AMC Update Thursday 6/7/07

All My Children Update Thursday 6/7/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Fusion, Ryan tells Greenlee not to go up against Zach.  Annie asks Ryan if he was willing to risk their family to protect Kendall's.  Ryan and Annie both disagree on whether or not Zach should go to jail for causing the blackout.  Annie begins to wonder if she and Ryan will ever get to be happy.

Sean and Colby are each at home getting ready for the prom.  Ava flirts with Sean, but he ignores her advances.  After Sean goes into the other room, Ava plants drugs in his jacket.  At the Chandler mansion, Adam has another argument with J.R.  In the middle of it, he fakes another heart attack.  When J.R. is about to call 911, Adam laughs at him.  At the prom, Sean begs Colby to forgive him for sleeping with Ava.  In the middle of their conversation, a police officer comes up and searches Sean.  He finds drugs in his jacket and arrests him.

Greenlee goes home, upset, because Ryan wonít help her.  Josh walks in to see whatís wrong after hearing Greenlee scream.  Josh tries making her feel better by giving her advice about moving on with her life. 

Jamie finds a pregnancy test at Wildwind and thinks it is Diís but it really belongs to Julia.  Jamie talks to Julia about it, saying he doesnít envy Aidanís position since Jamie isnít ready to be a father.

J.R. calls Amanda and invites her to go to a club in Philadelphia.  The two flirt with one another in the limo and continue after they get outside.  Then all of a sudden, someone attacks them and puts chloroform over their mouths.

Ava goes to Wildwind to get advice from Di about Sean.  Aidan hears some of the conversation when he walks in and jumps to conclusions.  Heís a little hard on her, which makes Jonathan to come to her defense.  Jonathan and Ava talk alone.  He asks if sheís in any kind of trouble because he senses something is wrong.  Ava doesnít answer him and leaves for the Chandler Mansion to tell Adam that her plan regarding Sean was in motion.  She also tells Adam she wants more money.

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