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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Colby’s “roommate” Sean returns “home” to the Chandler Mansion.  He romantically quotes Shakespeare to entice her into skinny-dipping with him.  Adam catches her in the midst of disrobing.  Colby looks like the “cat that ate the canary.”

Josh runs into Greenlee on the elevator of their building.  Greenlee arrogantly informs him she is laying claim to Bianca’s apartment, since it was “hers” previously.  Josh takes this opportunity to toy with Greenlee by playing with the elevator buttons.  He takes great pleasure in announcing, “We’re stuck!”

J.R. uses their “boxing match” to make veiled sexual innuendoes to Amanda.  They begin to get closer on the Fusion rooftop.  Amanda physically jabs him, as he compliments her “form.”  Although she plays “hard to get,” J.R. stands within kissing range and gently strokes her hair. 

Jonathan bumps into Ava, at the mall.  She flusters Jonathan, as she seductively dangles recently purchased lingerie in front of him.  Jonathan then mentions the boathouse.  Ava becomes curious about the reference.  Jonathan explains his impulsive kiss that night was meant for her not Lily.  As Ava prods further, Jonathan chalks his kiss up to pity for her.  Ava becomes insulted and sarcastically asks, “You felt sorry for me, so that’s why you stuck your tongue down my throat?”

Amanda pushes J.R., as he draws closer.  In hushed tones, J.R. persists in his attempt to seduce Amanda.  He then makes metaphorical allusions to her emotional maturity and their now level playing field.  Amanda baits him into admitting he wants her to “partner” with him in going after Adam and “other things.”  When J.R. goes in for the kill, Amanda punches him in the gut.  She laughingly starts to walk away, as he doubles over.

To derail Adam, Colby resorts to a poor quotation of Shakespeare.  As Colby finally convinces him she is outside for “creative inspiration,” Adam hears “someone” jump in his pool.  Adam suspects his neighbor, as the culprit, and storms toward the pool.  Colby’s efforts to stop him are interrupted by the unanticipated arrival of Palmer.  Palmer entices Adam to follow him, as he triumphantly announces that Krystal “out-foxed” Adam. 

Krystal surprises Tad and Babe with her new acquisition, a bar.  As she takes pride in her purchase, Tad cautions her to check out the structural integrity.  The more Tad makes sound suggestions, the more the two women prattle on about possible franchises and glassware.  They all smile, when Krystal names her business the “Comeback.”

Now stuck in the elevator, Green hurls insults at Josh in her typical form.  Josh deflates Greenlee quickly with a sharp-tongued comment about her apparent lack of friends or “back-up.”  Greenlee manages to recharge and throws Greg Madden’s transgressions against her in Josh’s face.  Josh then begins empathizing with her and apologizes.  Greenlee starts allegedly suffering from claustrophobia. 

J.R. and Amanda continue “round two” on the rooftop.  Amanda flatly rejects J.R.’s “friends with benefits” proposal based on her previous “dealings” with him.  J.R. again tries to persuade her.  Amanda makes herself clear when she threatens to “punch his teeth out.”  J.R. then declares “round two as a draw.”  He leaves his invitation open and graciously walks away.  Now alone, Amanda appears somewhat intrigued by J.R.

Ava grows more defensive when Jonathan is unable to clarify his comment.  Feeling rejected, Ava begins lashing out at him.  Jonathan explains he is trying to be forthcoming to avoid “leading her on.”  Ava reacts even more bitterly.  A man then approaches and asks if she is having boyfriend trouble.  When Ava vehemently denies that “this loser” is her boyfriend, the stranger “wants to be.”  Jonathan appears jealous. 

Josh breaks the ice when he instructs Greenlee to breathe into a paper bag.  The two begin “opening up” to each other.  Greenlee frets about making a fool of herself in ConFusion.  In an effort to make her feel better, Josh reveals how past emotional turmoil caused him to crash his plane. 

Believing that Tad lacks confidence in her capabilities, Krystal defensively reacts to Tad’s practical advice about running a business.  Krystal finally backs down, when she realizes that Tad is only looking out for her best interests. 

