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Still anxious from Greenlee‘s threats to prosecute Zach, Kendall awakens from her restless sleep.  She walks on in Zach, as he contentedly feeds Spike in their kitchen.  She is confounded by Zach’s nonchalant attitude.  Zach, with an air of confidence, explains that “it’s being taken are of.”  Despite his self-assurance, Kendall reminds him how formidable Greenlee can be.  Zach remains dismissive of Kendall’s warning.

Greenlee barges past Erica’s assistant, Val, on her way into Erica’s office, at New Beginnings.  Believing she is entitled to have access, Greenlee condescendingly addresses Val.  Erica is not at all amused and attributes her poor behavior to “boundary issues.”  Greenlee sets aside Erica’s “snipe” and disdain and pitches her offer for the story of lifetime.  Erica smirks, as Greenlee proposes the exposé headline, “How Zach Slater pulled the plug on Pine Valley and smashed hundreds of dreams.”

Zach believes Kendall’s concerns give “Greenlee too much power,” while she feels they are warranted under the circumstances.  Without providing details, Zach advises her to trust that this “threat” will be summarily addressed.  Kendall worries Zach will take extreme measures and attempts to prod him for further answers.  Zach remains evasive.  Kendall’s questions are preempted by the arrival of the nanny, Rachel.  Zach takes the opportunity to leave, thereby cutting off further interrogation.  He kisses Kendall and promises to meet her for lunch.

Based on Erica’s flat reaction, Greenlee realizes Erica was already aware of Zach’s actions and she continues to push Erica.  To shut her down, Erica advises her to move on from her bitterness.  Greenlee is confused by Erica’s apparent loyalty to Zach, and Erica attributes their good terms to their common love for Kendall.  Greenlee reacts like a child having a temper tantrum.  Before sending a teary-eyed Greenlee on her way, Erica delivers the final blow.  She accuses her of “spitting in Kendall’s face,” after Kendall made such supreme sacrifices for Greenlee. 

Annie joins Di at Fusion.  Annie’s general response to Di’s questions about Spike’s party provokes further inquiry.  When Annie makes a strange remark about Kendall’s “adaptability,” Di prods more.  Annie is not willing to discuss the situation.  Derek arrives to speak with Greenlee, while Di tries to ascertain what Annie is talking about.  Based on Greenlee’s urgent call, Derek is incensed that she is absent and decides to leave.  Aware of Greenlee’s purpose, Annie convinces him to wait for her without explaining the circumstances.  Di is perplexed by Annie’s actions. 

Tad arrives at Chandler Enterprises, as J.R. barks orders at his assistant.  Tad incredulously asks J.R. his “real reason,” when he advises him about the name change in honor of Tad and Dixie.  J.R. offers a dramatic explanation, “to save my life.”  After dispelling Tad’s concerns that he is in trouble, Tad then suspects J.R. is trying to “stick-it” to Adam.  J.R. insists one of his primary reasons is to protect his son.  In reaction, Tad believes J.R. requires some sound fatherly advice: “to stop playing war games with Adam” and to find his own identity. 

Erica welcomes Sean, as Val announces his arrival.  Based on his appearance, Erica becomes worried.  In response to her concern, Sean replies he misses her “almost as much as Uncle Jack does.”

At the Yacht Club, Pam discusses her “plans” for another divorce show segment with Jack.  Worried she has not cleared it with Erica, Jack admonishes her she may be jeopardizing her job.  When Zach arrives for a meeting, Jack approaches him about his treatment of Greenlee.  Zach justifies himself based on Greenlee’s declaration of war” against him and Kendall.  When Zach announces his intentions to protect his family, Jack regards that as a threat against him.  Jack winces as Zach clarifies his comment only pertains to Greenlee.  Zach then turns to greet a gentleman. 

Kendall braces herself, as she arrives at Fusion.  Annie is standoffish towards her, until Kendall is informed by telephone that Babe’s music license deal is now off.  Kendall furiously blames Greenlee for hounding Babe into resigning and wants to confront the absent Greenlee.  Annie assures a now curious Kendall of her arrival, based upon her waiting “guests.”  Meanwhile, Di serves Derek and Livvy coffee in the Fusion waiting room.  Once alone with his sister, Derek laments his plight about being held back by “Princess lip gloss.”  Livvy delights in teasing him about his “moonshine escapades” at Krystal’s bar.  Greenlee finally makes her grand entrance and announces to Kendall the identity of the “guests.”  Kendall now realizes what Greenlee is up to and attempts to stop her.  As the two bicker, Annie deals with a large shipment but remains within earshot.  Annie then conveniently requires assistance for a “partner-level problem.”  Greenlee now has the opportunity to meet with her “guests,” as Kendall rushes to help Annie.  Livvy rolls her eyes at Derek, as Greenlee breathlessly apologizes for her tardiness.  Greenlee directs her intentions to pursue criminal charges against Zach to Derek and her civil suit against him towards Livvy.

