AMC Update Monday 6/4/07

All My Children Update Monday 6/4/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Greenlee asks Kendall to help her put Zach in prison for causing the blackout if their friendship is to stand a chance.  Kendall becomes angry and tries kicking Greenlee out of her house.  Annie, Ryan, and Zach hear them arguing since they're talking so loudly.  Kendall and Greenlee take their fight inside with everyone else.  Kendall tells Greenlee that arresting Zach won't change the fact that she can't have children.  Zach tells Kendall to take it easy.  The rescue workers arrive, so Greenlee leaves.  Ryan grabs Zach by the throat, because he's upset that Zach told Greenlee about the blackout.  Annie tells Zach how disgusted she was about him causing the blackout and that he deserves to go to jail.  Annie panics and tries to leave but Ryan calms her down by assuring her that Zach won't hurt their family.

Greenlee goes back to her loft and runs into Josh.  She tells him that she doesn't like the person she's become.  Josh advises her to stop being the person everyone thinks she is.  Greenlee then asks him to leave.

On the patio outside, Krystal and Babe discuss plans for the new bar, The Comeback.  Babe tells Krystal she has yet to fulfill her dreams.  She wants to get her GED and set a good example for Little Adam.  Colby stops by, upset about Sean cheating on her with Ava.  Krystal and Babe try helping Colby feel better.  Colby decides to go home.

J.R. lets Adam know that he's changing his last name to Martin.  Adam seems nonchalant about it until J.R. says he's changing Little Adam's last name also.  The two men get into a heated argument.  J.R. swears not to let Adam be a part of his son's life and swears to get Colby out of his house.  After leaving, J.R. visits Babe and warns her about Adam.  Babe thanks him for protecting Little Adam.  J.R. watches Little Adam sleeping.

When Colby gets home, Sean was waiting for her by the door but she refuses to listen to anything he has to say and goes inside.  Adam asks her what's wrong.  She doesn't talk about it, but gives him a hug.

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