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Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Still locked in the basement of the building with J.R., Amanda wonders if they will ever get out of there.  When he apologizes to her, she assures him that he did nothing to cause this, but he still promises to make it up to her when they get out.  The kidnappers come down the steps and one of them punches J.R. in the stomach then grabs Amanda.  They drag her up the steps as she fights to get away from them and J.R. yells at them to let her go.  They disappear through the door at the top of the steps leaving J.R. alone in the basement.

Kendall tells Ryan that he started it and she is going to finish it.  She takes Spike from him and places him in Greenlee’s arms.  Greenlee is thrilled to be holding Spike and talks to him, calling herself Auntie Greenlee.  She tells him that she knew him before he was born.  She suddenly says that she can’t do this and thrusts Spike back into Kendall’s arms then rushes from Ryan’s penthouse.  Kendall and Ryan both try to stop her but she runs off.  When Zach asks if he got what he wanted, Ryan responds that it wasn’t wrong.  Zach asks if it was worth forcing Kendall to let Greenlee hold Spike.  Ryan continues to defend his actions because Greenlee deserved it.  When Kendall assures Zach that no one forced her to do anything, he counters by asking if she would have offered for Greenlee to hold Spike had Ryan not forced the issue.  Although she says yes, Kendall admits that it might have happened later.  Zach insists that Ryan manipulated Kendall into making the offer before she was ready by repeatedly talking about Greenlee’s connection to Spike and to them.  He thinks that there was nothing solved by letting her hold Spike, but Ryan reminds him that Greenlee dropped the custody suit which might not have happened otherwise.  Ryan feels that Greenlee deserves to be part of the family on the inside, not outside looking in.  Annie leaves the room in tears as the bickering continues.  Zach suggests that they would do Greenlee more good if they helped her to find her own life.  Ryan argues that they owe her this because Zach destroyed her eggs, Ryan played dead, and Kendall used her own egg to create Spike.  Zach suggests that if he feels that way, he can parcel out any part of his life to Greenlee but not presume to parcel out Kendall’s life.  When Zach asks him if he is ready to destroy his marriage to make Greenlee happy, Ryan goes upstairs to find Annie.  In the bedroom, Annie is unpacking the suitcases and calling off the honeymoon. 

Jamie approaches Julia as she is resting on a couch in the living room at Wildwind and begins to talk about their pregnancy "scare" when Di walks in inquiring about Amanda.  Neither of them has noticed that she hasn't been there due to their busy schedules.  Since Amanda hasn’t been to ConFusion lately and is not answering her cell phone, Di is beginning to get worried. 

Once Amanda is returned to the basement, J.R. wants to know if she is hurt.  She says she is ok but remarks that their captors knew a lot of information about her such as where she works, lives, and with whom.  Amanda wishes to get out of there, so J.R. resolves to figure out a way.  She tells him that one of them is going for supplies which means that the other will be alone.  She tells him that this is their chance to break out. 

Ava is sitting on the couch in Jack’s living room painting her toenails when Sean walks in looking unhappy.  She asks him if he would like to give her a second coat and he asks what is in it for him.  He asks her if she remembers the little treat that she put into his jacket the night of the prom.  He tells her that he wants her to hook him up with her supplier because he got a little taste of it and wants to have more.  Before Ava can reply, Lily enters the room and tells them to stop immediately.  When Sean tells her that they weren’t doing anything, she tells them that the nail polish bottle is tipping at a precarious angle and will spill on the table making her father very annoyed since it is difficult to remove from wood.  There is a knock at the door and when neither Sean nor Lily makes a move to answer it, Ava reluctantly gets up off the couch to answer the door.  She is surprised to find Jonathan there and tells him that he is too late, as she has already spent the money that he gave her.  He tells her that he is there to see Lily.  Ava grumbles, “Of course you are,” and calls Lily to the door. 

Aidan tells Jamie, Julia, and Di that Amanda has been under a lot of stress from her mother and the kidnapping of Jenny.  Jamie opines that he should have paid more attention to her even though she told him that she was fine.  Just as Julia suggests that they file a missing person’s report, Del walks in and announces that he shouldn’t have sounded the alarm, because Amanda is fine. 

