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Sean crawls through Colby’s window hoping to find her.  As he gets up from the floor, he finds Adam peering down on him.  Sean looks like he wants to crawl under the nearest rock.

Using a teddy bear as his prop, Ryan has a ball playing with Spike.  His fun is interrupted by a visit from Livia.  Without announcing she is seeking information on Greenlee’s behalf, she makes general inquiry about Zach and the blackout.  Ryan surmises Greenlee is behind the questioning.  Livia then pointedly asks Ryan, if he can corroborate Zach’s alleged confession to Greenlee.

In the break room at Fusion, Di and Annie discuss the bitterness between their “bosses.”  Di believes Greenlee has crossed the line by going after Zach, while a disdainful Annie clearly empathizes with Greenlee.

Meanwhile, in the front office, Zach tries to resolve amicably the situation with Greenlee.  Greenlee indignantly makes retorts about Zach serving prison time, and Kendall defends him.  Zach dispenses with the rhetoric and bluntly asks Greenlee what she wants.  Greenlee does not budge from her position.  Zach snaps at Kendall, as she harps that his negotiations with Greenlee are futile.  Despite Kendall’s efforts, Zach insists on speaking with Greenlee alone.

Annie drags an uneasy Di into a conversation about the black out.  Di begins babbling she worked at Zach’s casino, at the time.  After sticking her foot in it, Di confides in Annie that Zach hired a computer “wiz” named Marty to knock out the entire power grid.  Annie then insists that Di should testify for Greenlee.  As Di pledges her loyalty to Zach and begs Annie to keep her confidences, Greenlee and Zach enter the break room.  Based on the women’s expression, Zach realizes he has walked in on “something.”

Ryan attempts to evade Livia by asking her about her involvement in this legal issue instead of Jack.  Livia does not miss a beat; she dredges up Erica’s testimony about the blackout in hopes of baiting Ryan.  Ryan remains evasive and reminds her he was “dead” at the time.  Livia persists.  As another diversion, Ryan asks, “What reason would I have to help Zach?”  Livia answers, “You’re holding him.”

Desperate to obtain her high school diploma, Babe meets with a geeky-looking young man at the campus restaurant.  As he hands her academic materials, she reinforces to him to keep quiet about their arrangement.

At another table, Ava has a “different type of transaction” with an unknown man.  In exchange for some “stuff,” Ava gives him three hundred dollars.  Since Ava is “short,” the party appears to want “more than her money.”  Jonathan walks in and catches him caressing her hand.  In reaction, Jonathan grabs his hand away and pulls Ava aside.  Jonathan is unsatisfied with Ava’s feeble explanation, based on her revealing attire.  As the man gestures at her to remain discreet, Ava scrambles to provide Jonathan with answers.  She generally refers to the man as “my business” and entices Jonathan into “outbidding” him. 

Sean sighs, as his confrontation with Adam begins.  Sean explains he was dropping off Colby’s corsage.  Adam accuses him of “helping himself” to Colby.  In response to Sean’s vehement denial, Adam advises, “I know everything.”  Sean misinterprets the meaning of Adam’s comment and begins babbling about staying in Colby’s room.  As Sean begs Adam not to hold Colby responsible, Colby enters and advises Sean to “shut-up.”

Unfortunately for Babe, her geeky tutor, Troy is enamored with her.  Babe becomes unhappy with Troy’s form of compensation, “to be his date for his senior prom.”  Unbeknownst to Babe, an amused Jamie is overhearing the conversation. 

Kendall paces passed Di and Annie, as they stand outside of the occupied break room.  Once alone, Di thanks Annie for not blurting out her revelation to Greenlee.  Annie relays she did not want to throw a wrench into Zach and Greenlee’s discourse.  After Annie walks away, Di appears worried about Annie’s willingness to remain silent.

Greenlee regards Zach’s offer as a “pay off.”  Zach insists he sincerely wants to help her.  An infuriated Greenlee demands the impossible: the return of her embryos and Ryan.  Zach quietly allows Greenlee to vent about all of his past transgressions.  Greenlee abruptly halts her tirade, as she notices that Zach has transformed.  In response to Greenlee, Zach attributes his change for “the better” to fatherhood. 

To show Babe what she is missing; Troy begins dancing in Napoleon Dynamite fashion.  Babe now wants to crawl under the table.  Jamie rescues her and intimidates Troy into leaving.  Jamie laughs, as Troy skulks away.  As Jamie teases her, Babe explains she needs tutoring to acquire her GED.  Jamie believes in Babe’s capabilities and intellect without the diploma.  When Babe remains resolved in her goal, Jamie appears to be a willing alternative to the “geek squad.”

