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All My Children Update Thursday 6/14/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

The major part of today’s episode is told in dreams of the characters. 

J.R. and Amanda are still being held in the basement of an industrial sort of building.  The door at the top of the stairs opens and Adam is standing there.  J.R. looks up and Adam tells him that his father won’t pay the ransom and doesn’t care if he lives or dies.  J.R. says that they can’t leave them down there. 

Greenlee is on the roof at Fusion and is surrounded by Kendall, Ryan, Annie, and Zach.  They tell her to move on with her life since life has moved on for them.  Greenlee asserts that she has the right to be happy and have a life, too.  They tell her to leave and she remains fast in her resolve to stay in Pine Valley.  Ryan and Zach tell her to leave or they will make her leave.  She continues to protest as they walk toward her.  She walks backward to get away from them and she eventually falls off of the roof screaming, “No!” 

In Erica’s dream, she and Jack are standing in front of a judge who is decked out in a powdered wig.  He tells them that the American people have spoken and their divorce is final.  Erica asks if it is too late and he tells her that the people have spoken and that she is to stay away from Mr. Montgomery for the rest of her life and is to have no contact with him whatsoever. 

In the background, Krystal is singing, “Dream a Little Dream of You.”  Tad is speaking into the camera about dreams and nightmares.  He speaks of dreams of being on a desert island full of women who find you irresistible or the nightmare of being locked in an elevator, or backstage at your class reunion naked.  He says that you wake up and want to return to the good dream or wake in a cold sweat hoping that you never experience that personal hell again.  He talks of the reality of the fine line between fantasy and nightmare which he has been walking for years.  He speaks of the fears and dreams that are born from the fears and frustrations that we deal with everyday as we go through our normal routines while we pray that our dreams come true and our nightmares never do.

Erica’s dream continues with Josh and Kendall playing host on a game show in which Erica is to find the person who pledged a million dollars to the Miranda Center if her divorce from Jackson becomes final.  The format of the game show is similar to that of “The Dating Game” where the bachelors are presented and given a chance to plead their case to be chosen by Erica as her new husband.  Contestant number one is William Bates, a billionaire software developer who is very philanthropic.  He asks Erica to give him a chance to be her next husband.  The second contestant is Robert Canyon, a politician who is running for President.  He offers to be her match.  The final contestant is known as Dr. McDreamboat on a popular TV show and Kendall tells her mother that is she doesn’t take him, she will.  The doctor tells Erica that he prescribes an immediate engagement and a huge wedding…stat.  Josh tells Erica that it is time for her to make her decision and that the clock is running.  Suddenly, Jack appears and says to stop the clock because she has already chosen.  We hear Krystal singing in the background as Erica is woken by the ringing telephone.  Jack is on the other end and he tells her that he knows that she is thinking about him and their kiss from the other night.

At Wildwind, Julia walks in to find Jamie and Jonathan asleep in front of the TV.  She picks up the remote and changes the channel until she finds one that is broadcasting information concerning development of fetuses.  She is elated to find that she is pregnant.  The doctor performing the sonogram is Jamie and he tells her that there is no baby and that she isn’t pregnant.  She gestures to her very pregnant belly and asks him what that is if she isn’t having a baby.  He tells her that it is indigestion and that he has to rush off to play poker, study, or have a life.  She calls after him as he runs off.  Upset, she turns off the TV and leaves the room. 

Jonathan is working on some wood on a workbench when Lily walks up to him and asks what he is doing.  He tells her that he is rebuilding their tree house and they can put it near her hollow tree.  She asks him what she would use it for and he tells her they can use it to get away from people and noises.  She tells him that she doesn’t need that any more and she leans in and kisses him.  He reacts by calling her Ava and she corrects him saying that Ava taught her how to touch people.  They continue to kiss and Jonathan wakes from his dream disappointed.

Annie dreams of Ryan telling her that she is the only woman for him.  He understands now why he waited so long to get married because he had to wait for her since she is his one and only love, the only woman he could ever love.  She tells him that he is the only man that she ever loved or could marry.  He is her past and her future.  She says that one day, he will hold their daughter in his arms, and he suggests that they call her Emma. 

Kendall dreams of being at a podium along with Greenlee as they accept accolades for being the founders of the number one selling cosmetics company in the industry.  They each compliment the other and exclaim that they could not have accomplished what they did without the other even though they each considered the other a pain.  Kendall goes on to acknowledge Zach and Ryan as staunch supporters and a child bursts onto the stage calling Mommy to Kendall.  She recognizes Spike and introduces him and her daughter Amelia to the crowd as her and Greenlee’s inspiration.  Ryan picks up Spike and Zach picks up Amelia as Kendall and Greenlee hug.

Greenlee dreams that she and Ryan are talking about their life together as Kendall walks up to them carrying an infant.  Kendall tells them that Spike misses his mommy as she hands the infant to Greenlee.  She thanks Greenlee for being amazing to her and says that she is lucky to have her.  Greenlee thanks her in return.  Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her and kisses her then he and Spike disappear.  She is left holding an empty baby blanket.  Greenlee screams for Ryan, Kendall, and Spike and begs them not to leave her.  She starts to cry and we see both Annie and Kendall waken to the sound of crying.  Ryan and Zach ask their respective wives if they are ok and the women say that they are.  They urge their wives to go back to sleep and they lie back down with puzzled looks on their faces.  We see Greenlee clutching a pillow and crying. 

