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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

After hours of concocting their new fragrance for “Fusion Green,” Greenlee and Kendall call a late night emergency meeting at ConFusion.  The partners excitedly stand by, as Babe and Di inhale the potion to provide a “fresh perspective.”  Kendall and Greenlee joyously clamor, as the other two give their rave reviews.  Zach, seated in the background, overhears all the compliments and jokingly asks if they are talking about him. 

In their living room, Adam explains to J.R. why he solicited financial help from Zach.  As a grateful Adam clings onto his rescued son for dear life, J.R. appears teary-eyed and racked with guilt.  Based on all of his transgressions against his father, J.R. wonders how Adam could make such an extreme sacrifice for him.  In response, Adam expresses his unwavering love for J.R.  In contrast, Adam is unsympathetic to Amanda.  As J.R. worries about Adam losing everything, Adam places a call to the FBI to assist him with tracking the ransom.  J.R., of course, discourages Adam from involving them.  Fearing the outcome of an investigation, Amanda shoots an eye-widened look at J.R.

Erica catches up with Tad at the Yacht Club.  Since she is evading Jack’s offer to return to their bed, she asks Tad to sleep with her.  Although it was not her intention, Erica unleashes the “animal” in Tad.  While he rattles off his torrid, long time fantasies involving her, Erica is precluded from clarifying her “offer.”  Erica becomes tongue-tied, as Tad continues his lustful outpouring on bent knee.  Erica is completely stunned, when Tad caresses her rear and nuzzles her chest. 

J.R. again attempts to dissuade Adam from calling the FBI.  His excuse of “being mired down by bureaucracy” in the face of Zach’s 48-hour deadline is unsuccessful.  As Adam places the call, J.R. has to do damage control with Amanda.  Unwilling to go down with the ship, Amanda storms upstairs.  J.R. then has to excuse her behavior to Adam.  J.R. gets a slight reprieve, when Adam informs him the FBI is not responding until tomorrow.  Delighted his son returned unscathed, Adam again grabs hold of J.R.  Still overcome with guilt and fear of getting caught, J.R. breaks from his hold and insists on immediately tracking the money themselves. 

Kendall corrals a less than enthusiastic Zach into being the next fragrance tester.  Zach flatly responds, “It’s great.”  Kendall then drags him to see the “green” ad campaign, after the women prattle on about the new concept.  With tester in hand, a tired Di politely compliments the partners’ potion and heads for home.  Greenlee then apologizes to Babe for the late night meeting.  Greenlee is then shocked to learn Babe was up “cramming” for her GED test in the morning.  Meanwhile upstairs, Kendall excitedly relays her “magical” collaborative efforts and openhearted discussion with Greenlee to a skeptical Zach.  Even though Kendall shares her confidence with Zach that Greenlee is “moving on,” he remains convinced Greenlee will not stop until she has Spike and Ryan.

Babe appears as though she cannot believe her ears when Greenlee apologizes for riding Babe about her non-existent diploma.  After Greenlee’s mea culpa, Babe profusely thanks her.  Greenlee looks at her quizzically, when Babe says, “I owe you big time.”

Unbeknownst to Erica, Tad is having a good time at her expense.  Continuing his charade, Tad, through purring words, invites her “for the ride of her life.”  Erica pushes him away in feigned disgust.  Tad then drops the act and declines to participate in another one of Erica’s televised schemes to play games with Jack.  In the spirit of friendship, Tad advises her ploy is beneath her and to reconcile with her husband.  Clearly showing her pride, Erica finally reveals she wants Jack to crawl to her.

Concerned the stress may affect Adam’s health, J.R. encourages him to get some rest and to take his medication.  Adam assures him Colby has kept a watchful eye on him.  Intent on making amends, J.R. chalks up his former threats to change his name to Martin as “just noise.”

