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All My Children Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda and J.R. are back together in the basement waiting for word from the kidnappers.  J.R. remembers meeting with the kidnappers and telling them that he wants to stage a kidnapping.  Meanwhile, Amanda is concerned for his well-being.  J.R. mentions that his father might hate him but he wouldn’t torture him. 

Greenlee is once again concerned that the staff at Fusion seems to make their own work hours.  Di tells her that they have bigger issues to worry about since their biggest west coast distributor just dropped the whole line.  Greenlee tells her that they will be back on top soon because they can’t keep a good woman down.

Ryan reacts negatively to the papers that were served to him informing him of Greenlee’s intent to get custody of Spike.  Annie tries to calm him but he continues to rant.  He tells her that he can’t believe that a lawyer took the case or that Greenlee could believe that she has any rights to Spike after leaving them—Spike, Ryan, and Kendall—behind.  Annie waits for Ryan to calm down and when he does, she tells him that this might just be what they need.

Kendall is reacting in a similar manner to the custody suit information and Zach offers to “take care of it” and she tells him that she will take care of it herself.  Kendall blames Zach’s offer to help Greenlee for her (Greenlee’s) decision to pursue custody of Spike. 

Colby visits Sean at the police station as he is leaving for his arraignment hearing.  She asks him if he has been there all night and he admits that he has.  She asks him if he took the drugs to the prom and he evades answering her truthfully by admitting that the drugs were in his pocket.  She asks him how long he has been doing drugs and he tells her to go home because she isn’t involved in this anymore.  When she persists in asking him how long he has been doing the drugs, he again, urges her to leave him and go home. 

Jack is talking with a policeman in the other room and is told that he can’t give Sean a break because of the seriousness of the charge.  Jack repeats that Sean is innocent and the policeman tells him that he hears that often from parents.  Jack reminds him that, on occasion, the parents are right in their assertions. 

Julia reads the results of the pregnancy test and tells Jamie that the test is negative.  He asks if she is ok and before he can answer that, Kathy comes into the room asking how to tie her shoes.  Jamie takes over the job of teaching her how to tie her shoes and then Julia encourages her to get ready so they can go and meet Spike and Emma at the park.  After Kathy leaves the room, Julia and Jamie start to speak at once.  They each tell the other to go first, and before either on can, Babe enters Wildwind and asks if she is interrupting. 

Amanda gathers some old blanket for J.R. to sit on and tries to ease his pains.  J.R. acts disoriented and confused about what day or time of day it is.  Amanda tries to comfort him.  J.R. asks her if she will do a favor for him.  He wants her to tell little A that his father loved him very much.  He wants her assurance that she will make sure that his son knows that he was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he (little A) doesn’t forget his dad. 

Seamus Wong, J.R.’s V.P. of Operations, arrives at the Chandler estate looking for J.R.  He asks Adam if he knows where J.R. might be because he scheduled a very important meeting for that morning and then didn’t show up for it.  Adam puts it off to J.R.’s lack of leadership ability and closes the door on him.  Seamus takes out his cell phone and places a call to inform someone that “step one is complete.”

Annie tells Ryan that Greenlee needs a reality check and that, once she proceeds with this suit, she will be forced to acknowledge how ludicrous this course of action is.  Annie compares this to the little girl who was teasing Emma at school.  She reminds Ryan that he told her to ignore the teasing.  Ryan tells her that he knows Greenlee better than anyone does and she is more than a bully.  Annie tells him that she is just trying to get his attention.  Ryan snaps that he knows how Greenlee gets attention.  Annie is taken aback by this comment and tells him that she realizes that and maybe he should meet her on the rooftop again.

Zach urges Kendall to stay away from Greenlee and Kendall reminds him that that is a little difficult since they work together.  He tells her that he will set up an office in their new house and she can work from there so that Greenlee can’t upset her.  Kendall asserts that she is not going to let Greenlee run her off.  Zach reminds her about the Thanksgiving dinner of two years ago when Greenlee attacked her and Ryan verbally and announced that she wanted nothing to do with them or the baby.  He says that Erica, Jack, Lily and several others heard Greenlee’s tirade and will testify to that in court.  He again tells her not to get upset and she tells him that Greenlee will meet with some resistance if she tries to test the limits of her power. 

Jack speaks with Sean privately and tries to get him to understand the seriousness of the charges against him and reminds him that the courts could charge him as an adult.  Sean jokes about going to “the big house” and Jack tells him that he feels that he has let him down since Travis died and since Sean came to Pine Valley.  Jack asks him if the drug use started when he moved out of the house, or when Erica moved out of the house or if it started when he moved to PA.  As Jack continues to try to find a reason for the drug use, Sean finally tells him that he doesn’t do drugs and never has.  Jack is relieved and asks him why he took so long to admit this.  Sean tells him that it is because they can’t fight this. 

Colby enters the den where Adam in drinking coffee.  His phone rings and one of the kidnappers tells him that they have his son.  Adam asks him to repeat his message and is incredulous.  Adam asks for proof and is told that they would be in touch regarding further instructions.  After he hangs up, Colby asks him what the call was about and he tells her that it was a silly prank.  She tells Adam that she just came back from seeing Sean and that he didn’t take the drugs to the prom but that he was taking the blame for it to protect her. 

Sean tells Jack that if this goes to trial, they will call people to testify and Colby will be one of those people.  He says that if the D.A. cross-examines her, he will try to make her look bad and will bring up her previous charges of carjacking and crashing the yacht.  He tells his uncle that he can’t let that happen to her.  Jack tells him that his chivalry is misplaced and that he won’t let him plead “no contest” to a crime that he didn’t commit. 

