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Written By Linda
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Ryan decides to confront Greenlee about her legal action to gain custody of Spike.  When he arrives at Fusion, Greenlee, Kendall, Babe, Di, and Annie are in the midst of attempting to salvage the business.  The women become silent, as Ryan demands to speak with Kendall and Greenlee.  When Greenlee ignores him, Annie pulls Ryan aside in an effort to dissuade him from the inevitable show down.  Since Ryan believes “he knows best,” he dismisses Annie’s cautions and corners Greenlee in front of everyone.  Greenlee evades him, as he tries to force a resolution.  Standing by Ryan’s side, Kendall intimidates Greenlee into privately discussing the matter amongst the three of them.  Now outnumbered, Greenlee slams down her files and follows them out of the main office.  To bring levity into the situation, Di offers to bet Babe and/or Annie as to “who is going to make it out alive.”  Babe, on the other hand, confronts reality, when she realizes, “we’re dead, if the partners don’t call a cease-fire.”

In the break room, the showdown begins.  Ryan immediately ends the initial petty bickering between the women and directly addresses Greenlee.  In hopes of rationalizing with Greenlee about the weaknesses in her custody case, Ryan immediately addresses her recent track record of failed legal actions against him and Zach.  When Greenlee resists, Ryan employs firm negotiation tactics.  Kendall appears concerned, as Ryan presents Greenlee with a “one time offer to actually win something.”

Jack advises Sean to “lay low” until his sentencing, as they are entering their home.  Much to his chagrin, Jack whips around to find Pam and her trusty cameraman, Adam, filming the “dirty laundry.”  Jack’s stern advisement to stop the camera is met with an insolent comment from Pam that “reality bites.”  Pam is put in her place, when Erica steps in and covers the camera lens.  Anxious to be apprised of Sean’s situation, Erica questions Jack outside.  To avoid being made a spectacle of again, Jack ushers them in.  As Jack relays the events to Erica, he again tries to dissuade an innocent Sean from pleading “no contest” in order to protect Colby.  Growing tired of Jack’s lectures, Sean snaps, “Haven’t you ever helped Aunt Erica out of a jam?”

Ava walks in Lily’s room, while she sentimentally looks at her keepsakes from her marriage to Jonathan.  Ava engages Lily in a conversation about him.  When Ava describes Jonathan’s inconsistent treatment towards her, Lily exclaims, “You’re not a match.”  Ava looks at her quizzically, as Lily proceeds to explain her symbiotic relationship with Jonathan and his big “lie.”  When Ava processes the extreme sacrifice Jonathan made for Lily, she terms it is “the most romantic thing” she has ever heard.

Annie deflects the conversation back to Fusion, as Di and Babe insist she should partake in Ryan’s meeting.  Di finally manages to open up the dialogue.  As the voices of experience, Babe joins Annie in her concerns about the probable negative impact a custody battle will have upon Kendall. 

Meanwhile, in hopes of making Greenlee receptive, Ryan reminds Greenlee that her “vengeful” actions only hurt Spike.  Instead, she becomes antagonized and demands to hear his so-called idea.  When Ryan then asks her how he could make her “part of our family.”  Kendall becomes indignant and refuses to negotiate with her. 

Annie and Di are elated when Babe manages to acquire Zoe’s record label again.  Di shifts the conversation back to the custody case.  When Di believes that it is a “slam dunk” for Kendall, Babe and Annie point out the pitfalls that can occur in a courtroom.  Babe reasons that Kendall has the advantage, since Spike’s “father” is on her side.  Meanwhile, Kendall explodes on Ryan about the position he is taking.  Ryan summarily gives her the option of “shutting-up” or walking out.  Kendall pouts and quietly sits down.  Greenlee turns and notices Kendall’s “scared and defensive” expression.  Greenlee then points out that she always gets this same expression, whenever she is around Spike.  Ryan remains silent, as she cries about never having the opportunity to hold him.  Kendall then emotionally lays the blame on Greenlee.

Jack repeats his efforts to reach Sean.  After Jack reminds him of the short time that he has known Colby, Sean again defends her.  Erica then tries another approach.  Sean grows quiet, as Erica suggests his actions to protect Colby may stem from guilt for his infidelity.  She then asks Sean to consider the negative impact his plea will have on his uncle.  Sean wants to revisit the conversation later and retires upstairs.  Jack reaffirms his belief in Sean’s innocence to Erica.  He then wonders how the ecstasy wound up in Sean’s pocket, if Colby is also innocent. 

