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All My Children Update Friday 6/22/07


Written By Bonnit
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Jack and Erica are kissing when Pam, a cameramen, and a reporter interrupt them.  The reporter asks Jack what the kiss meant, stating that Jack’s fans want to know.  Jack tells them all to go to hell.  They ask if it is official and if the divorce is off.  The interrupters are from “Divorce Watch,” a rival show.  Someone asks Jack, “How does it feel to kiss the love of your life?”  Jack has no comment.  Erica says that the divorce is still going through.  Jack yells at the reporter to get the hell out.  Jack punches the reporter and breaks his nose.  The reporter threatens a lawsuit.  Jack throws everyone out.  He argues with Erica about setting him up and manipulating him.  Erica accuses him of flirting with her.  He threatens to divorce her if she keeps up the stupidity.  Jack warns her to come home tonight to their home and their bed.  Erica is left considering it.

Babe is studying for the GED test with Jamie and is having trouble remembering things.  Jamie offers to take her away for a minute.  He takes her to the boathouse where he encourages her to relax.  They talk in detail about the past.  Babe thinks good thoughts.  Jamie moves closer to romance her, but she wants to concentrate on the GED.   

Tad and Milla are flirting and she invites him back to her place.  He turns her down but gives her a small peck on the mouth.  She leaves her business card before leaving.  Krystal comes over to offer Tad cold water which she tells him, is the closest thing to a cold shower that she has available.  She wants to know why ‘Tad the Cad’ did not make his move on Milla.  Tad says he has retired.   

After speaking with his men, Adam calls them halfwits.  He tells Zach that they dropped the ball by losing track of the money trail.  He asks about Zach’s contacts but Zach says he has not heard.  Adam is truly worried about J.R.  He blames himself for the kidnapping because he disowned J.R.  Zach states that he doubts the kidnapping is Adam’s fault.  Zach appears to know about J.R.’s involvement.  The kidnappers finally let Adam know where J.R. is located.   

J.R. is trying to break out of his holding room.  Amanda warns him to stop or he may dislocate his shoulder but J.R. wants out of the room.  Amanda compares J.R. and Adam to her and Janet.  This upsets J.R. and he tells Amanda that he hates his father.  They hear someone trying to open the door.  It is Zach.  Adam immediately embraces J.R.  J.R. fakes excitement at seeing Adam.  Amanda and Zach watch skeptically.  Amanda is being ignored.  Zach asks if she has been with J.R. all along.  She replies, yes.  Zach asks if she is OK.  She replies, yes.  J.R. asks Adam if he has a trace on the money.  He tells him to check the money trail.  Adam asked, “What are you not telling me?”  Adam calls and he is told that the trail on the money has been lost.  Adam asks J.R. how he knew that the trail on the money was gone.  There is dead silence.  Zach asked J.R. how he knew for sure that the money was gone.  Again, there was dead silence.  J.R. asked Zach what he is doing there.  Zach replied, “I am your silent fundraiser partner.”  J.R. is disappointed that out of all the people his father knew, he asked Zach for the money.   

J.R. promises his father that they will get the guys at fault.  Zach asks how he can be so sure.  J.R. tells Zach that he could leave.  He promises Zach that he would get his money.  Zach responds that he had better get his money because in 48 hours the stock, the yacht, and the mansion would be his and they would be penniless.  Zach taunts J.R. by saying that he thought blue would be a better color in their living room.  He asks for J.R.’s comments on his decorating idea.  

Ava has a nightmare and Jonathan rushes to waken her.  She wants to know why Jonathan is there.  He wanted to know if she was OK.  Ava asks about Lily but Jonathan does not want to talk about her.  Ava wants Jonathan to stay so that she can thank him.  She talks about dreaming about her mother.   

Di and Lily enter the room.  Lily brings Ava her wish crystal.  She asks Ava what she wishes for.  Ava says her mom and Lily.  Ava talks about Jonathan and Lily floating their wedding memorabilia down the river with Jonathan.  He looks uncomfortable and leaves.  Ava and Lily talk about Jonathan and various other things.  Di and Ava talk about Jonathan as well.  Di asks Ava if she likes Jonathan.  Ava responds, “He is not my type.”  She also mentions that she does not need a guy.  She thinks that Jonathan worships Lily.  Di tells Ava that Jonathan likes her for who she is, not because she looks like Lily.  Jonathan returns and apologizes for leaving.  Ava apologizes for mentioning what happened at the river.  He tells them goodnight.

Tad does not want to get romantically involved, because he is too busy with Jenny and his job.  Krystal is encouraging him to date.  She calls him a coward and says that he is afraid to take a risk.  She thinks that Tad saved her from Adam and wants to return the favor.  She lets him know that he needs a social life.  He says she does also and mentions that the bar cannot keep her warm at night.  She mentions that she has a date planned with Derek in the distant future.

Tad tells Krystal that she is still in love with Adam.  Tad believes that the answer to heartbreak is celibacy.

In bed waiting for Erica, Jack looks at his watch.  Erica meets Tad at the yacht club and asks him to sleep with her tonight.

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