Tad tries to knock sense into a non-receptive Erica.  He stops her, as she stubbornly insists on finding another willing participant.  Erica quiets, as he illustrates, through his own actions with Dixie, the destructive results of “playing games” with loved ones.  Although she expresses her sincere sorrow for Tad’s loss, Erica does not apply Tad’s wisdom to her situation.  Clearly a woman on a mission, Erica kisses her friend goodbye and walks off.  As Tad heads for the bar, he hears a loud crash.  He turns to find Erica lying on the floor after apparently colliding with a waiter.  As he rushes to her aid, Erica rubs her head.

Zach reacts to Kendall’s assurances about Greenlee with sarcastic remarks.  Kendall then furrows her forehead in disbelief, when Zach agrees to “back-off” of Greenlee at her behest.  Zach adds one ominous caveat, “She won’t know what hit her, if she comes after you or Spike again.”  Meanwhile, Greenlee remains puzzled by Babe’s gratitude.  Although Greenlee had ulterior motives, Babe appreciates the opportunities that emanated from her control of Greenlee’s Fusion shares and her current second chance to work there again.  Based on the circumstances, Greenlee doubts Babe’s sincerity. 

For his own benefit, J.R. asks Adam for any details he recalls about the kidnappers.  J.R. is relieved to learn Adam did not inform anyone about it.  With that, Colby enters.  When Colby becomes upset by J.R.’s appearance, Adam tells her J.R. was kidnapped.  Deeply concerned, Colby hugs J.R. and now understands Adam’s recent behavior.  Amanda sarcastically interjects about the ransom, as Colby questions why the matter must remain private.  Since he does not know the true circumstances, Adam becomes derisive towards Amanda.  Realizing she is a ticking time bomb, J.R. tries to calm Amanda.  Amanda grows angrier and threatens Adam with, “one more word and I’ll blow your world to hell!”  J.R. manages to dodge that bullet temporarily.  Once alone, Adam reassures a concerned Colby.  Meanwhile, in the foyer, J.R. chastises Amanda for threatening to hit Adam with the truth.  Amanda becomes more uncooperative and refuses to lie to the FBI.  In hopes of garnering her sympathy, J.R. advises the truth “will kill” his father. 

Greenlee, still perplexed, gives Babe a half-hearted, “you’re welcome.”  Greenlee truly appears amazed, when Babe credits her for giving Babe faith in herself. 

Kendall relies on her history with Greenlee as justification for her position.  Zach remains willing to back off.  They then share a warm embrace and kiss.

Now at Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Joe Martin checks Erica’s vitals.  Erica smiles, as he gives her a clean bill of health.  Joe starts laughing, when Tad teases her about her fall.  Erica declines Joe’s offer to inform Jack to avoid him being informed by the tabloids.  Erica stops Tad from his hasty effort to take her home.  Tad knows she is “up to something,” when she begins acting “woozy.”

J.R. tries to explain the complicated reasoning behind his scheme.  Amanda immediately recognizes J.R.’s need to confirm Adam’s love for him but remains steadfast in her position.  Before she leaves, J.R. attempts to entice her silence with a pay-off. 

Tad repeatedly urges Erica to stop her games with Jack.  Erica ignores him and dramatizes her “dizziness.”  Tad decides to opt out on this newest charade and leaves. 

Amanda seductively stands in close proximity to J.R., as she raises the stakes for her silence, “a half of a million without recovering the ransom and five million, if recovered.”  Although recognizing her “twisted” proclivities, J.R., now turned on by her greed, passionately kisses her.  Amanda then teasingly walks for the front door.

Zach seems more interested in being intimate with Kendall than listening to her prattle on about “green” products.  Kendall gets distracted, as he caresses her.  Having had “enough green,” Zach gets Kendall to agree to go home.  While Kendall packs up, Zach sneaks a call to Adam about the money.  Adam becomes furious when Zach ends the conversation wishing Adam, “Sweet dreams.”

In response to Babe, Greenlee attributes her and Kendall’s ability to collaborate on the fragrance to Kendall allowing her to hold Spike.  The remark prompts Babe to ask how “it felt” to hold him.  Greenlee gives a seemingly telling response, “It felt too right.”

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