AMC Update Friday 6/8/07

All My Children Update Friday 6/8/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

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At Zach and Kendall's condo, they are preparing to move into their new home.  Today was packing day and the next day would be moving day.  Zach is holding Spike as Kendall packs.  Zach is speaking to Kendall but she is preoccupied with past thoughts.  She is looking at a picture of herself with Greenlee.  She is saddened because she knows that the relationship with Greenlee will never be the same.  Zach notices her distraction and mentions that she is distracted because of Greenlee.  Kendall doubles over with pain.  Zach call the physician who makes Zach take a pulse, look for bleeding and time the pain.  Since all is well and normal, the doctor tells Zach that Kendall is OK and does not need to come in to the hospital.  Kendall is regretful and says she was careless by overdoing it with the packing.  She wants Zach to bond with this child and to spend a lot of time with the baby.  Rachel takes Spike to the new house after Kendall kisses him and hands him over.  Zach assures Kendall that what he really needs is his wife. 

Greenlee looks at old pictures of Ryan, Kendall, herself and a sonogram of Spike.  She has flashbacks of Ryan, and their recent kiss on the rooftop.  After looking at all of the pictures she says to herself that she will get it all back.  She has a fantasy dream where she sees Zach and Ryan assisting Kendall with the birth of Spike.  They get Kendall to breathe, but Kendall is not happy with their assistance.  She wants her friend Greenlee.  In this dream, Kendall put Spike in Greenlee’s arms right after his birth and tells Greenlee to take her baby.  While the Slaters are preparing for the move, a process server knocks on the door.  The subpoenas are delivered to Ryan and to Kendall.  Greenlee calls someone on the telephone and orders them to over to her house. 

Jamie and Julia are discussing the pregnancy test.  Jamie cannot understand how she is pregnant when they use protection.  Julia wants a baby, but Jamie is hesitant.  Julia has decided to keep the baby.  Jamie makes it clear to Julia that he loves kids and her, but that he thinks it is too soon to have a kid.  Jamie proposes marriage to Julia but she says no.  She believes that he made up wanting to get married to appease her!   

Ava is still talking to Adam about what she did to Sean.  She starts demanding that Adam cough up more money.  Adam does not like being bullied and he tells her that.  She fakes as if to call Colby.  Adam wants to know details of what she did to Sean.  Ava told Adam details about planting the drugs on Sean.  Adam is not happy with Ava’s performance regarding Sean.  He lets her know that she was sloppy.   

Colby and Sean are down at the police station.  Sean denies that the Ecstasy drug bag is his.  Colby is throwing her father’s name around at the police station.  The policeman is not impressed.  Adam let Ava know that if Colby is dragged into the drug charges against Sean, that she owes Adam money for his inconvenience.  Adam and Jack arrive at the police station.  After talking to Sean, Jack determines that he is not guilty.  Adam demands Colby’s release.  Sean states that Colby had nothing to do with the drugs.  In order to have Colby released, Sean confesses to owning the drugs.  Colby is released, but Sean goes to jail. 

J.R. and Amanda are dragged down some stairs.  J.R. asks the thugs to let Amanda go, but they leave and lock the door.  Amanda asks J.R. about the guys who kidnapped them.  J.R. says that they probably work for Zach since he is trying to take over Chandler Enterprises.  Amanda does not think that Zach is responsible for their kidnapping.  She thinks that Zach is a business and family man.  They both agree that the only other person that could be responsible is J.R.’s dad, Adam.  After J.R. is pulled out of the room, he urges one of his men to do a good job beating him up.  He then returns to Amanda who comforts him.

Annie is unhappy about all of the Kendall, Greenlee, and Zach drama surrounding Ryan and her.  Ryan is trying to appease and trying to settle her down.  He tries to remind her of their time at the beach.  He throws sand on the floor to remind Annie of their great moments spent at the beach.  Annie is freaking out again over the Greenlee situation, and she is playing out a lot of what if scenarios to Ryan.  Ryan tells Annie repeatedly that he is not in love with Greenlee.  Annie is working hard to find ways not to believe him.  A process server is at the door with a subpoena.  Ryan tells Annie that the subpoena is from Greenlee, who is now suing for Spike. 

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