Amanda tries to talk J.R. into trying to escape while there is only one kidnapper upstairs.  He tells her that it is too risky and that he would rather that they not risk either of their lives.  He assures her that as soon as his father pays the ransom, they will be released.  She wonders what changed his mind since he was just writing his obituary and needing to tell Little A that he loved him.  She hopes that someone would miss her and would notify the police who would start to look for her.  J.R. is sure that is what is happening until Julia says their captors made her call Del.  At Wildwind, Del is playing Amanda's voicemail message telling him that she needed to get away and is sailing around Fiji with some friends who called and invited her to join them.  Back in the basement, Amanda urges J.R. to try to escape now because they might not have another chance.  When one of the kidnappers descends the steps carrying a tray of food, Amanda tells J.R. to follow her lead.  She begins to writhe on the floor asking for help.  As the kidnapper bends to see what is wrong with her, she kicks out at him and grabs J.R., urging him to flee with her.  He pulls back afraid there might be a lot of people upstairs and unwilling to take a chance on her life like that.  She is the one wanting to take the chance and trying to get out.  The kidnapper grabs her from behind and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere.  After he goes back upstairs, Amanda demands to know why J.R. foiled their one chance at freedom. 

Lily offers Jonathan a box of mementos from their wedding including their marriage certificate, her wedding dress, and bouquet.  He tells her that he can’t take those things because they are hers, but she doesn't want them because she wants to forget their wedding.  He is surprised to hear this but she tells him that if he doesn’t take it, she will throw it away.  Inside the house, Sean is trying to get Ava “in the mood” to get him some more pills but she sees through his ruse. 

Kendall asks Zach if he saw the look on Greenlee’s face when she was holding Spike.  She remembers the day at the hospital when she had to tell Greenlee that she had a miscarriage.  Zach asks her how much she is willing to lose because he is sure that she is going to lose something if she continues this with Greenlee.  Emma walks into the room asking why her mother and father aren’t ready to leave on their trip. 

Ryan tells Annie that the honeymoon trip is for them—for her, Emma, and Spike.  Annie adds Greenlee’s name to the list since, according to Ryan, she is a part of the family now, too.  Annie asks if Greenlee will be moving in with them when they return and comments that it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to fit into the penthouse since she was there first.  Ryan tries to calm her by saying that it has been hard on all of them; it has been difficult.  Annie informs him that Kendall is difficult, but that she understands her role since she is Spike’s mother, but Greenlee is impossible.  She ends by asking him what right he had to give Greenlee a part of her (Annie’s) life. 

Kendall assures Emma that they will be ready soon and Zach suggests that she go find Rachel and Spike and help Spike get all of his favorite toys packed.  She rushes off to do just that.  Zach asks Kendall how she thinks Annie feels being married for all of two weeks and having her husband worry more about his ex-wife than he is about her.  She tells him that she is sure that Annie doesn’t feel good, but then tells him that he is wrong about Greenlee.  She does owe Greenlee.  He reminds her that she offered Greenlee a baby and she rejected the baby and Kendall.  Kendall isn’t sure what she owes her but was hoping that she could start to figure it out.  Zach thinks it was a mistake to let her hold Spike, but Kendall says that the mistake was in letting her hold him in front of a crowd instead of in a room with just the three of them.  Kendall is feeling guilty that she has Spike and Greenlee is alone and childless. 

Alone on the rooftop at Fusion, Greenlee is remembering holding Spike for the first time as tears run down her face. 

Ryan tells Annie that she doesn’t owe Greenlee anything but that he owes her for having the vasectomy without telling her and for driving his motorcycle over a cliff.  Annie is tired of hearing this repeatedly, but Ryan plows on.  Annie tells him that when they said their vows, Greenlee was not part of the package.  Ryan tells her that if she expects him to walk away from Greenlee, he cannot do that, because she deserves to be part of their lives.  When she asks him how he expects them to fit Greenlee into their lives, he admits that he isn’t sure but he will not ask her to give more of herself than she is willing to give.  She tells him that he already has.  He suggests that they repack and go on the honeymoon and that everything is going to be all right.  She tells him just to leave the room and emits a frustrated scream as he closes the door. 

Jonathan tells Lily that he doesn’t want to forget the day that they got married or any day that they spent together.  He feels that his time with her was the happiest of his life and that he sometimes thinks he will never be that happy again.  She assures him that, statistically, he will be happy again.  When he agrees to take the box if that is what she wants, she thanks him.

