AMC Update Monday 5/28/07

All My Children Update Monday 5/28/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

At Ryan's penthouse, he remembers the kiss he shared with Greenlee.  Annie comes in, getting ready for work and Ryan admits he kissed Greenlee.  He explains to Annie that he was trying to comfort Greenlee when she gave him a kiss.  Ryan assures her it meant nothing to him.  Annie expresses her anger over Greenlee's actions, saying she needs to grow up.  Annie tells Ryan to make a decision between her and Greenlee.  Ryan says her that he only wants her.  She gives him a kiss, and then leaves for work.  Ryan calls Jonathan to get his opinion about the new company he is starting.  Jonathan is a little hesitant about Ryan's offer to join him in the business, but promises to think about it.  Ryan starts asking about Lily the wedding and Jonathan tells him it was Ava pretending to be Lily.  Ryan warns him to be careful around Ava.  Jonathan soon leaves.

Babe watches Krystal and Jenny at the condo.  Babe is a little worried when Krystal talks about not having any Chandler money, since Greenlee took her Fusion shares.  Krystal tells her that she doesn't want Adam's help or money and that she's not worried about money problems since she still believes Babe has stocks at Fusion.  Babe doesn't tell Krystal the truth.  After she leaves for work, Jamie stops by to visit Jenny.  He and Krystal discuss that something's wrong with Babe and Jamie promises to find out what it is.  Stuart comes over with pictures of Jenny.  Krystal starts asking about Adam's health.  Stuart says he'll be okay.  Krystal tells Stuart that she plans to get her life back together.  Stuart notices she still has on Adam's ring.

Greenlee wakes up on the Fusion roof, thinking about the kiss she shared with Ryan.  Greenlee heads downstairs, to get cleaned up before everyone arrives.  Zach and Kendall walk into the office.  They get inside as Greenlee goes to another room.  Kendall talks about Greenlee's return, unaware Greenlee is listening to their conversation.  Zach seems to be more understanding of Greenlee, due to his situation with Hannah.  Di arrives and Zach decides to leave.  Babe comes in with a box, ready to pack her things and leave the office.  Greenlee tells everyone Fusion is in trouble.  As she's talking, she picks up a picture of Babe and Little Adam.  Greenlee grabs Babe's GED book, using it to make fun of her intelligence.  Kendall and Di defend Babe.  Babe then defends herself.  Kendall turns on her computer, and watches Rachel and Spike through her web cam.  Greenlee tells her to get to work but Kendall ignores her and opens email.  She receives a good-bye note from Hannah.  Across the room, Di tells Babe she's smart, despite not having a GED.  Greenlee interrupts them, giving them new assignments and telling them that things are going to be different around the office.  Kendall prints out Hannah's email and leaves to see Zach.  Jamie arrives and wants to speak with Babe in private.  Annie arrives late and Greenlee lets her have it.  Annie tells Di she's going to wait to get Greenlee in private.  Annie follows Greenlee to the restroom for a confrontation.

At Cambias, Lily gives Zach some research from Hannah.  As he goes into his office, Josh walks in and closes the door.  He asks Zach what happened with Hannah.  Zach only tells him the problem is fixed, but doesn't go into detail.  Zach tells Josh he and Hannah talked about Ethan.  He also says Hannah left because she only found pain in Pine Valley.  Josh still suspects more went on.  Zach tells him not to share his theory with Kendall.  Kendall arrives to see Zach, but he already left.  No one knows where he went.  When Kendall asks about Hannah's departure, Josh tells her not to worry about it, which makes her and Lily suspicious.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam plays with Little Adam.  J.R. comes in, watching his father and his son together.  Adam talks about Little Adam becoming just like him.  J.R. then sends Little Adam in the house.  Alone, J.R. tells Adam to stay away from his son.  After J.R. leaves, Zach stops by.  He and Adam discuss their plot to take Chandler Enterprises from J.R.

On the Fusion roof, Babe tells Jamie how Greenlee took back her shares.  He comforts her with a hugs.  J.R. catches them and says déjà vu all over again.

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