AMC Update Thursday 6/21/07

All My Children Update Thursday 6/21/07


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Erica is at work, complaining about her show not being ready.  Pam, her assistant, is telling Erica that her fans are waiting for the update on the divorce.  Pam says she will be with Jack and Milla getting information for the show.  Erica doesn’t like the idea of Jack and Milla on a second date, so she sets up a date with Tad. 

Kendall and Greenlee are reminiscing about the time they made lipstick that glued Simone’s lips together.  They talk about Simone as well.  They are working on a new scent that will be called “Fusion Green.”  Kendall and Greenlee are overwhelmed, trying to come up with a unique smell.  Some of their efforts are so bad as to gag them.  Kendall and Greenlee are mixing up the perfume brew while listening to music. 

Ryan has mentioned to Annie that Emma wants a frog farm with chipmunks.  Annie isn’t listening.  Her thoughts are elsewhere.  Ryan wants to talk over Emma’s request with Annie.  Annie wishes that she felt that she and Ryan were alone.  Ryan and Annie decide to go skinny-dipping in the lake.  Ryan and Annie are talking and kissing while taking off their clothes.  They run to the lake to skinny dip.  Annie and Ryan are back from there dip and they are cold.  Ryan suggests that they warm each other up and begins to make love to Annie.

Jack and Milla’s date is being taped.  Jack appears to be uncomfortable.  They're at Krystal new bar, the Comeback.  Krystal is serving food.  Erica enters the bar with Tad as her date, and suggests that Krystal throw another burger on the grill.  Tad whispers to Erica, “Let the games begin.”  Erica asks where they can sit.  Krystal informs them that she is not open for business yet.  Erica replies that she knows that the Comeback is not open for business and that is the reason that “New Beginnings” rented the place.  On that note, Krystal suggests that they sit at the bar, but Erica wants the table close to Jack and Milla’s. 

Jonathan is looking at Ava lustfully though her bedroom door as she dances and sing.  Ava sees him and accuses him of stalking her.  He said he knocked on the door, but she didn’t hear him because of the music.  She asks him what he wants, and replies, “Welcome.”  Ava is the latest addition to the Wildwind boardinghouse. 

Colby is admonishing Sean by telling him that what he did with Ava sucked.  She doesn't want to see him suffer because of the drug charges so she advises him to plead “not guilty.”  Sean pulls Colby into a passionate embrace.  Colby tells Sean that there are other ways to shut her up.

Kendall and Greenlee are still talking about making perfume.  They are talking about the scents while a pot is steaming on the stove.  Greenlee is putting ingredients in the pot and Kendall asks what she is doing.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she is making the scent better.  Greenlee states that the perfume smells good.  Kendall replies that it smells like cow manure.  They are coughing and saying they are going to throw up.

Krystal is serving Tad and Erica.  Krystal takes Tad aside and asks about the baby and he tells her that Jenny is in the car with Winnie.  With the camera still running, Erica makes a comment about throwing Milla into the barbeque pit.  Jack asks Milla if she wants to go someplace else and Milla says no.  Erica tells Tad that Jack is ignoring her.  Tad tells Erica to do something to make him notice her.  Erica pulls Tad up and asks him to teach her how to play pool.  Erica asks Tad to show her how to hold the stick.  Tad shows her and she claps and giggles.  Tad whispers to her not to overplay her hand.  Erica is being seductive.  Tad says, “If I had known you were such a cheap date I would have gone out with you before.”  They continue flirting and, finally, Jack is paying attention. 

Jonathan and Ava are having a serious conversation.  Jonathan tells Ava about the Mausoleum.  Jonathan tells Ava a ghost story which upsets her so he admits that there is no ghost.  He is holding Ava’s hand and liking it.  Ava swears to Jonathan that she didn't buy drugs from the drug guy.  Jonathan appears to believe her. 

Kendall and Greenlee are sniffing the perfume brew.  Kendall says it smells like pina colada.  Greenlee suggests that they get Di to bring us some inspiration in the form of the pina colada.  Greenlee is surprised when Kendall demurs, but then she remembers that Kendall is pregnant.  Kendall and Greenlee discuss coming up with a fresh aroma and how to make it.  They smell scents such as cinnamon, citronella, and green tea.  They decide to use green tea because it is natural.   

Annie and Ryan are drinking champagne and talking about tomorrow’s itinerary.  Ryan wants to spend time alone with Annie but she suggests that they spend the day by trying parasailing or hang gliding.  Annie says she is tired of being afraid of such things.  She then mentions that there is so much waiting for them when they get back. 

Erica and Tad are still flirting at the pool table.  Jack interrupts Erica and Tad’s flirting.  He walks up behind Erica and tells her he cannot take it anymore and that she is leaving.  Erica agrees and says that she says she is leaving, but not with him.  She says good-bye to Tad and leaves.  The camera moves in and Jack threatens the cameraman.  Tad goes up to Milla and tells her she has a wonderful rack of ribs. 

Colby and Sean are enjoying the music.  Sean tries to apologize.  Colby says that she believes that the drugs were planted on him and blames Ava.  Sean says he can't change what happened, but they could be together right now.

Ava doesn't think that she'll be able to stay at Wild Wind permanently since Julia might not approve when she gets back.  Jonathan tells her that they will fix it so that Ava can stay.  Jonathan asks her about her nightgown and she says she found it in the closet.  Jonathan tells her that she looks good in it, and then bids her goodnight. 

Jack followed Erica to her office.  She tells him to go back to Milla.  He says, “Like hell, this is over.”  Jack is sick of the games and wants Erica to tell him right now, what she wants from him.  He feels that the “New Divorce” bull is for the birds.  Erica responds, “Get the hell away from me and out of my office.”  He turns and leaves the office and Erica starts to cry.  Jack storms back into the office and takes Erica in a passionate kiss which she reciprocates. 

Kendall and Greenlee are ecstatic that they came up with a new scent.  They sing about it.   

We see love scenes of Annie and Ryan, Erica and Jack, and sweet dreams for Ava and Jonathan.  We see Sean and Colby dancing and kissing.  Jackson tells Erica that she is coming tonight to their home and to their bed.

Finally, some “Family Honeymoon” happiness as Ryan, Annie, and the kids are shown sitting and smiling.  

Jonathan is peeking in Ava’s room watching her sleep. 

Babe and Jamie are reminiscing about the first time they met on the beach where they are sitting and talking. 

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