Ava holds Lily’s wedding bouquet.  Lily is then prompted to share her New York experience with Ava.  As she relays the events, she flashes back to her “tour of New York City” guided by Jonathan, and his marriage proposal.  Ava listens intently, as Lily describes how good Jonathan made her feel and when she recognized she loved him.  After Lily realizes how irreplaceable Jonathan is, Ava tries to ascertain Lily’s feelings about Jonathan moving on with someone else.  Lily advises she cannot predict a future reaction.  Sean does not notice Ava, as he walks into Lily’s room.  After she nastily asks, “What are you doing here?” Sean rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Ryan referees, as the two women play an emotional blame game.  In hopes of bringing Kendall on board, Ryan compares Greenlee’s now-feelings of “exclusion” to hers, when Ryan and Greenlee got married.  Ryan then tries to convince Kendall to give Greenlee a “stepmother” type role in Spike’s life.  Kendall reacts explosively and reminds him that Annie already fills that capacity.  Ryan wants to speak privately with Kendall, and Greenlee slowly skulks out.  Greenlee puts on her poker face, when she rejoins Annie, Di, and Babe in the main area.  The three try to bait her for information about “the meeting” without success.  In hopes of the stirring the pot, Greenlee finally throws them a morsel, when she advises that Ryan is arguing with Kendall on her behalf.  Greenlee sneers, as Annie glares at her angrily. 

Despite Ryan’s efforts, Kendall refuses to make the “evil stepmother” addition so he can comfort his “ex’s.”  Ryan sharply reminds her that “but-for” Greenlee, Spike would not exist at all.  As Kendall resists, Ryan hopes to persuade her.  Although she sets her anger with Ryan aside, Kendall beseeches him to realize his willingness to bring in Greenlee arises from guilt.  Regardless of Kendall’s points, Ryan maintains his sympathy for Greenlee.  Kendall then warns Ryan that Greenlee will hurt him, if he lets her in. 

Di and Babe try to shut Greenlee down.  Annie jumps in afterwards.  After the three remain loyal to Kendall, Greenlee attempts to undermine their respective relationships with her by planting seeds of doubt.  Annie and Greenlee exchange mutual insults.  Greenlee then pointedly inquires, “How did you snag my husband and win over my best friend?”

Erica and Jack continue discussing various scenarios as to how the drugs wound up in Sean’s pocket.  Jack then sincerely thanks her for her remarks to Sean about him.

Sean brings Lily and Ava up to speed.  Ava jabs him about how fortuitous it is that his uncle is a lawyer.  When Sean mentions that Colby was also implicated, Ava appears very uncomfortable.  Lily notes Sean’s sacrifice for Colby.  Ava then receives a text message from a private caller requesting her “to come outside.”  After she dashes out, Sean shares his suspicions with Lily that someone planted the drugs.

Ava walks outside to find Jonathan.  She is surprised, when she realizes he came to see her and not Lily.  Believing she is in need of money, Jonathan hands her some cash. 

Annie sincerely advises Greenlee that the circumstances flowing from the satin slayer brought her and Kendall closer together.  Despite Greenlee’s bitter remarks in response, Annie still tries to give her sound advice, “Find a way to be part of Spike’s life, don’t make him part of yours.”

Erica and Jack wonder how Barbara would react to Sean’s arrest.  Erica begins giving a dramatic portrayal of Barbara commenting to the press about it.  Jack plays along and then recognizes why he married Erica in the first place. 

Jonathan explains he is merely tying to help her and promises not to mention her meeting with “the guy at B.J.’s” again.  Apparently unaccustomed to acts of pure kindness, Ava questions his motives.  After Jonathan assures her his financial help is unconditional, Ava snatches it and refers to him as “sucker.”

In hopes of solving the mystery behind the drugs, Lily helps Sean.  Through Lily’s questions and analysis, Sean has a flashback to when Ava was holding his jacket before the prom.  As Sean makes the connection, Ava returns to Lily’s room.  Ava appears squirmy, when Sean stares her down. 

Now outside, Jack again thanks Erica for her comments and beauty.  He then leans over and kisses her.  Erica turns around to check for cameras.  After confirming their moment of privacy, Erica shares another passionate kiss with Jack.

Ryan tries again to persuade Kendall, as he follows her through the main office.  While standing by the entrance, Kendall emphatically shouts to Ryan that she refuses to make Greenlee part of the family.  As the others overhear, Annie has an expression of foreboding doom, and Greenlee smirks slightly.

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