As he sips Adam’s liquor, Palmer delights in rubbing Krystal’s jewelry sale in Adam’s face.  Palmer then hopes this sale will cause Adam to doubt the sincerity of Krystal’s love for him.  Adam reacts viscerally to Palmer’s provocation.  Meanwhile outside, Sean and Colby dry off from their swim.  Their conversation about “taking things slow” is interrupted by J.R. shouting for her.  Sean hides, and Colby puts on the “innocent look.”

In hopes of making Jonathan more jealous, Ava uses the stranger to walk her out.  He misinterprets her actions and tries to come on to her.  He grabs her angrily, when she rejects him.  Jonathan overhears and rushes to protect Ava.  After the guy takes off, Jonathan and Ava’s eyes lock.  Jonathan becomes uncomfortable with their closeness and leaves.

Josh amuses Greenlee with the toy keyboard that he bought for Spike.  Almost magically, the elevator starts working.  Josh feels awkward, when he realizes Greenlee was not invited to Spike’s party.  As the elevator stops on the appropriate floor, the two stare at each other as though they are forming a connection. 

Amanda turns, as she hears the roof door open.  She is disappointed, when she realizes that it is only Jonathan.  To avoid his growing feelings for Ava, Jonathan tries to reconcile with Amanda.  To his surprise, Amanda is no longer interested in him or in “being friends with benefits.”  Amanda keenly questions Jonathan’s sudden interest in her and attributes it to Lily or Ava.

Ava and Lily have a sisterly talk.  To gain insight into Jonathan, Ava baits Lily into a conversation.  After hearing about their history, Ava becomes curious about Sean’s whereabouts.

Under the guise of concern for Adam’s health condition, J.R. attempts to convince Colby that the stresses from running Chandler poses too great of a health risk to their father.  With Sean listening in the background, J.R. hopes to manipulate Colby into keeping him informed of any activities Adam takes to re-acquire Chandler.  Colby realizes J.R. wants her to “spy” on Adam and angrily declines.  Before leaving, J.R. plants a seed of guilt in Colby.

Krystal and Babe appreciate Tad’s effort to protect them but remain confident they can handle the business themselves.  Stuart shows up and immediately recognizes that Krystal is creating “her world” devoid of Adam.  Krystal appears wistful.

Palmer discerns that Adam is still in love with Krystal.  When Palmer calls Adam a fool for tossing her out, Adam angrily demands that he leave.  Adam slightly tears, as he flashes to one of his and Krystal’s challenging matches at the bar.

With her deductive reasoning, Lily helps Ava analyze where Sean might be.  Confounded by the fact he is ignoring her texts, Ava comes up with a logical conclusion.

Despite his denials, Amanda calls Jonathan out on his interest in Ava and for attempting to “use” her as a distraction.  Before he can get a word in, Amanda turns on her heels and announces that she will be the “user” tonight instead.

Sean compliments Colby’s perception in reference to J.R.  Colby begins vacillating about her certainty.  Sean shores her up by telling her, “You’re the girl I’d want to have my back.”  Ava is hiding in the background eavesdropping.

Josh assists Greenlee with her belongings.  Apparently sucked in by her, Josh starts flirting and then goes downstairs.  Satisfied her plot is falling into place, Greenlee pops the paper bag she used for her supposed claustrophobia. 

Krystal wants Stuart to paint a mural of her customers on the wall of her new bar.  Tad jokingly asks him to depict scantily clothed women.  Babe and Stuart praise Krystal’s brilliant idea.  Krystal credits her newfound mental clarity to being free from Adam.

Upon returning to Adam’s, J.R. and his father exchange mutual jabs about being alone.

After Krystal happily hands her partner, Babe, a key to their establishment, a piece of the ceiling crumbles on Tad.  Krystal ignores Tad’s renewed suggestion to have an inspection, as the four lock up the bar.

Ava stealthily repositions herself.  Colby and Sean share a passionate kiss.  Ava looks at her cell phone to confirm she captured a clear picture of them.

As J.R. stares out from his bedroom window, he turns to find Amanda stroking his shoulder.  J.R. responds to her, and they begin kissing.

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