AMC Update Friday 6/1/07

All My Children Update Friday 6/1/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

Greenlee returns to Zach and Kendall’s house looking like a wet rat after her car filled with water where the road washed out.  She is hysterical as she knocks on the door.  Zach answers the door as Greenlee babbles on.  He puts his jacket around her and invites her over to the fire.  Kendall approaches her with concern.  Annie shows sympathy as well.  Greenlee is given a dry set of clothes.  She goes on and on about how she thought she was going to die, and how her life flashed before her eyes.  Emma, being as sweet as pie, offers Greenlee her doll so that she won’t be afraid.

The power is off and Zach calls to find out when the power will be restored.  The power company informs him the power will be restored by the next morning.  Ryan makes a joke that he is surprised that Zach cannot turn the power on himself and Zach ignores his comments.  Zach and Annie leave the room so that Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee can talk in private.  Annie tells Zach that she thought that Kendall was bad, but she is worse.  She asks Zach how he coped with Kendall, Ryan, and Greenlee’s relationship.  The Slater’s, the Lavery’s, and Greenlee settle down to wait for the roads to clear.  Greenlee watches the Slaters and the Laverys with envy.  She goes to Emma and Spike to tell them goodnight.  Kendall feels the baby kick then calls Zach.  As they smile and discuss the baby, Kendall notices the sadness in Greenlee’s eyes.  Greenlee runs out of the room and Kendall follows her.  Greenlee is crying, and talking about her loss and sadness.  Kendall hugs her and discusses mending fences.  Kendall wants to be there for Greenlee by making it right.  Greenlee pretends that she wants to make it right as well and states that she has an idea how to do that.  She mentioned that her eggs were destroyed and she intends to sue Zach.  Kendall looks at her in shock. 

Colby pounces on Sean and Ava after spying on them.  They are kissing on Adam’s new yacht.  She confronts Sean about misrepresenting himself when he is with her.  She calls him a liar and a cheat.  Sean tries to convince Colby that he meant what he said to her and that he respects her.  Ava and Colby argue and Colby calls her a cheap slut.  Sean treats Colby like a lady, but uses Ava for sex.  Colby orders Sean to take her father’s boat back.  Ava heads over to the Chandler Mansion to see Adam.  She shows him a picture of Sean and Colby kissing.  She and Adam negotiate a deal for information on Sean and Colby.  Ava receives a wad of cash from Adam.

Krystal, Opal, Julie, Jaime, Derek, Tad, J.R., and Babe are in the new “Comeback” bar recently brought by Krystal.  Adam walks in and catches Krystal and Derek in an intimate conversation.  Derek and Krystal flirt and make plans for a future date.  Adam taunts and teases Krystal.  Tad walks over to Adam and tells him the party at The Comeback Bar is a private one.  Adam was a past owner of the Roadhouse Bar, thus he does not believe it is a smart acquisition.  The Martin gang offers to throw Adam out, but Krystal stops them.  She wants to treat him as a potential future customer.  Del notices a puddle of water on the floor, but says nothing.  Adam refuses a drink saying he just wants to enjoy the ambience.  Jaime and J.R. want to know why Adam is there.  Jaime is itching to throw Adam out and J.R. is extremely rude.  A Karaoke machine is delivered and Krystal sets it up, but as she starts to sing, the roof caves in.  The Martin men go on the roof to check out the damage.  They set down buckets to catch the leaks.  It appears that Krystal has made a bad deal, and badly needs a contractor.  She was told to have someone check out the place before she spent any money, but she ignored that good advice.

Everyone is telling Julia that she looks tired.  She exhibits sign of having an upset stomach.  Opal informs her that she thinks she is pregnant.

Amanda wants to make sure that J.R. does not mention the night of passion that they shared to anyone, especially not to Babe.

J.R. tells Adam that he will legally change his name to Martin and become Tad’s son.

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