Colby tells Adam that Sean is innocent and Adam refers to him as a sex-crazed skirt freak who is trying to take advantage of her. 

Lt. Perry steps into the room to tell them that the arraignment has been delayed and that Sean needs to return to the holding cell.  Before he leaves, Jack tells Sean that he doesn’t have much time to get his “head right” about all of this.  Sean makes a flip comment as he turns and walks away.  Ryan comes up behind Jack and tells him that his daughter is losing her mind. 

Annie and Kendall are in the elevator at Fusion and Annie is trying to convince Kendall not to let Greenlee know how upset she is about the custody suit.  They get off the elevator and Greenlee asks they what is on their minds.  They tell her that they are concerned about the music rights and the flagging sales of Fusion products.  Greenlee goads them into telling her what they are upset about.  Annie tries to maintain a business demeanor and asks about the sales figures and how the sales are down among their key demographic.  Kendall, however, takes the bait and vents her rage at Greenlee and her machinations.  Greenlee tells her that Spike is her (Greenlee’s) child and that Kendall agreed to be her gestational carrier with no claim on the child.  Kendall rebuts that the agreement was struck before Greenlee walked out on all of them.  Annie tries to be a peacemaker but Greenlee wants to continue the discussion.  Kendall tells her that she has nothing more to say to her unless it deals with the business. 

Josh stops by Kendall and Zach’s condo looking for his sister.  Zach informs him that she left for work and Josh is surprised that she went to work with Greenlee.  He says that he just stopped to check up on her and tells Zach that when he sees Greenlee, she is flipped out or miserable.  Zach is unsympathetic as Josh tells him that it has to be difficult for Greenlee to move back to town and discover that her friends have moved on.  He then admits that is no excuse for making Kendall’s life miserable.  When Josh asks how Kendall is holding up, Zach lets him know that things have gone from bad to worse. 

Jack is surprised to hear of Greenlee’s intent to sue for custody of Spike.  Ryan suggests to Jack that he might get her to see reason if he (Jack) would agree to represent him and Kendall.  Jack is stunned at this and tells Ryan that she has been hurt enough and he can’t hurt her any more.  Ryan expresses his dismay at her ability to lash out at a child instead of the people with whom she is angry.  Jack tells Ryan that he is the reason that this all happened. 

Colby and Adam discuss Sean and the charges against him.  As Colby defends Sean, Adam urges her to get on with her life.  His phone rings and he is instructed to go to a web site and enter the password “family.”  Adam dismisses it as idiocy and the man on the phone tells him that if it is, then it won’t matter.  Adam logs on to the web site and he sees J.R. being manhandled by the kidnappers who are taping the ordeal. 

The kidnappers return to the basement where Amanda and J.R. are being kept and Amanda tries to fight them off and protect J.R. 

All reports about the sale of Fusion products are negative.  The orders that were placed are cancelled and the underlying reason in all cases seems to be connected with the loss of the music for the campaign.  Babe’s name is mentioned in conjunction with the music rights and the advertisers.  Greenlee admits that she hounded Babe until she quit.  Di, Annie, and Kendall let her know that if she were to apologize to Babe, she might consider coming back to Fusion and save the company.  Greenlee refuses at first, but then recognizes the wisdom of that move and capitulates. 

Babe is still at Wildwind and she senses that something is bothering Jamie.  He admits to her that Julia thought that she was pregnant but isn’t.  She asks if that is good or bad news, and he tells her that Julia was disappointed.  He tells her that he isn’t ready to be a “full-on” dad.  Her phone rings and Babe is stunned to find Greenlee on the other end.  Greenlee starts to pour the compliments on and Babe sees right through them and calls her bluff.  She recognizes that, without her, Fusion is unable to clear the music for the ad campaign and they need her back to fix the problem. 

Josh and Zach continue to discuss the problem of Greenlee.  Josh offers to step up and be an “ear” for her to talk to in hopes that she would be less hostile to Kendall.  Zach is not convinced that it will work but agrees that it is worth a shot. 

Jack presents the issues of two years ago to Ryan from Greenlee’s point of view.  He reminds him that he wasn’t there when she lost the baby or when Kendall offered to carry a child for her.  He tells Ryan that he now has a wife who loves him, two wonderful children, and a great relationship with the mother of his son who was once Greenlee’s best friend.  Jack tells Ryan that when Greenlee left, he hit the jackpot while her only crime was to love him and as a result, she lost everything.  He then reminds Ryan that his way of dealing with stressful issues was to ride his motorcycle off a cliff. 

Babe walks into Fusion and Greenlee makes a pitch to get her to return to work there.  Babe sees through her flattery again, and asks what is in it for her.  Greenlee offers her a 20% raise, and Babe reminds her that she was a partner.  Greenlee counters with a profit sharing deal.  Babe says that she wants 20% on the fall campaign and anything else that she secured the music for.  Kendall tells Greenlee to agree to the terms.  Babe asks for a contract and Greenlee grudgingly agrees. 

Colby returns to the den and is carrying a parcel.  She tells Adam that it was stuck under the door.  He asks if she saw who delivered it and she says no.  He asks her to go see about lunch so that he can get her out of the room.  When she leaves, he opens the parcel and is shocked to find J.R.’s bloody shirt inside. 

Amanda is wondering why the kidnappers were taping them.  J.R. tells her that he is sure that she is going to get out of there and he pressures her again, to promise that she will tell Little A that he loves him.  She tells him that his father will come through with the ransom and he tells her that he is not depending on his father for anything any more. 

At Fusion, the women are discussing a print ad layout when Ryan walks into the office.  He points and Greenlee and Kendall and says that he needs to speak with both of them immediately.

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