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Before J.R can make an issue out of Jamie hugging Babe on the Fusion rooftop, she explains the situation.  After Jamie and Babe give J.R. the details of Greenlee’s redemption of Babe’s stock, he offers her blanket support.

Ryan bumps into Zach at BJ’s, after purchasing Spike’s birthday present.  Clearly displeased with him, Ryan slams his gift down on Zach’s lunch table and chastises him for recently telling Greenlee about the “black-out” scheme.  Zach then replies that the situation warranted his actions.  Ryan focuses more on the fallout from the revelation, while Zach’s interests lie with protecting Kendall foremost. 

With a grin on her face, Kendall dismisses Di’s concerns about Annie cornering Greenlee in the Fusion bathroom.  Meanwhile, Greenlee attempts to provoke Annie inside there.  Annie maintains composure and firmly puts a shocked Greenlee on notice that she will never have the opportunity to kiss Ryan again.  As Greenlee smugly continues primping, she begins playing mind games with Annie about the kiss.  When she implies Ryan’s confession suggests guilt on his part, Annie lays down her declaration of war: “I will never let you have Ryan in this lifetime.  He is mine and Emma’s.”

While dining, Zach and Ryan continue their conversation about the Greenlee situation.  When Ryan worries that Zach “fueled the fire” with Greenlee, Zach questions whether Ryan is “over” her and receives no response.

Greenlee makes light of Annie’s reaction by referring to her as paranoid.  Annie does not fall for Greenlee’s tactics and maintains her firm position with her.  Realizing she has met her match, Greenlee tries to end the conversation.  Satisfied she made her point; Annie shifts gears to work and confidently announces that she can “help Greenlee salvage her company.”  While waiting for the other two, Kendall discusses Spike’s birthday arrangements with an unhelpful Di.  Kendall and Di attempt to react nonchalantly, as Annie and Greenlee walk in.  Much to their surprise, Annie and Greenlee appear unscathed.  Kendall whispers to Di to keep silent about Spike’s party in front of Greenlee.  Kendall’s mouth opens wide, as Annie terms Greenlee’s plans to restore Fusion as “brilliant.”

Both Jamie and J.R. offer to assist Babe financially or otherwise.  Babe wants to remain independent.  Jamie questions whether J.R. has ulterior motives.  As J.R. snaps that Babe is the mother of his son, Babe appears to marvel at J.R.’s support.  Jamie is surprised by J.R.’s “decency.”  J.R. commends both Babe and Krystal for standing on their own.

At the condo, Tad wonders why Krystal is interested in selling her wedding ring and all of jewelry and offers her financial help.  Krystal declines and evasively explains she “needs a large sum for something.”  Tad is willing to direct her to a legitimate purchaser.  Tad looks at Krystal curiously, as she asks Jenny “if she thinks ‘momma’ is ‘gonna’ make her dream come true.”

Jack and Erica are interviewed for a morning talk show on TV.  Jack continues to praise Erica lovingly, and the studio audience enthusiastically responds.  Despite the prodding by the interviewer, Erica is unable to come up with any criticism concerning Jack.  Instead, she, like Jack, offers nothing but praise.  At this point both interviewers wonder why Jack and Erica are divorcing.  They then put the couple on the spot.  After they air Jack’s “we are still in love” clip from “New Beginnings,” one host pointedly mentions reconciliation.  Erica tries to deny Jack’s statement as it pertains to her.  Jack jumps in and confirms his love for Erica.  With a huge smile, Jack then announces Erica is in love with him, too.

J.R. finally mentions the intended reason for his visit.  After he expresses his concerns about exposing Little A to Adam, Babe assures him their son will have positive values instilled in him.  J.R. then warns Babe about Adam’s likely efforts to grab her stock in Chandler.  Jamie doubts Adam’s ability to do so.  J.R. then offers to render Babe “Adam free” by purchasing her interest in Chandler.  Jamie realizes his initial instincts were right about J.R.  In spite of Jamie’s comments, J.R. tries to persuade Babe to sell it to him.

The show hosts question whether Erica’s denials of mutual feelings are pride based.  In an effort to appear sincere, Erica directs her follow-up commentary to a receptive audience.  Although she is forced to admit she married Jack three times, Erica complains Jack always speaks on her behalf as if she is mindless.  Jack looks on sadly, as Erica uses the forgoing as the reason for their failed marriage.  Once she looks over at him, Erica appears upset also. 

Tad plays with Jenny, as Krystal explains the significance behind each piece of jewelry.  Tad wonders if Krystal is really prepared to sell.  Krystal remains decisive just in time for the jewelry broker to arrive.  After a warm reception with his former “client,” Tad introduces the broker, as Susan Prichard.  Susan warmly greets both Krystal and Jenny.  Despite Tad’s playful flirting, Susan is anxious to “get down to business.”

