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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In their living room, Jack and Sean accuse Ava of planting the drugs in Sean’s jacket on prom night.  Ava vehemently denies she had access to his jacket and defensively calls Sean a liar.

Meanwhile, Ava’s drug dealer, near the boathouse, corners Lily.  Since he mistakenly believes she is Ava, he demands the “balance owed” for their transaction.  Now confronted by this unfamiliar person, Lily becomes hysterical, as he begins groping her in lieu of monetary payment.  Fortunately for Lily, Jonathan hears her plaintively scream, “No touch!”  He forcefully demands the dealer to release Lily.  As the dealer lays claim on Lily, Jonathan informs him she is his wife. 

In a desperate attempt to amass the hundred million-dollar ransom, Adam calls upon Zach for the money.  When Zach asks for details of the so-called investment, Adam is abrupt and evasive.  Offended by Adam’s behavior, Zach turns to leave Adam’s home.  Realizing his only hope of saving J.R. is about to vanish, Adam stops Zach and tells him the truth. 

Still confined, Amanda rips into J.R. for staging the kidnapping.  Now beyond apoplectic, Amanda attempts to strike J.R. again.  As he defects her, he tries to calm her with an explanation.  Before he can get a word in edge-wise, Amanda condemns him for sinking to such lowly depths. 

Zach advises Adam to weigh the risk of “loosing everything” against J.R.’s value, before borrowing the money from him. 

Concerned about Adam’s well being, Stuart returns to the “Comeback” to convince Krystal to pay Adam a visit.  Based on Adam’s transgressions against her, she resists his appeal.  In a last ditch effort, Stuart asks her, “Please do it for me.”  Knowing that Stuart is always well intentioned, Krystal begins to acquiesce.

An incensed Adam is unwilling to place a dollar amount on his son’s life.  Zach uses Adam’s vulnerable position against him in negotiations and demands he put up all of his Chandler stock and all personal assets as collateral.  Zach justifies his cold indifference to a confounded Adam.  To soften Zach, Adam blames himself for J.R.’s misdeeds against Kendall.  Clearly unmoved, Zach proposes an unpalatable alternative, to leave J.R. with the kidnappers and suggest they acquire Chandler Enterprises the “easy way.”

The dealer continues to resist Jonathan.  As Lily prattles on about Jonathan’s previous heroics, the dealer appears somewhat confused by her demeanor.  Jonathan finally intimidates him by advising he recognizes him.  Once alone with Lily, Jonathan deems it necessary to apologize for referring to her as his “wife.”  Clearly relieved, Lily compliments his “strategy.”  Lily then wonders why Jonathan has their marriage keepsakes with him.  After Jonathan explains, Lily joins him in casting them adrift to “wherever memories go.”  Both appear sentimental, when Lily likens this joint effort to being married again. 

As a deflection, Ava tries to turn the tables on Sean.  A discerning Jack is not derailed and tries to bait a confession from her.  Ava remains conniving and denies guilt.  In hopes of breaking her, Sean mentions the possibility of him being imprisoned.  Believing his influential family will prevent said occurrence, Ava does not budge and demands proof of the implication. 

J.R. admits that his motives are to bankrupt his father.  When he confesses she was a necessary prop to provide credibility to the kidnapping, Amanda is even more outraged.  She then suspects J.R.’s recent come-ons were disingenuous and pre-meditated.  Amanda is quieted, as J.R. mentions their shared intimacy under these life-threatening circumstances. 

Adam regards “sacrificing his child” as reprehensible and renews his initial offer regarding Chandler predicated on J.R.’s safe return.  Zach’s response is interrupted by an unexpected visit from Stuart and Krystal.  As a shocked Adam collects himself, Stuart follows Zach to the patio.  Krystal wonders why she made the effort, when Adam is not welcoming.  Stuart questions Zach about his presence.

Jack regards Ava’s point as valid and advises Sean that mere suspicion is legally insufficient.  Sean cannot produce any evidence, and Ava reacts arrogantly.  As Jack cautions both of them to keep the situation confidential, Jonathan and Lily burst through the door.  Lily excitedly relays her run-in with the drug dealer.  Now protective of Lily, Ava jumps to her defense as a knee jerk response.  In doing so, she admits knowing the drug dealer.  Jack turns to observe Ava’s reaction. 