As Sean continues to try to get Ava to admit that she put the drugs in his jacket pocket, she tells him that she knows what he is trying to do.  Ava tells him to leave the detective work to Lily.  Lily walks in and hears this last comment and offers to help Sean learn how to be a detective by gathering clues.  She tells Ava that Sean suspects that someone set him up by planting the drugs in his tuxedo jacket and then placing an anonymous call to the police.  She asks Sean if he has any further leads or suspects, and Sean tells her that he is getting close.  Ava asks Lily why she invited Jonathan over to the house.  Lily says that she gave him the box of wedding memorabilia but that it isn’t working.  When asked what she means, she explains that she did it to get rid of the memories but that she still can remember how she felt on her wedding day even though she gave away the certificate, her wedding dress, and her bouquet.  Ava thinks that it might not be a bad thing to remember these feelings, but Lily doesn’t want to remember them and hopes that it doesn’t take very long for the feelings to go away.

Amanda rails on J.R. for not helping them to escape and accuses him of enjoying being a hostage. 

Di leaves Jamie and Julia and they start to talk about the pregnancy “scare” that they had.  Julia tells him that she wanted the baby—that she wanted to be pregnant.  She thought that he would want a baby, too, since he is so good with Kathy.  Though he agrees that he wants a family—someday, Julia feels that “someday” isn’t good enough.  She tells him that his reaction to the pregnancy test reminded her where they each are in their lives.  He is going back to med school and has a world of opportunities ahead of himself.  She has wanted a family for a very long time and when Kathy came into her life, her whole world changed.  She wants to give Kathy a little brother or sister soon.  She wants their relationship to be over because trying to force something to work isn’t good for either of them.  She shows him her family leave papers and tells him that she and Kathy are leaving tomorrow to go visit her family in California.  When Jamie laments that he thought he could make her happy, she assures him that he did. 

Sean tells Jack that he knows who planted the drugs on him and called the police.  He says that it was Ava. 

Lily is at the boathouse remembering when she and Jonathan went ice skating and he made up a schedule for them and their life.  She asks to see it and he wants to surprise her.  She tries to take it from him and he starts to run away and tells her that she has to catch him if she wants to see it.  A man approaches her at the boathouse and breaks into her reverie.  He tells her that she still owes him.  She corrects him insisting that she never met him and doesn’t owe him anything.  He tells her that he delivered the product because she promised to pay for it and now, it is time to pay up. 

While Amanda continues to look for ways out of the basement or items that they can use as weapons, J.R. remains steadfast in his belief that she should give up this cause and that the kidnappers will not hurt them.  Amanda asks if he is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome where hostages sympathize with their captors. He again insists they will not be hurt.  She asks him how he knows this and he finally tells her that the two men are his employees. 

Sean tells Jack that Ava was alone with his tux jacket and she dumped the drugs in his pocket.  Jack is confused and asks why she would do that since they are close.  Sean tells him that he threw her over for Colby and Ava is getting even.  Jack calls out to Ava to come downstairs because they need to talk. 

Lily insists that she doesn’t know the man and that she owes him nothing.  He tells her that she owes him 100 and he wants his money right now.  When she refuses again, he tells her that he will take it from her and he grabs her and starts to try to molest her.  Lily screams at him not to touch her.

Ryan joins Kendall and Zach in the living room where Kendall offers to talk to Annie and encourage her to reconsider.  Zach says that it would be best to leave it alone and Ryan laments that Emma was looking forward to the trip and he hates to disappoint her.  Zach expresses concern for Ryan’s marriage rather than worry about how Emma will react to the canceled trip.  Suddenly, Annie appears with Emma and says, “Let’s get this trip started,” to the surprise of everyone in the room.  Kendall and Zach say good-bye to Spike as he leaves with Ryan, Annie, and Emma. 

Amanda is amazed that they have been kidnapped by Chandler employees whom J.R. recognized through their masks.  J.R. tells her that she doesn’t understand and she tells him that their lives are over since he recognized them.  J.R. finally admits that, as employees, they take their orders from him.  Finally, Amanda realizes that J.R. set the whole thing up and when J.R. acknowledges this, she slaps him across the face.

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