With Jamie now in the background, J.R. and Babe discuss the sentimentality associated with her stock, since J.R. previously gifted it to her.  Her eyes well up, as she agrees to the symbolic gesture of selling her stock to him.  J.R. then pledges his unwavering support to Babe.  After she leaves the rooftop, J.R., based on their previous history, interrogates Jamie about his intentions towards Babe.  Jamie assures him that their connection is purely familial because of Jenny.  Jamie then points out to J.R. that his purchase of Babe’s stock amounts to “severing a major Chandler-Carey bond.”  Now wistful, J.R. is fully aware of his actions.

Zach believes Ryan would have taken the blame for Annie, if she were on a similar receiving end of Greenlee’s attack.  Ryan then relates Greenlee’s ConFusion tirade to Zach and credits Annie for handling it well.

Annie, Greenlee, Di, and Kendall continue brainstorming.  Kendall is not overly impressed with Annie’s “environmentally friendly” expansions on Greenlee’s ideas.  As Kendall finally agrees to “go with it,” Di concurs.  Kendall and Greenlee laugh, as they simultaneously suggest the same chemist, “Boyd.”  Greenlee then playfully teases Kendall for toying with “Boyd’s” affections.  As the four enthusiastically discuss final aspects of the ad campaign, Babe emerges.  Despite Kendall’s efforts to stop her, Greenlee takes this opportunity to deride Babe yet again.  To the surprise of all, Babe laughingly tells Greenlee, “You suck” and summarily resigns.  Babe then triumphantly struts out, belongings and all.

Unbeknownst to Kendall, Jamie and J.R. are listening in on her championing Babe to Greenlee.  As Kendall points out the repercussions of Greenlee’s actions towards Babe in terms of Fusion, Greenlee smugly justifies her acquisition of Babe’s shares.  Greenlee can longer defend her actions, once Annie agrees with Kendall’s points about Babe’s control over Zoe’s record label.  Di and Jamie remain spectators.  J.R. emerges from behind Kendall and notes the irony of her now defending Babe.  Greenlee then accosts J.R. for almost killing Kendall.  Kendall briefly acknowledges Greenlee’s gesture and then becomes dismissive.  Greenlee shifts her bitter commentary to Zach.  The two women begin arguing to the point that Annie must force a truce between them.  Greenlee then turns on her heels and leaves to “outline her idea to the chemists.”  Di and Annie go to follow-up on Babe’s work.  Now alone with Kendall, J.R. teases her about her “fire.”  Kendall is not at all receptive.  Much to her surprise, J.R. politely leaves, at her request. 

Krystal is taken aback by Susan’s generous quote.  While Tad holds Jenny, Krystal dances a jig once Susan leaves.  Krystal remains mysterious about her plans for the money. 

At the conclusion of their conversation, Ryan tells Zach he kept Spike’s party from Greenlee.  Since they both have a shopping bag from the same store, Zach then mentions the gift he bought Spike, a fire truck.  Ryan unfortunately bought the same gift. 

After Erica remains resolute, one host begins questioning Jack’s certainty about Erica’s loving feelings towards him.  Jack maintains his confidence and startles Erica with a pair of pink diamond earrings as a belated Anniversary present.  The hosts “wrap up” leaving the couple “alone” in front of the camera.  Erica tries to get Pam to stop the camera from “rolling.”  Erica accuses Jack of manipulation.  Jack assures Erica of his genuineness.  Despite Erica’s orders, Pam keeps taping.  Erica enters Jack’s house and slams the door on the cameramen.  Erica’s private opportunity to blast Jack is interrupted by Greenlee’s request to speak with her father alone.

Zach happens to return home, as Kendall holds up an earring that Rachel prevented Spike from grabbing in the bedroom.  Suspecting the earring belongs to Hannah, Kendall interrupts his “present” story.  Zach readily admits Hannah was in their bedroom.

Erica warns Greenlee to tread lightly with respect to Kendall.  The two women begin getting into it.  Greenlee zaps Erica about Zach and mocks her new divorce reality show.  After Erica leaves, Greenlee seeks legal advice from Jack regarding Kendall.

J.R. sneaks up behind Amanda on the Fusion rooftop and makes suggestive comments about their boxing “re-match.”  Amanda appears receptive.

Krystal catches Babe angrily pacing around their porch.  Babe finally tells her about the Fusion stock.  As Krystal offers words of support, Babe shocks her with the news she quit.  After Babe tells her mother about the sale of her Chandler stock, the women count their non-monetary blessings.  Krystal is then anxious to show Babe her newest acquisition. 

Palmer toasts Tad and Susan for their “performance” and relishes in “sticking it” to Adam. 

Zach brings Kendall up to speed about Hannah and explains he kept it from her temporarily because of her drama with Greenlee.  Zach looks uncomfortable, as Kendall hopes Hannah will have another baby.

Annie returns home.  While Ryan holds her from behind, Annie tells him about her eventful day with Greenlee.  Annie appears confident that she got through to her.  They then dash upstairs for a moment of intimacy.

Jack warns Greenlee about the upheaval she will cause in pursuing “legal action” against Kendall and declines to assist her.  Greenlee hands Jack a wad of money to ensure attorney-client privilege, and he is unwilling to accept it.  On her way out, Greenlee is not at all thrilled with her discovery: an invitation to Spike’s birthday party. 

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