AMC Update Thursday 5/31/07

All My Children Update Thursday 5/31/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

Greenlee walks into the Fusion office and notices it's empty except for Di.  She asks where Kendall and Annie are and Di tries to cover for them.  Jack comes in and asks if Greenlee went through with her plan.  She answers that she will soon.  Jack then reminds Greenlee how much Kendall went through and suggests she try making up with Kendall and Ryan.  Greenlee changes the subject to Jack's divorce from Erica.  Greenlee thinks Jack is better off without Erica because of how narcissistic she is.  Jack says he has to leave to be somewhere.  Di comes in and asks Greenlee if she received any calls from Aidan, and Greenlee answers no.  Greenlee reveals to Di that she knows about Spike's party and that's where she's headed.

Amanda tells J.R. she had a great night with him.  As she's about to leave, Adam comes in and throws insults their way.  Amanda decides not to deal with it and leaves.  Adam tells J.R. it was a bad idea to sleep with Amanda.

At the party, Annie and Erica tell Ryan how much they hate clowns since Kendall hired a clown for the birthday party.  Inside, Kendall lets Zach know how much she loves the new house.  Zach gives Kendall a gift of three band rings.  One of them is Spike's birthstone, another is the new baby's birthstone, and the last one is Zach's.  Outside, Erica asks Julia if she is feeling okay, and she says she's just tired.  Soon after, Pam shows up with a cameraman for the reality show.  Erica threatens to fire Pam if she doesn't leave.  Myrtle, who was watching the whole thing, tells Erica she wants her and Jack to get back together.  Erica admits to wanting him back, but thinks Jack took things too far.  Kendall, Zach, and Spike go outside and thank everyone for coming to the party.  It then starts to thunder, so the party gets moved inside.  Someone comes to the door with a giant teddy bear hiding their identity.  It turns out to be Greenlee.  Everyone stares at her.  Jonathan tries talking to Lily but she doesn't want to talk to him because of the way he treats Ava.  Lily walks away and asks Greenlee why no one wants her there.  Greenlee doesn't have an answer for her.  Emma tells Greenlee she likes the bear.  Greenlee compliments her by saying she has her father's eyes.  Emma asks if Greenlee has a little girl of her own and Ryan decides it's time for them to leave.  As everyone starts to leave, Zach tells Greenlee she should leave as well, but she isn't ready.  She goes up to Kendall and asks to hold Spike.  Kendall makes up an excuse about needing to change his diaper and walks away.  Greenlee soon decides to leave and Zach informs Kendall it was safe to come out.  Greenlee comes back in, wet from the rain, and says the road is washed out.

Colby and Sean are hanging out in the backyard.  Ava spies on them and overhears that Sean is staying n Colby's room.  When Colby goes inside, Ava accuses Sean of blowing her off, and then blackmails him into taking her out on the boat or she will tell Adam where he's been sleeping.  Colby comes back outside and finds that Sean is gone.  Colby finds his phone and looks through it.  She goes to the yacht and hides in a closet.  Sean and Ava walk into the room and start kissing.

Krystal, Babe, and the Martins are celebrating at their bar, The Comeback.  Del comes in for work.  Derek walks in and says he's there to have a good time.  Palmer and Amanda arrive also.  Amanda tries to get Babe alone to tell her she slept with J.R. but J.R. shows up and interrupts them.  Tad talks to Jamie about Kate.  After a few drinks, Derek tells Krystal he always liked her.  Babe asks Amanda later on what she wanted to tell her.  Amanda decides it was best to keep it a secret.  Krystal and Derek talk about their divorces and then they share a kiss.  Adam walks in and witnesses the whole thing.

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