Despite J.R.’s efforts, Amanda still feels duped.  Believing little A is now worried about J.R.’s whereabouts, Amanda grows more disdainful.  J.R. explains he “has it covered,” and Amanda threatens to reveal the truth to Adam.  Realizing she is concerned for her safety, J.R. advises the kidnappers are his employees.  Amanda becomes a willing participant, when J.R. mentions Adam’s manipulation of Janet.  J.R. looks at her admiringly, as she demands a “cut of the action.”

Since he thinks Zach ran outside “to hide,” Stuart does not buy Zach’s “business deal” explanation.  Meanwhile inside, Adam attempts to hasten Krystal’s departure.  Adam then mocks Krystal’s efforts to find out “what is wrong.”  As Krystal persists, Adam starts dropping his guard.  Zach is still unable to dispel Stuart’s suspicions.  Before Adam gives in, Stuart interrupts.  Adam then shifts back into his façade and treats Krystal disdainfully.  As they are now angered with Adam, Stuart and Krystal storm off. 

Amanda seductively makes her list of demands.  During negotiations, she passionately kisses J.R.  With each demand for cash and property, J.R. refuses and then concedes.  J.R. lets her know he finds her greediness “hot.”

As Jack gathers further details from Lily, he nods appreciatively at Jonathan for saving her.  To protect Lily from the truth about her sister, Jack asks her to go upstairs.  Jack wonders how Jonathan “recognized the drug dealer,” according to Lily.  Jonathan provides limited detail.  Jonathan appears uncomfortable, as Jack presses further.  Sean stands in the background with his arms crossed.  To avoid placing Jonathan in an awkward position, Ava admits she was seated with the dealer at B.J.’s.  After Jonathan leaves, Ava offers a lame excuse for her actions and denies purchasing drugs.  Jack becomes intolerant of Ava, and Sean chastises her for endangering Lily.  Before throwing her out, Jack worries about Lily’s reaction.  Ava appears about to cry, when Jack describes Lily’s love for her.  To take Jack off the hook, Ava advises she will concoct “a story” for Lily’s benefit.  Ava holds back tears, as she informs Lily about her “job opportunity.”  Lily becomes upset, when Ava advises she must move in closer proximity to her job.  Through tears, Ava puts a positive spin on the situation.  Lily intuitively knows Ava’s tears are not “tears of joy.”  Before leaving, Ava sidetracks Lily’s questions regarding her new residence.  As she walks out, they blow mutual kisses at each other. 

Adam joins Zach on the patio.  Zach gives Adam access to the funds via a Swiss bank account.  Adam assures a speedy return of the money, since he intends to trace the wire transfers.  An unconvinced Zach requires Adam to “sign his life away.”  Adam regards the collateral “as a small price to pay” under the circumstances. 

As they get dressed, J.R. appreciates their method of “negotiation.”  While lying in each other’s arms, Amanda compliments J.R.’s extra touches to make the kidnapping more convincing.  Amanda is then amused by her “bad girl” tendencies.

Upon returning to her bar, Stuart apologizes to Krystal for subjecting her to Adam.  Krystal agrees with Stuart’s concerns.  Since Adam will no longer confide in her, Krystal advises Stuart to remain supportive of Adam.  Stuart appears fearful when Krystal envisions foreboding doom for Adam. 

Via telephone, Adam alerts the bank president about the wire transfer at noon tomorrow.  In an attempt to ensure that the bank and all regulatory agencies will track the funds, Adam informs him that he is the victim of extortion by terrorists. 

Believing Sean is upset by Ava’s departure, Lily tries to cheer him up.  As Lily tells him that Ava is pursuing her dreams, Ava wanders aimlessly outdoors. 

Adam frantically checks the web site for an update on J.R. without success.  When the “kidnapper” calls, Adam advises the ransom will be wired tomorrow morning upon the condition of J.R.’s safe return.  The “kidnapper” foils his plan by demanding Adam meet him in person, at 10:00 the next morning.  Adam appears helpless and frustrated.

Amanda revels in her new “princess” status.  J.R. uses his cell phone to place a food delivery order through his assistant.  J.R.’s smile disintegrates, when his assistant’s phone is no longer in service.  J.R. informs Amanda, “We may have a problem.”

In J.R.’s office, his assistant tosses his cell phone in the garbage.  As Zach’s now-co-conspirator, he compliments Zach on his professionalism.  Zach then reveals the outcome of his master plan.  After the ransom money immediately circulates back to him, he will “wipe-out” the Chandlers by collecting on Adam’s “collateral.”

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