J.R. hears Adam telling him that he isn’t a Chandler, and he doesn’t deserve the Chandler name.  J.R. tells him that he doesn’t want to be his son and wants to change his name legally to Martin.  He puts a black derby on his head and starts to do a soft shoe dance as he sings, “Everybody wants to be a Martin.”  He is joined by Jamie, Tad, and Joe who continue the song and dance routine.  They are then joined by Colby and Krystal who holds baby Jenny as she dances.  Jenny, also, has a little black derby on her head.  The song ends and we see J.R. lying on the floor with blood dripping from his mouth and a tear slowly sliding down his cheek.  Suddenly, Adams wakens and calls out for J.R.

At Krystal and Babe’s condo, Krystal is holding a fussing Jenny.  Krystal tells Babe to go to sleep because she is used to staying up with a colicky baby.  Colby offers to stay and help out, too.  Krystal reminds her that she has finals the next morning but she says that she will be fine after some coffee.  Krystal gives in and suggests that they sleep in shifts and that she will do the first shift.  Babe and Colby go off to bed and Krystal continues to hold Jenny.  She hears a knock at the door and Adam’s voice calls out to her.  He tells her that he needs to see her face and hear her voice.  When she asks why she should believe him, he tells her that he loves her and always has and always will.  She opens the chain and lets him into the condo.  He moves toward her and the baby and she backs up.  He tells her that he isn’t there to harm her or the baby.  He tells her that his heart is in terrible shape and that his heart needs her; that he needs her.  He tells her again that he loves her and his voice fades away and she wakes up to find herself alone with the baby.  She tells Jenny that she can’t get him out of her mind. 

During Colby’s shift with the baby, she dreams of seeing Sean behind bars.  As she approaches him, each time she tries to get around the bars, the bars move to keep them separated.  Finally, the bars are raised up and are held horizontally over their heads as Sean takes her in his arms.  They move together in a sensuous motion. 

Throughout all of the dream sequences, we hear Krystal singing “Dream a Little Dream” and this continues as Babe takes her turn with Jenny.  She lays Jenny down into her crib and tells her that she will be grown up soon and need to soak up all of the learning that she can.  She tells her that a diploma is more than just a piece of paper.  Babe dreams of her graduation and she is giving a speech.  She tells her fellow graduates that life is more than the 3R’s, it is really about the 3B’s.  She tells them that to be successful, they need to be present, be honest and be passionate.  As the applause swells, Jamie approaches her on stage.  She thanks him for all of his help and tells him that she wouldn’t be there without him.  He tells her that it was all her doing and that he plans to live his life by the 3B’s now.  He takes her into his arms and kisses her deeply.  We see Jamie at Wildwind waking and thinking of Babe. 

Tad is back and once again speaking to the camera.  He tells us that he had a dream after he spoke with us last night and it was the dream that he has all the time.  He dreamt that he answers the door and his Kate is standing there and she throws her arms around him and says, “Daddy, I’m home.”  He says he knows that it is Kate because he sees Dixie in her eyes.  He wakes up and it is the same as everyday, he is alone and is powerless because he has no idea how to make his dream come true.

In the morning, Krystal is getting ready to start the day and Colby is leaving for school.  Babe comes in with Little A and they talk about how much he misses his daddy.  Babe tells him that his daddy will be home soon and suggests that he draw a picture for him.  Little A agrees. 

Amanda and J.R. waken in the basement and Amanda asks if they will ever get out of there.  J.R. assures her that they will and kisses her gently. 

Adam is awake and thinking of the image of J.R. lying dead on the floor.  The phone rings and he recognizes the kidnapper’s voice.  He asks where his son is and the kidnapper tells him that he has 36 hours to wire 100 million dollars to their account.  He tells him that he can’t get that kind of money together in 36 hours.  The kidnapper tells him to make it happen or his son is dead. 

Julia comes downstairs and Jamie apologizes to her for falling asleep on the couch and not coming to bed the night before.  She tells him that she was tired from her shift and went to bed early.  Julia says that they need to talk about “them” as Kathy runs into the room announcing that she is ready to leave.  Julia says that they will talk later and Jamie has a look of dread on his face. 

Erica asks Pam if they have heard anything from the million-dollar man and when Pam answers in the negative, Erica tells her that she has a new idea for the “New Divorce.”  She tells her that it is a ratings grabber and is a whole new twist.  She says that she wants to give Jack new hope. 

Emma runs into Ryan and Annie’s bedroom and jumps up on the bed with them.  She tells them that it is time to get Spike and go on vacation. 

Zach asks Kendall if she is better this morning.  She looks at him questioningly and he tells her that she woke last night because she heard someone crying.  He asks who it was and when she tells him that it was Greenlee; he tells her that if she continues to let Greenlee get to her, she will get hurt again. 

Greenlee is sitting on the rooftop at Fusion looking at the legal documents for the custody suit.  She closes the papers and says, “Last night was your wake-up call” and goes to the door and leaves the roof.

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