AMC Update Friday 6/15/07

All My Children Update Friday 6/15/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
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Kendall shows Greenlee Spike’s sonogram.  Greenlee is defensive and ask her where she got it.  Kendall explains that it fell out of Greenlee’s purse.  Greenlee goes into a detailed spiel about how she and Kendall loved Spike when he was just a thought.  She remembers how she and Kendall wondered what Spike would be like.  Kendall let Greenlee know that Spike is not a doll that you get to play with and then put on the shelf when you are done.  Greenlee ask Kendall if she is not worthy to spend time with Spike.  Kendall feels sorry for her and lets her know of her dream about her crying.  Greenlee make a wise crack about Zach, and pisses Kendall off.  Kendall leaves Fusion after telling Greenlee that she fakes nice, lures you in, and then goes too far with being mean.

Di and Babe are still reeling from the vibes of yesterday when Greenlee and Kendall worked together.  They brought in goodies to celebrate their business success.  It takes a minute for them to notice that there is tension between their bosses, Greenlee and Kendall.  Di and Babe leave the room.  In the break room, they are discussing what a difference a day makes.  They wish that Greenlee and Kendall become friends again like Babe and Bianca.  Babe admitted that she was wrong to take Bianca’s child.  She is glad that they made up.

Erica arrives at the Chandler Mansion.  She is trying to find out who is the million-dollar donor to the Miranda center.  The donor will give 1 million dollars if Erica and Jack divorce.  She thinks it might be Adam.  He denies it.  He tries to hustle her away.  Adam asks Erica if she would loan him a lot of money if he asked.  Erica asks how much and when do you need it.  Zach answers Adam’s call and arrives at the Chandler mansion.  Zach and Erica politely greet each other.  She asks about Kendall.  Zach warns Adam not to continue to contact him or else people will get suspicious, such as Erica.  Adam wants to negotiate with Zach for 100 million dollars.  Zach wants to know what it is for.  Adam offers collateral, but remains silent on the reason for the request.  Zach promises to think about it.  Zach receives a call and then leaves abruptly. 

Ryan and Annie are preparing for their family honeymoon.  They are having a constrained conversation.  Ryan is content, but Annie is guarded.  Zach and Kendall bring Spike over for the Family Honeymoon trip with Ryan and Annie.  Zach is stating that his suggestion to take Spike along is a good idea.  Kendall is not so sure.  She is a little perturbed with Zach about the suggestion, but later states that it is a good idea to get Spike away from the Greenlee mess.  Zach is peeved with Ryan for asking Greenlee into their family.  Ryan states that nobody wanted Zach, but he is still there.  He questions why Zach gets to stay, and Greenlee does not.  Kendall is appalled that Ryan had the audacity to equate Greenlee’s relationship to Spike with Zach’s relationship.  Zach is the stepparent and is married to Spike’s mom.  Zach, Spike, and Kendall live together.  Greenlee does not have the same rights.  Zach lets Ryan know that Greenlee will destroy their families.  Greenlee knocks on Ryan’s door.  She immediately noticed Zach standing in the middle of the floor with an unhappy look on his face brought on by her appearance.  Greenlee takes Babe suggestion to be nice and she may get what she wants.  Greenlee lures Ryan, Zach, Kendall, and Annie in by apologizing for her past behavior.  She also offers to drop the lawsuit.  She states she want to be a part of their lives, not destroy it.  Annie tries to leave the room to allow Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Greenlee to talk.  Greenlee asks her to stay and apologizes to her.  Zach is clearly irate.  The look on his face indicates that he does not believe Greenlee.  Greenlee is clearly playing a different game now.  In a loud voice, Zach asks Greenlee what she wants.  Ryan cautions Zach to leave her alone.  Kendall states that she knows what Greenlee wants.  She wants what Ryan offered her, a chance to be a part of Spike’s family, and life.  Ryan immediately buys into the nonsense.  Zach and Annie are guarded and are not that easily persuaded.  Kendall is immediately guarded but later acquiesces.  Ryan takes Spike out of Kendall’s hands to give him to Greenlee to hold.  Kendall yells wait, but then she takes Spike and hands him over to Greenlee.  She said that Ryan offered their family and she wanted to finish it.  Greenlee takes Spike and talks and coos to him. 

Erica and Pam are talking about the "New Divorce” when Jack walks in.  Jack wants a repeat of yesterday.  He wants to kiss Erica, but she acts as if yesterday never happened.  Erica and Pam have a plan to interview for the next Mrs. Montgomery.  Jack is not happy with this idea, but sits through the interviews.  The ladies being interviewed are a joke.  The ideal lady arrives late, but is interviewed because Jackson likes her.  She was smart, beautiful, and intelligent.  She asks Jack out to dinner sometime, but Jackson gets her interested in lunch.  With the cameras rolling, Erica feigns happiness for Jackson, but once the cameras are turned off, she shows her disappointment.

Stuart joins Adam on the patio.  He wants to know why Adam looks angry.  Adam had been looking at Internet pictures of JR being held captive.  Adam has no patience for Stuart and shoos him away by telling him to get the hell out of there.

Jaime visits Babe at Fusion to discuss their study date.  Babe can tell that something is bothering him and asks if she can help.  Jamie thinks that Julia will break up with him.  Babe is giving him advice on what to do.  They talk about their relationship woes.   

Greenlee finally gets Spike in her arms and blurts out, "He feels amazing.”  Zach and Annie look at her with worried looks on their faces!

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