During his meeting, Zach gives the following instruction: “clean, discreet, and immediately.”  The man receiving the instruction nods in the affirmative, as Zach asks him, “Are we clear?”

Greenlee begins with reciting how Kendall instinctively rushed to Dr.  Madden’s fertility clinic, on the night of the black out.  During her recitation, Greenlee flashes to her then-conversation with Kendall concerning the viability of Greenlee’s embryos and the simultaneous implantation into Kendall.  Greenlee then relays that she got “hip” to Kendall.  She begins flashing to her sarcastic toast to Kendall, when she realized Kendall was carrying her own child with Ryan.  Once she touches on Zach’s responsibility for the black out, Derek insists on evidence other than her version of his verbal confession.  When she mentions Kendall and Ryan as corroborating witnesses, Derek becomes impatient and leaves his sister to explain legalities.  Greenlee worries Livvy shares Derek’s sentiments.  To avoid conflict, Livvy apprises Greenlee of her past representation of Zach.  Then, to Greenlee’s surprise, Livvy recalls pertinent testimony of Erica’s, during a hearing concerning Kendall’s coma.  Although Erica only made a vague reference to Zach being involved in the black out, Livvy feels, with Ryan’s corroboration, that Greenlee may have a civil case.  Greenlee fleetingly appears reluctant to pursue it, when Livvy mentions Kendall’s close call with death.  She then quickly moves on and becomes elated by her prospects.

With Annie and Di watching in the background, Kendall abruptly ends her business call to chase after Derek.  Unfortunately, the elevator door shuts closed on the disappointed Kendall.

Zach looks up at Jack, as he brings his “meeting” to a conclusion.  Jack again tries to call Greenlee without success.  Pam and Jack resume their conversation about the “new divorce.”  Despite his misgivings, Jack appears willing to go along with Pam’s idea.

Based upon his own unfaithfulness, Sean apologizes to Erica for judging her infidelity.  During his conversation, he reveals his strong feelings for Colby and contempt for Ava.  Recognizing that his uncle still loves Erica, Sean seeks help from her as to how to reconcile with Colby.  Erica advises him to be persistent in showing Colby his true feelings and not to give up.  Now feeling hopeful, Sean finally smiles.

Kendall grows frustrated, as Fusion loses yet another distributor and box-loads of returned products keep piling up.  While Annie tries to brainstorm with Di and Kendall, Kendall focuses on the goings on of Greenlee’s closed-door conference with Livvy.  Di does not share Annie’s enthusiasm about overcoming Fusion’s image problem.

J.R. resists Tad’s take on his decision to change his name to Martin.  Tad again attempts to get J.R. to recognize that his purpose is to “destroy Adam and cry out for his love at the same time.”  After J.R. repeatedly insists otherwise, Tad expresses his consistent unconditional love to his “son.”  J.R. then cites Tad’s love as the ultimate reason for becoming a Martin.  Tad kisses J.R. on the forehead and leaves.  J.R. is caught off guard by an unexpected visit from Zach.  J.R. appears puzzled, when Zach gives him an ominous heads up about “buzzards circling.”  J.R. maintains a poker face, and Zach refers to J.R.’s presumed vulnerability after breaking from Adam.  Based on their history, J.R. questions Zach’s alleged concern for him.  Despite the foregoing, Zach again cautions, “Watch your back.”

Annie suggests that they brainstorm some ideas to use in a marketing campaign to get Fusion back on track for profits.  As Kendall, Di, and Annie come up with catch phrases like fresh and healthy, Greenlee, now finished with her meeting, chimes in with fertile and baby.  Kendall appears as though she would like to wring Greenlee’s neck.

Upon arriving to meet Jack, Erica discovers, to her chagrin, she was summoned there for an interview on the show “Lightening Track.”  Before she can collect herself, the taping begins.  As Jack is being interviewed about his eligible bachelor-hood, Erica simmers in the background of the set.  When the interviewer mentions a Disney spin-off series for Jack, Erica tries to interrupt the taping without success.  When Jack ignores her, Erica becomes frustrated and storms away.

J.R. tunes out his VP, Chavis, as he attempts to discuss the cover art on the shareholders’ report.  Once J.R. sees the cover depicting a young version of Adam and him as a child, he agrees that it must be remedied immediately. 

To no avail, Annie tries to brainstorm with the last remaining participant, Di.  Unfortunately, she is too distracted by her now infrequent communication with Aidan.  When Zach arrives at Fusion, Kendall rushes to warn him about Greenlee’s earlier meeting.  While Zach assures her that “everything is fine,” Greenlee interjects to the contrary.  After Zach advises her “to do what you ‘gotta’ do,” Greenlee tries to stare him down.

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