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After her long and passionate kiss with Jack, Erica appears almost ready to burst into tears.  Before they have a chance to make sense of things, Zach unexpectedly shows up on Jack’s front porch to address “a problem.”  Having gotten a full view of the kiss, Zach makes a sarcastic crack about their so-called “divorce watch.”  Zach advises Jack the problem is “his daughter.”

With Greenlee, Annie, Di, and Babe in the background, Kendall continues her vociferous refusal to see things Ryan’s way regarding Greenlee.  In response to Annie’s question about their discussion with Greenlee, Kendall makes her unwillingness to give Greenlee access to Spike clear with the following alternative: “I’d rather roll over broken glass and squirt lemon juice all over my body.”  Before Kendall looses it, she heads for the Fusion elevator.  Babe frantically stops the doors and tries to get a word in edgewise through Kendall’s rant.  Di manages to blurt out that “Fusion needs you,” before Kendall tries to leave again.  Before Di and Babe can fully detail the “Fusion crisis,” Ryan distracts Kendall again over Greenlee.  When Ryan repeats that Spike would not exist were it not for Greenlee, Greenlee overhears and appears to have a sense of satisfaction from Ryan’s acknowledgment.  Kendall bristles and attempts to leave again.  Through histrionics, Babe and Di finally manage to impress upon Kendall that George Weston, the CO of the retail chain BGKL is en route to meet her and Greenlee.  As Kendall processes that George has “dropped Fusion,” Greenlee joins the conversation.  While Babe and Di try to convince the partners to put on a façade of unity, George arrives.  As George greets Greenlee, Kendall makes a wisecrack under her breath.  George then advises they are limited to ten minutes to persuade him that “Fusion is not a lost cause.”

Krystal begins repairing the Come Back with the aid of medical student, Kyle.  Krystal jokingly entices Kyle to give up “med school” to work at the Come Back.  Stuart then breaks from his mural painting, as Kyle heads up to repair the roof leak.  Stuart compliments Krystal’s beauty, as he excitedly describes his rendering of her, Babe, and her regular customers.  Krystal becomes wistful, when Stuart wonders if she wants Adam depicted in the mural.  As Stuart acts out his portrayal of Adam seeing his face on her outside wall, Krystal has to “pinch herself” in order to realize that Stuart is speaking, not Adam. 

Zach, Jack, and Erica continue their conversation inside.  Erica now learns of Greenlee’s custody action.  By the conversation, Erica realizes Jack was previously aware of Greenlee’s intentions and becomes disgusted and outraged.  As Jack maintains his position of neutrality, an angered Zach delivers him an ominous ultimatum, “Either you deal with her or I will.”  To make matters worse for him, Erica is harping in the background.  Jack appears as though he wants to kill Zach for opening his mouth in front of her.

Annie and Ryan stand in silence on the Fusion rooftop.  By her reaction, Ryan knows that Annie disagrees with his tactic to include Greenlee in their family.  Annie regards Ryan’s position as condoning Greenlee’s “vile” behavior.  As Ryan attempts to justify his thought process, Annie has a “bad feeling about this.”  Annie does not buy Ryan’s claim that he is “keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.”

Although sympathetic to the reason for the “tank” in Fusion profits, George initially remains reticent to continue to market Fusion products.  Kendall’s unenthusiastic presentation does not help the cause.  When he pointedly asks how the circumstances have changed, Babe steps in to cover Kendall’s silence.  Babe tells him that “Greenlee” is the answer and begins singing her praises.  Di follows her lead, and Kendall joins in with a syrupy comment.  True to form, Greenlee takes over the dialogue and condescendingly orders the “girls” to retrieve her design elements.  Di and Babe’s reaction prompts Greenlee to change her tone with them.  Di and Babe happily embrace, as they enter the break room.  Di loves that Greenlee was forced to “bow down” to Babe.  As they frantically scramble to put together a presentation, they worry about the partners’ ability to maintain their front.  Meanwhile, “the partners” start squabbling over Fusion’s negative publicity in front of George.  Their apparent division confirms his opinions of Fusion, and he terminates the meeting.  The partners nervously try to stop him.

Zach tries to redirect the focus onto stopping Greenlee, while Jack and Erica argue over his omission.  Jack’s assurance that Greenlee cannot prevail in court does not sit well with either Zach or Erica.  While pointing her finger in his face, Erica orders Jack, “to stop Greenlee instead of seducing me.”  Jack does not appreciate her use of the word “seduce.”

Greenlee and Kendall manage to buy more time with George.  Kendall attempts to dispel their image of infighting by terming Fusion a “free speech work zone.”  Greenlee jumps in and ironically calls them “family.”  George tires of them “blowing smoke” and demands something tangible.  Kendall shuffles the daunting task over to Greenlee. 

