she walks on to the front porch. 

At Fusion, Babe and Di discuss the good time they all had testing the new “green” fragrance.  Just after Babe relays her positive interaction with Greenlee last night, Greenlee arrives in full bitch mode.  As Babe questions Greenlee’s overnight transformation, Annie enters and stares down Greenlee.  Babe smiles, as she receives her non-verbal answer. 

Ryan joins Zach, at the Yacht Club.  When he wonders why Zach is not working, Zach makes a veiled reference to Adam’s collateral.  Ryan asks about the apparent truce between the Fusion partners.  Although he confirms it, his expression suggests trepidation.  When Ryan questions his attitude, a skeptical Zach remains confident that the truce is short lived. 

Greenlee throws the first salvo by telling Annie they “moved on” in her absence from Fusion.  Annie does not let her get away with it, but Greenlee persists.  Based on her comments, Annie surmises Greenlee “wants her gone.”

To make Ava feel guilty, Jack tells her about Sean’s sentence of 300 community service hours, and the impact it has on his college application.  Both Sean and Jack try to goad her into coming forward.  As Lily exclaims the real cowardly perpetrator should be punished, Ava begins to squirm in silence.  Lily wonders why Sean and Jack both stare at Ava.  The tension for Ava is interrupted by a call to Jack from Barbara.  Sean looks as though he would rather have a tooth pulled than talk to his mother.  His disappointment is apparent, as he hears Jack advise Barbara they are soon en route to her.  Lily decides to remain there to watch Ava.  As Ava turns to go inside, a man taps Lily on the shoulder.  When she hears Lily scream, Ava rushes to protect her sister with Krystal following behind her.

J.R. returns home, as a frustrated Adam places more calls for money.  He then informs J.R. that he has not heard back from the FBI.  After calming Adam, J.R. questions his wisdom in involving Zach.  He then wonders why Zach is unwilling to assist in locating his money.  As he continues assessing Zach’s motives, Adam finally admits that he and Zach have been collaborating against J.R. on an ongoing basis.

Krystal suggests that Lily could use some company.  As Ava sits with her, Lily appears still frightened.  Ava tries to help Lily overcome her fear of touching.  She manages to get Lily to acknowledge that touching Jack and Jonathan once did not hurt her.  To convince her further, Ava cleverly asks Lily to touch her own reflection in the mirror.  Hoping Lily will take the next step, Ava asks Lily to imagine her as just a mirror reflection.  Lily appears anxious, as she contemplates moving forward.

With her fake smile and sugary tone, Greenlee denies Annie’s accusation.  Annie then stands with her hands on her hips, as Greenlee advises she is merely concerned about Annie’s potential future conflicts between motherhood and work.  Annie makes clear to Greenlee that she intends to remain at Fusion.  In response, Greenlee lets her know how easily she can dispense with her. 

Believing that Annie and Greenlee will reach an accord, Ryan attacks Zach for not getting on board with the program.  Zach maintains his position concerning Greenlee and cautions Ryan about the repercussions of his actions.  To bolster his point, Zach revisits the blackout and Ryan and Kendall’s history with Greenlee.  In response, Ryan mocks Zach’s belief in his own omnipotence. 

J.R. is initially infuriated with Adam for conspiring with Zach to regain control of Chandler.  Once he processes the information, he mistakenly thinks he understands Zach’s motives for covering the ransom.  Adam remains unaffected by the seemingly inevitable loss of his fortune and then notes the irony in his current circumstances.  J.R. feels they can outmaneuver Zach with his controlling interest in Chandler.  J.R. shakes his head in disbelief, when he learns Zach has now acquired vast holdings in Chandler Enterprises based on Adam’s insistence.

To avoid anyone overhearing her conversation, Amanda remains outside with the agent.  She puts on the innocent angel act, as he questions her.  She advises she was a mere bystander without further information.  Amanda appears relieved, when the brief interrogation is concluded.  She is caught off guard, when the agent mentions she may have to testify under oath.

Lily halts her progress.  Through her sincere words, Ava manages to gain Lily’s trust.  Ava then holds her hand back up to Lily’s.  Lily slowly reaches for Ava’s hand.  As their hands meet, Lily is overcome by joy.  Both sisters are elated, when their hands intertwine.

Annie lets Greenlee have it with both barrels.  She then tries to undermine Greenlee’s authority to fire her by throwing Kendall in her face.  Greenlee haughtily believes she can make a unilateral decision.  Annie then deals the final blow, “Firing me is not going to get you Ryan back.”

As Ryan rises to leave, Zach repeats his warning of foreboding doom.  Ryan shakes his head at Zach and heads off. 

Adam tries to focus J.R. on accumulating Zach’s money instead of recriminations.  While Adam is on the phone, J.R. starts piecing things together from today’s conversations with Adam and Zach.  Amanda arrives to tell him about her performance with the agent.  J.R. shares his conclusions with Amanda that Zach has the 100 million and “turned” Wong.  J.R. is resolved to beat Zach at his own game. 

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