Presuming Ava is still “hustling,” Jonathan tries to shore up her self-esteem.  For reinforcement, Jonathan reminds her that her actions affect Jack.  Ava now believes Jonathan is only concerned about Lily, not her.  Jonathan repeatedly attempts to convince her otherwise.  Jonathan is unsure how to respond, when Ava baits him about his feelings for her.

With Adam as the audience, Colby blasts Sean for opening his mouth.  When Adam clarifies his previous comment, Sean feels like a complete idiot for giving Adam unknown information.  When Adam chastises Colby for her “betrayal” and apparent ingratitude, Colby attempts to apologize.  As Sean assumes fault, Adam tears into him for “using” Colby in between other “sex romps.”  Sean unwittingly spews out that it is “over” between him and Ava.  Adam feigns ignorance about Ava and seizes on the opportunity to belittle Sean even more in front of Colby.  Colby halts her father.  Appearing wounded, Colby asks Sean, “How could you do this to me?”

Greenlee continues to be amazed by Zach’s “sympathy” towards her.  Based on her observations, she understands why Zach credits Spike for his positive change.  Greenlee appears contemplative, when Zach again asks how he can help her “get past it.”

Ryan continues with his diversionary tactics.  As Livia tries to chip away at him, Ryan has a series of flashbacks that reveal how he pieced things together.  Livia attempts to regain his attention, as he focuses on his memories of the following: a lightening bolt marked calendar page, a document bearing coordinates, and a computer expert.  Ryan remains entranced, as he then flashes to the time he hoped to convince Kendall about Zach’s actions.  Despite Livia’s efforts to make him feel empathy for Greenlee, Ryan ultimately advises Livia to “leave things buried.”

Knowing Zach cannot fulfill them, Greenlee renews her bitter demands for reparations.  Zach will never entertain her desire for the alternative, his imprisonment.  A sad Kendall presses her ear against the door to eavesdrop on their contentious stand off. 

Despite Di’s efforts to confine their conversation to business, Annie relentlessly pursues the blackout subject.  Annie is happy to learn Ryan was then in Canada but remains convinced Di knows more.  Di gives in and provides details about Marty’s confessed involvement.  Annie is confounded, when Di reveals Marty’s admission arose from his “blackout demonstration.”

Knowing Greenlee’s insatiability, Kendall tires of her comments and bursts in the break room.  Another bitter exchange ensues between the women.  Greenlee is then prompted to a flash back.  It begins with Kendall literally cradling her in her hospital bed, after she miscarried.  It continues to Kendall’s offer to serve as Greenlee and Ryan’s surrogate.  Zach regains her attention, when he asks if his imprisonment is “enough.”

Babe is reluctant to impose on Jamie’s time.

As Jonathan condemns Ava’s assumed “hustling,” she throws his past in his face.  When Jonathan takes umbrage with her comments, Ava stands closer to him.  Uncomfortable with his feelings for her, Jonathan darts away.

In Adam’s presence, Sean still hopes to convince Colby of his strong feelings.  Colby mistakenly doubts Sean’s recent virtuous intentions towards her.  In the midst of the situation, Adam rejects a call from Ava.  Her message reveals a conspiracy between the two, and the requirement of more funds from Adam.  Adam then resumes interfering in Sean’s relentless efforts to take Colby to the prom.  After Colby rejects him, Sean presents her with the corsage. 

Since she does not want others to know about the tutoring, Babe declines Jamie’s offer.  Jamie will not take “no” for an answer.  Babe finally accepts, and they shake hands.

Kendall throws the insufficiency of Greenlee’s case against Zach in her face.  Greenlee acts as though she concurs with Kendall’s assessment.  Zach sincerely renews his offer.  Greenlee leaves them with the impression that she is going to mull things over.

Annie pushes Di to reveal the identity of the person Marty put on the “demonstration” for.  Annie is confused, when she learns it was Kendall.  After Di explains, Annie cannot understand why this evidence was not appropriately used against Zach.  Annie puts two and two together and realizes Ryan thwarted any investigation.  Ryan happens to walk in then.

Ava and the man conclude their transaction.  After he delivers illicit drugs to Ava, he demands his balance of and additional one hundred dollars.  Ava gives him her assurances.

Colby acts appreciatively, before she throws Sean’s corsage at him.  After she storms off, Adam and Sean have another show down.  Sean deflects Adam’s grasp and puts him on notice he intends to win over Colby.  To denigrate him, Adam forces Sean “to leave the same way he came in” through the window.

Kendall checks the hall for eavesdroppers, before speaking with Zach.  Believing Zach was successful, Kendall marvels at his persuasiveness with Greenlee.  Determined to act honorably, Zach feels he “owes” Greenlee, regardless of whether she decides to “go after” him. 

Di ducks away when Greenlee, now dripping with sarcasm, approaches the three of them.  Annie shoots a look at him, as Ryan adamantly advises Greenlee he will never partake in her actions against Zach, even under penalty of perjury. 

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