Annie cannot understand Ryan’s extreme position change regarding Greenlee’s suit.  Annie drives home the fact that Greenlee is not Spike’s mother.  Ryan remains silent, as she forcefully questions his commitment towards her.

Colby visits baby Jenny, Krystal, and Stuart at the bar and reluctantly answers questions about her arrest.  As Stuart and Krystal question her judgment with respect to Sean, Colby maintains that Sean has no history of drug use.  Based on her own negative experiences with Adam, Krystal again cautions Colby.  Colby considers Krystal’s warnings but feels indebted to Sean for his sacrifice on her behalf. 

Zach and Erica band together in an effort to force Jack into stopping Greenlee.  Jack becomes indignant and questions how he can control a grown woman.  Zach smirks and rolls his eyes, as Jack shifts the blame for Greenlee’s “pain” onto him. 

Before Di and Babe rejoin the meeting, Di pauses to give Babe a note of encouragement about obtaining her GED.  As George grows impatient, Di and Babe emerge with piecemeal visuals.  Clearly disheveled, the four mutter amongst themselves.  Kendall forces a nervous Greenlee to make the presentation.  George is not enthralled with her impromptu act.  After Kendall joins her, Greenlee gains momentum in her introduction of “Fusion Green.”

Based on Greenlee’s former decision, Annie will not tolerate Ryan repeatedly crediting Greenlee for Spike’s existence.  In response, Ryan tries to reason with Annie that Greenlee has a “moral claim.”  Ryan then admits he still cares about Greenlee, after Annie points his feelings out.  Ryan elaborates that he feels badly for causing some of Greenlee’s pain.  While Annie loves Ryan for his conscientiousness, she does not feel confident their relationship can withstand this situation.  Ryan clasps her hand and assures her they will emerge from this stronger. 

Kendall and Greenlee start playing off of each other, and Babe and Di join in.  George becomes receptive, as he watches their computer- generated slide show.  George loves the concept and agrees to market Fusion.  The partners’ smiles disappear, when he conditions his entering the agreement on the partners “working side by side.”  Once realizing their coup, the partners return to smiles.  Kendall hugs Babe, and Di compliments her bosses’ accomplishment.  Reality sets in again, and Kendall wonders “what they just agreed to.”

Zach and Jack are too busy arguing to come to a resolution.  Jack gets in Zach’s face, as he criticizes his daughter.  Before leaving, Zach grins at the thought of “fixing Greenlee.”  In hopes of reasoning with him, Erica encourages Jack to “join forces” with Zach.  In reaction, Jack silently heads for the door.  He turns to give her a disgusted look, when she then mentions his kiss “was a nice try.”

Krystal provides Colby with more words of wisdom on how to weigh people’s actions.  Krystal then acknowledges her utmost respect for Sean in the event he is truly innocent and took the blame to protect Colby.  On that basis, she then points out how strong his feelings must be.  Colby starts worrying about Sean’s fate, while Krystal comforts her.  Stuart cannot help but smile, when he hears Krystal tell Colby how hard it is “to stop missing a guy.”

To assure Annie of his love and commitment, Ryan pulls her onto his lap.  Although she feels more secure about Ryan, she remains concerned Greenlee will become a permanent situation.  Annie becomes curious, when Ryan mentions they should “do something just for us.”

The Fusion women begin basking again in the glory of their comeback.  The partners then recognize how well they work together.  Zach and Jack look at each other like they have entered the twilight zone when they show up to find Kendall and Greenlee giving each other “high fives.”

Annie appears unenthusiastic, as Ryan suggests “they move forward with their family.”

Stuart agrees that Kyle is wise to decline giving Krystal his opinion about additions to the mural.  After Kyle leaves, Stuart seizes on Krystal’s words to Colby about “missing him.”  Krystal appears about to cry, as Stuart tells her, it is “okay to miss him.”  After he kisses her goodbye, Krystal reflects.

Erica decides to tape another divorce watch segment.  Pam smiles and shakes her head, as Erica announces the imminence of her divorce and her invitation to the prospective Miranda Center donor to escort her to her “soon to be single party.”

Still stunned by the spectacle, Jack joins Greenlee on the elevator.  He becomes further perplexed, when Greenlee remains indecisive about dropping her suit.

Zach is even more bewildered as Babe, Di, and Kendall tell him about their successful meeting.  Ryan and Annie return downstairs in time to overhear.  The couple announces their plans to take “a family honeymoon.”  Zach encourages them to take Spike along with them.  Kendall is reluctant but concedes.  While Di, Babe, and Kendall clean up, Kendall notices Greenlee’s purse.  She is stunned when she finds Spike’s sonogram picture in the purse.  She then flashes to when she showed Greenlee the same picture in the hospital.  Kendall clings to Zach, as she digests how intent Greenlee is on getting Spike.

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