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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/20/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Hysterical that her GED exam is tomorrow, Babe rushes to Wildwind to seek Jamie’s assistance for last minute preparation.  In the midst of her babble, Babe notices Jamie’s packed suitcases.  Babe feels badly about her poor timing.  Since Jamie is not rattled by his circumstances, he does not consider Babe’s request an imposition. 

In hopes of passing a building inspection, Krystal and Kyle check all repairs to the “Comeback.”  Anticipating receipt of her liquor license, Krystal accepts deliveries of alcohol.  As she prays for a successful grand opening, Adam is looking through the bar window.  While outside, Adam receives a call from the “kidnapper.”  Adam is not amused at the “kidnapper’s” choice of location for the information exchange but clearly humiliated, he must now seat himself inside.  Krystal cannot believe her eyes, as he skulks up to the bar.  Since he cannot reveal the truth to her, Adam pretends that he came to laugh at her likely failure. 

Realizing something has gone awry with his kidnapping scheme, J.R. tries to get out of the cellar without success.  Believing J.R.’s employees/”kidnappers” are now working for themselves, Amanda insists J.R. call for help from his cell phone.  Reticent to jump to her conclusions, J.R. is unwilling to potentially jeopardize collecting the one hundred million dollars.  Since Amanda believes their lives are imperiled, she becomes incensed by J.R.’s superficial priorities.  As J.R. claims he will call Jamie, Amanda tries to wrestle his phone away from him in order to call Babe. 

To clear her mind, Greenlee visits Simone’s gravesite.  Through her words to Simone, Greenlee reveals her own awareness of her complete selfishness.  As she tearfully relays her feelings of loneliness and despair, Kendall approaches her from behind and offers support. 

Annoyed by chirping birds, Ava awakens in the park.  She feels something crawling in her hair and lets out a scream.  Jonathan and Di rush to assist her. 

Once reality sets in, J.R. becomes angry over the apparent betrayal of his employees.  In hopes of properly assessing their situation, Amanda suggests other possible scenarios.  J.R. is unreceptive, when she suspects an unknown third party might be involved. 

As Adam watches Krystal delegate, he finally admits that he has a business meeting scheduled there.  When he observes a gentleman making notations, Adam makes his approach.  Believing he may be the kidnapper, Adam threatens him.  The man looks at Adam strangely and advises Krystal that she passed inspection.  Krystal is elated and believes Adam intimidated the inspector.  Krystal takes Adam’s non-answer as confirmation and compliments his art of persuasion. 

Kendall suggests Greenlee should “look for Simone” at Fusion rather than the cemetery.  Greenlee is struck by Kendall’s comment, since Simone gave her similar advice.  Greenlee then hands Kendall a letter from Simone written at the time of Ethan’s death.  Kendall reads aloud Simone’s eerily prophetic words.  While Kendall continues, Simone’s apparition joins her in saying, “I miss you” to Greenlee.  While the two solemnly reflect, Simone tries to reach Greenlee somehow.  Clearly, Greenlee does not hear or sense her presence, since she does not believe there is anything left for her in Pine Valley. 

After Di calms Ava, she wants an explanation for Ava’s sleeping arrangements.  Knowing Jonathan is fully aware of the circumstances, Ava presumes he will reveal the truth to Di.  Before she responds to Di’s question, Jonathan merely advises that Ava is protecting Lily. 

Babe and Jamie discuss his break up with Julia.  As he relays his conversation with her to Babe, he realizes Julia was right about them “being in two different places.”  He then advises the move is his decision not Julia’s request. 

Tad brings Jenny to the bar.  Adam smiles slightly, as he watches Krystal interact with the baby.  Tad turns to face Adam and gives him jab.  The two men exchange mutual insults.  Tad is impressed by Krystal’s expedited result from the building inspector and compliments her charming ways.  Krystal and Adam smile at each other, as if they know otherwise.

Always assuming the worst, Ava attacks Jonathan for his response.  Di and Jonathan are both confounded by her reaction.  Realizing the two should speak privately, Di leaves.  Jonathan analyzes the situation and truly believes Ava volunteered to leave Jack’s for Lily’s sake.  Although she will not admit it, Jonathan realizes Lily melted Ava’s heart.  Ava wears down and begins to open up.

Babe and Jamie go to the bar.  Tad acts jilted, when he learns Krystal did not invite him to her party this evening.  Jamie is shocked to see Adam present.  Babe then plops down by Adam and teases him about his feelings for Krystal.  Adam views her suspiciously, when she inquires about J.R.  After her plausible explanation for the question, Adam feigns apathy towards J.R.

J.R. and Amanda find a possible egress.  As J.R. pries away bars covering the opening, they become drenched.  J.R. presumes he hit a main water line. 

After she and Ryan extended themselves to her, Kendall cannot believe Greenlee still feels unwanted.  To pierce through Greenlee’s defenses, Kendall shouts out, “Maxi Berlin” and walks away.  Greenlee looks at her as if she is crazy.  Kendall is frustrated, when Greenlee does not respond to her apparent ploy to follow her.  Greenlee shrugs and then complies.  Kendall leads her to their former apartment, where they once concocted make-up formulas.  Greenlee still does not get the “Maxi Berlin” reference.  Kendall finally jogs her memory, when she reenacts making lip-gloss for Lacy’s where Maxi worked.  Kendall manages to spark Greenlee’s albeit fleeting enthusiasm over Fusion.  Kendall hopes the mention of Spike will work on Greenlee.

Ava tells Jonathan she spent his $500.00 loan on “pure happiness.”  Jonathan does not find this humorous.  Ava then reverts into “tough girl” mode.  Jonathan discovers how “soft” she is, when he teases her about a bug on her shoulder.  Just as Jonathan and Ava are about to kiss, Di returns and invites Ava to move in at Wildwind. 

To heighten suspense for her, Jamie and Babe appear disappointed, when Krystal asks him about the status of her liquor license.  Of course, Krystal then presumes the worst.  Tad takes the opportunity to chime in with, “I told you so.”  Krystal explains she requested Jamie’s assistance to enable her get around the convicted felon exclusion.  Adam intently listens to their conversation.  Krystal is elated, when she opens the envelope handed to her from Jamie.  The four jump up and down for joy, when Krystal holds up her liquor license.  As Adam approaches the bar to congratulate her, he flashes to well wishers congratulating them on their marriage.  Adam cannot resist the opportunity to tease her about her alleged fraud in acquiring the license.  He then turns and notices an envelope conspicuously lying on his table.  Krystal looks at him strangely, when Adam waves the envelope and yells, “Nobody leaves, until I find out who put this here!”

Clearly frustrated by their circumstances, Amanda becomes angry with J.R., as he tries to dry her off.

Kendall opens up to Greenlee about her pregnancy with Spike.  Since she initially felt disconnected from him, Kendall relays her reasoning for considering giving him up for adoption.  Hoping to make Greenlee understand, Kendall explains how Zach convinced her to keep and ultimately connect with Spike.  As she continues, she relays his valiant efforts to preserve her wishes to protect Spike above all else, during her coma.  Kendall attributes her ability to forgive him for the black out to the foregoing.  Greenlee realizes Kendall’s willingness to sacrifice her own life demonstrates the extent of her love for Spike. 

As Di encourages Ava to accept her offer, Jonathan remains silent.  When asked for his viewpoint, Jonathan unenthusiastically agrees.

Tad manages to convince Adam to allow the delivery guys to leave.  Knowing how to read Adam, Krystal presumes the content of the envelope involves a family member or his business.  Meanwhile, Tad questions Jamie about his relationship with Julia.  Jamie’s response prompts Tad to inquire about him and Babe.  Now defensive, Jamie answers with an inquiry about him and Krystal.  Tad replies, “That’s history,” and Jamie applies the same response about him and Babe.  Jamie then listens in on Babe’s conversation with Jenny about wanting to reciprocate to her “big brother.”  Jamie joins in and advises he can find his own place to live.  As the two head out, Jamie prevents Tad from making a comment about him and Babe.  Tad then decides to take Jenny home.  Tad observes Adam reading a letter and teases him.  Since Jenny is gassy, Tad then jokingly asks Adam to pull her finger.  Once Tad leaves, Adam says aloud, “My son is coming home.”

Once they return to Wildwind, Di makes Ava feel at home.  Jonathan stares at her, as Ava plops herself down on the living room sofa.

Tad takes Jenny to Dixie’s grave.  Although she cannot understand him yet, Tad is anxious for Jenny to know all about Dixie.  After their introduction, Tad gazes lovingly at Dixie’s headstone.

Babe leads Jamie to his new home, the now-vacant condo across from her.  Jamie declines and opts for the Yacht Club.  Babe appears somewhat dejected and excuses herself to go study.  Clearly wanting to linger, Jamie then accuses Babe of “ditching her study buddy.”  Babe reminds him that she will no longer require tutoring after tomorrow, and Jamie appears disappointed.  To stretch out his time with her, Jamie decides to stay and help Babe study.

Despite Kendall’s efforts, Greenlee believes they cannot regain the “magic” they once shared.  A persistent Kendall then displays their “magic pot.”  Greenlee finally laughs, as she remembers them making batches of make-up.

Krystal spies on Adam through her bar window, as he paces outside and talks on the phone.  Through his dialogue, it appears Adam has a tail on whomever delivered the envelope. 

J.R. profusely apologizes to Amanda for his botched plan.  Instead of berating him, Amanda praises his attempt to seek retribution against Adam.  Relieved by her support, J.R. strokes her face and passionately kisses her.

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